Gen-X Buskers Amp : Mobile Musical Equipment for Street Performers by Nathan McDonald

The problem all musicians have is the transportation of their musical equipment, and it is because of this that you will often see a guitarist (for example) struggling down the street with his/her guitar and case, an amplifier, and a backpack full of other stuff they need (like cables, foot pedals, a microphone and stand, and a drink).

Based on extensive research done by Nathan McDonald, a product designer, he found that buskers (street performers) have two options in the way they perform: they can either play acoustically and strain their voices to be heard, or they can play electrically but have to bring their own power source. The most common power source for this is a car battery, which is just something else to carry, and car batteries are not light! This is where the Gen-X Buskers Amp comes in.

The Gen-X Buskers Amp is an innovation in mobile musical equipment. The Gen-X incorporates a back-pack style design, this is to aid in the transportation of musical equipment, since it is easy to carry and other smaller pieces of equipment can be stored inside the Gen-X’s storage compartment. For increased sound quality the Gen-X has a hard polypropylene shell, but because of this the back panel has to be shaped to fit the spine for comfort. The Gen-X uses 3 oval speakers that have been arranged to create the ‘new face of outdoor performing’.

Although named a ‘buskers amp’ this could in fact be used by any musician on the move. Gen-X Buskers Amp can be used outside, powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, or indoors powered by an AC adaptor.

Designer : Nathan McDonald

Gen-X Buskers Amp by Nathan McDonald

Gen-X Buskers Amp by Nathan McDonald

Gen-X Buskers Amp by Nathan McDonald

Gen-X Buskers Amp by Nathan McDonald

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Gen-X Buskers Amp by Nathan McDonald

Gen-X Buskers Amp by Nathan McDonald

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david stardawg says: June 23, 2014

thats a super rad design and concept. what specific battery do you have in mind to use? and what do you foresee being the approximate charging time and average playing time capability for this unit?

kol says: December 18, 2014

were do you buy these?

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