Futuristic and Cool Mobile Phone Designs by Mac Funamizu

Many cell phone users like to use phone with new design and impressive looks. This designer has tried to give a fresh new look to the mobile phones in different shapes and sizes. Some of the shapes are incredibly cool and sleek. Each and every mobile phone comes with different mechanisms for inputting data and soft key layouts. If you are searching for an innovative slider design with an impressive feature set then you might get one in these designs.

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

Dual Layers Phone Concept

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

mac funamizu mobile phone concept

Designer : Mac Funamizu

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nicholas says: December 2, 2008

i want your shoes and your matching necklace and purse!o.m.g.!

bannana says: December 4, 2008

awsome phone my new phone!!!!!!!!!! (:

Rick says: January 5, 2009

Wow, this is simply the best phone I’ve seen in ages. Like it or not, cell phones these days are still bulky by most standards, sure, they are ultra compact, but this is like razor, glass thin even. Clear, brilliant, and something I would definitely invest money in.

Benjamin says: March 5, 2009


That is really something, one of the best phone designs i have ever seen. Cant wait until it is on the market. will buy for sure.

Feel free to send the product to me for a review


Erik says: August 5, 2009

2 beautiful concepts and both are quite elegant. Hopefully, they will come with the greatest of protective cases, otherwise, pieces of glass everywhere. Ditto, what Benjamin said! Let me know when to forward my mailing info. :))

Jin says: October 13, 2009

isn't that glass?the text screen wounldn't it break?hope not…

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