Futuristic Cosmic Tractor for Future Farmers

The concept Cosmic Trac is actually a fashionable experience on the currently available tractors on the market. It is named as Cosmic Trac and is designed with futuristic looking, yet simple and stylish elements, unlike other futuristic concepts with complicated or organic shapes. The designers have emphasized on manufacturability, safety, useful functions and cost affectivity during designing the tractor with an innovative and modish look.

cosmictrac futuristic tractor

cosmictrac futuristic tractor

Key features of the Cosmic Trac include single sheet hood, safety head lamp, FRP head lights, serviceability, cost affectivity, etc. The head lamp cluster is designed in a housed way, ensuring complete safety for the lights unlike traditional projecting head lamp that always tend to break easily. The exposed engine parts and projected grill gives hi-tech feel which helps for the strength and aggression of the tractor. The fender is covered partly aiming complete driver’s safety. The dark grey and shiny blue color scheme has improved the visual impact of the tractor as a functional futuristic farming vehicle instead of making it a not acceptable tool for the target future farmers.

cosmictrac futuristic tractor

cosmictrac futuristic tractor

cosmictrac futuristic tractor

cosmictrac futuristic tractor

cosmictrac futuristic tractor

Designer : Vipin George

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rajapandiyan says: September 25, 2009

it is really giving trendy and futuristic look

Tim says: September 26, 2009

I really like the concept! And that you kept the drivers safety in mind. May I offer some constructive criticism? And to a designer you make cringe at this thought: John Deereify the tractor. Most farmers tend to be very utilitarian oriented, so why not, through the form, express greater safety (as you did) and more crop yields, perhaps it could even express greater efficiency. I think you would sell a farmer much better playing to their utilitarian senses, instead of their aesthetic ones. Then, "John Deereify" it, make the tractor seem familiar, but with more future looking advantages, that are express through the form.

Lone says: September 26, 2009

Most riding lawn mowers already come in sleek forms like this so while this sketch is bold there is a already a great deal of precedent. Much of the external plastic would be destroyed after a few years running. Too much focus on lighting elements for an application that would rarely run at night. Practicality and durability always trump aesthetics for heavy equipment considering the investment required to own and operate it.

Vasili Andreyev says: September 27, 2009

The clue is a Driver’s Place. And there is no any visible improvements for that.
The Dust. That design does not explain nothing about a tonns of dust, sand,etc. It’s cover this track from the very 1st second going through all “open” construction and killing all.

DEVEN says: October 26, 2009

this is great!!!!

scotty says: August 2, 2010

This is a year late but I just signed up…I really like this concept. As a large farmer myself, I can speak from experience here. Thing is, this tractor wont be working large tracts of land or anything, based on size. It is an orchard or acreage tractor, and as long as it didnt lose any function to desgn, with acreage and orchard tractors, looks and uniqueness matter just as much as function. Not sure what “John Deerify it” means, but in a world where there are hundreds of small tractor manufacturers, the style of thismachine is what would put it on my farm above any others.

Mike says: July 30, 2011

Tell "Scotty", he put the tires on backwards!

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