Futuristic Honda Zeppelin Luxury Sports Sedan Concept Was Inspired by An Airship

Myung Jin Jung, who is studying in car design course of Hongik University, has designed the Honda Zeppelin, a luxurious futuristic sedan car as his final year thesis. As the name suggests, this splendid car was partially inspired by airships. The mass impression of this car was achieved by combining soft volume elements of an airship and potent lines that are commonly found in luxurious automobiles. The symmetric styling of this Honda Zeppelin is an extraordinary feature which can run from the hood, down the roofline and the entire rear end. Slit-like windscreen is another exclusive feature of this car. There is an inclusive video display inside the car which will allow the driver a greater field-of-vision.

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

The 2030 Honda’s luxury sports sedan, Zeppelin Concept, was designed with a design direction of “High-tech Dynamic”, inspired from an airship. The feeling of mass has been completed by applying design elements of aerodynamic form from an airship, and on top of that, expressed the distinct powerful image of Honda. Especially the asymmetrical main character line extends from the front hood along the roof line, to all the way back at the rear end. Hexagonal front grille and thick nose volume and the protruding horizontal lamp completes the dynamic face.

honda zeppelin

The interior was also inspired from the airship, reminiscent of a cozy salon or a first-class seat of an airplane. There is no dashboard in Zeppelin. All the necessary information and other elements needed for driving is displayed on the inter panel of the car, and everything is controlled with only the minimum physical movement due to the use of voice recognition technology. The seat position can be changed freely. That front row seat can rotate 360 degrees and so when the car is not moving, the front row seat and the back row seat can face each other. This makes it possible for a brief meeting, enjoying tea and even working in the car, which could also provide a new experience to the family or a fellow passenger. Due to the display environment on the windshield it was possible to use the angle of windshield and the shape of the A-pillar as a design element of the exterior without any restriction.

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

honda zeppelin

Designer : Myung Jin Jung

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stephen russell says: April 8, 2009

Id drive this, Id love to Rent this.
Honda Zep, Radical shape.
Nice, Honda Produce this.
Add biofuel engine, hybrid or all EV.
Sedan model.
Must produce this one.

stephen russell says: April 8, 2009

Love this Honda Zep, unease about VRT- Voice Recog Tech IE some problems with VRT:
Someone abuse your Voice for Car control
You have sore throat?
No Voice?
quiet voice due to cold, flu?
drugged IE Novacane?
Other medications effect voice.
Voice sore after being at rock conert or game?

How can Honda Zep be controlled unless one has
Drive control Panel with Joystick or steering yoke control & Dash display?

Must have Backup systems.

Unless system has Voice Override so passenger X can ‘take control’ of car to Home, etc.

Build in some safety features.

VRT is Good BUT physical limited IE
User/owner has Cold, flu, yelling, lost voice etc. issues.
Or have Override

jarky says: April 21, 2009

hey, i have a few question, i love this page a lot because of nice desings, but i wonder myself, how can people get those, how can you be able just to watch them, or just how to know things related with these, because as i see it's not much information, and can't find anything related to kind of concepts….

can you help me?

futuRich says: April 23, 2009

looks like an armored car that a gangster would ride in :D

Chris says: June 6, 2009

It's a pretty cool design but the windows need a complete redesign. Claustrophobic people or people who get carsick need large windows with good angles of view, not just the driver. Besides, how else are you going to enjoy the scenery?

If they want a design with privacy or something then they should incorporate that tinting glass that can change opacity.

Tejas says: August 12, 2009


Definitely this is THE future from HONDA.

Keep it up…..

Brian says: December 3, 2011

I want it

Melissa R. Brown says: February 13, 2013

It looks like the future of the armored car industry. It gives me the impression that it is an armored car for those super heroes. I see this as the future of Honda’s sports cars.

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