Futuristic Vehicles EN-V by General Motors Can Make Urban Commuting More Efficient

General Motors have unveiled three futuristic concept vehicles under its EN-V series with a great combination of innovative and stylish outlook and various handy urban mobility features. These EN-Vs or Electric Networked Vehicles have been developed with the help of Segway, a balancing-on-two-wheels expert, with different shapes and style, the bubbly blue Jiao, blocky black Miao and streaky red Xiao, each features ultimate flexibilities of the electric drivetrain. These concepts have been designed to become a great commuting solution for the 2030 urban centers with all-electric, two-wheel drivetrain and contain latest gadgets like GPS, connectivity between vehicles and a collection of cameras and sensors, allowing fully autonomous driving. The EN-Vs are powered with lithium ion batteries that eliminate any kind of eco-harming emissions and enables the vehicles to run up to 40 miles on each recharge.

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

futuristic vehicles en-v by gm

Designer : General Motors via [Autoblog]

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tuvie4life says: March 30, 2010

what the (***) i… love it!!!

prem krishna says: March 30, 2010

i wish i can drive one of these now

Stephen Russell says: March 31, 2010

Uses for Dwtn (any city) or for Disneyland Tomorrowland Exp or EPCOT Center.,

Need 4 passenger for use in dwtn IE

NY, Tokyo, Kobe, Mex City, Cancun, Wash DC

Dakoroman, Sydney says: March 31, 2010

Like all Segway based products, GM EN-V have the same problem:they do not have a very important function.

Any Segway/ Puma videoclip or tests will show what is the problem, which once solved, will make them suitable for the market, with reasonable price and new, better designs, enhanced safety.

They are not the future of transportation, unless improved a lot.

jon says: June 18, 2010

bleah, looks nice but the actual utility of this in downtown environments is close to nothing. sure it may insulate you from the bad smells, and the other people. but what happens outside of macys? can you take that thing in there with you? or do you have to find parking? now instead of taking say a cab, or god forbid, public transportation (Busses, trains, subways), your now adding a vehicle to already busy streets, notice in those pictures, that there are no pedestrians. and those things are on the sidewalks.

The only use i can fore see of these are short trip commuter cars, like people in surburbs going to and from the train on work days. a cheap and quick commuter car replacement, one that is only expected to run less then 20 miles per trip and can recharge for 90% of the day. other then that, this really is a terrible idea as a downtown anything

Blue says: August 1, 2010


rodofg says: May 1, 2011


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