Futuristic Mark I Car Concept by Ivan Santic

Mark I is a four wheel drive four-seater concept car with a force-field propulsion engine powered by small and affordable civilian version generators. The organic shape of the car reflects simple design and multifunctional use. The aerodynamic and lightweight body makes is faster while its uprightness remains uncompromised. The designer has utilized special composite materials for this car that has made it totally armored or bulletproof. The metal look body of this car actually can be turned one or both way transparent. Forced-field shock absorbers of this car have paired to thrust engine generators and the trail’s color temperature indicates the current speed and power ratio of this moving car. Currently MOTH3R Design Studio is looking for agency representative and it is available to clients for more work, so if you are interested, please do feel free to contact them.

mk i futuristic car concept

mk i futuristic car concept

mk i futuristic car concept

mk i futuristic car concept

mk i futuristic car concept

mk i futuristic car concept

Designer : Ivan Santic

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stephen russell says: May 29, 2009

This Id drive, & be safe in its "armored" body & using Force Fields, Id add 1 more:


Deflect thieves, riotters, from vehicle or move objects in path like tractor beam.

Radical shape

Id take it to Mexico.

Very Cool.

V says: November 15, 2009

So you teleport inside? Does it glide or actually has wheels?

Miles says: December 3, 2009

Right now it looks small but if you make it bigger it’s going to look stupid.

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