Futuristic Bugatti 57 Atlantic Concept Car by Bruno Delussu

The designers of Bugatti 57 Atlantic must have envisioned the Aliens to come from outer space, therefore, they designed this futuristic car to offer them something of their level from both design and performance aspects. This concept is somehow away from reality so far but according to the French designer, human mind is free to imagine of anything. Though the close to the ground design of this two-seater car is unique from any point of view, the front end matches a bit with Jaguar, on the other hand, the rear part of the car merely looks like a car’s back.

bugatti 57 atlantic concept car

bugatti 57 atlantic concept car

bugatti 57 atlantic concept car

Designer : Bruno Delussu via Jalopnik

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iggy says: July 10, 2009

Cool design, i see a lot of the enclosed front wheel concepts these days…..question is…how does it turn?

bbm says: July 10, 2009

This is realy futureistic .Is this electric or internal combursion?

stephen russell says: July 11, 2009

Problem- speed bumps unless chassis rises say 1-3 ft height for speed bumps & uneven roads.

Nice for flat surfaces, but not all roads are & NOT in CA State or So CA.

Unique design

Very Retro 30s design.

Nice for some Hi Tech period sci fic piece.

Be neat as a Convertable.

Great for date nite.

Engine must be V12.

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