Functional and Futuristic Folding Bag

When it comes about a bag, a user will always opt for one that is compact, yet can store a considerable amount of everyday objects. The folding bag has been specially designed for mass users, not just only in a shape of the armadillo, but also with the functionality that the animal has through its foldable leathery armor shell. To make it a rare piece, aluminum polypropylene composite has been used to make the folding bag with a stylish shiny finish.

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Health Tips Pedia says: November 25, 2009

The shape and function of an armadillo for a bag is not much extraordinary. But somehow the finish and appearance of the bag is really attractive. One more thing, as of the image, the bag is unfolded in full which really couldn't convince me as a considerable space provider. But yet, when someone would like to carry smaller items, it can be folded to have a more compact package. Overall, nice post ;)

Thanks and all the best

DXN says: November 26, 2009

Nice look and style!

I just wonder whether it's comfortable to have a aluminum thing on the back or not

Jeff says: November 26, 2009

im pretty sure it back will be patted with something for comfort, if its aluminum it would be really uncomfortable

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