Get Ready to Throw Triops Digital Camera

Now you can have digital camera that shoot when it’s thrown, although I don’t see what’s the point then because we might lose the focus of the object, but the German designer Fraziska Faoro said that the concept of this digital camera is to give users a new level experiences in photography. This robust digital camera is equipped with three protected fisheye lenses. You can make this digital camera to take the photos by throwing, located in unusual places, or even in suspended mode.

triops digital camera

triops digital camera

I think the best thing about this throw-able digital camera is that the concept make it possible to capture 360 degrees of panorama images. You can capture spontaneous and active photography, just throw the digital camera and smile. By the way, this digital camera also became the BraunPrize2007 finalist.

triops digital camera

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divya says: September 7, 2010

i want to buy the triops. however, i just dont seem to find any site selling it. Not even it's own homwpage!

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