Flux Provides Compact and Lightweight Personal Transportation Alternative

The flux is a small, electric vehicle concept that has been designed to address the current vehicle related problems like storage space requirement, alternate power efficiency, weather resistance, and many more. The main focus of the vehicle is to provide unique ergonomics and maximum usability by featuring a more relaxed seating arrangement that helps the rider in pedaling by freeing up the legs, allowing more air circulation around them. The telescoping steering ensures convenient driving for users with different arm length and can be moved out when the driver enters the vehicle. Easy entry and exit has achieved via the hydraulic vertical tilting door. The flux, from both inside and outside, incorporates some very traditional and easy to access manufacturing techniques that provides stability while quickly turning by leaning the body of the driver. To make night riding an enjoyable experience, the vehicle features powerful LEDs in both front and rear lights for high visibility.

flux concept vehicle

flux concept vehicle

flux concept vehicle

flux concept vehicle

flux concept vehicle

Designer : Leigh Cosentino

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Thabo says: February 12, 2010

I like this design and I like it alot! Most especially the light weight and the spoked wheels wow thats nice big ups to the designer

Josh says: February 12, 2010

Brilliant concept, and it looks great! I happen to the designer . . . genius. Watch out for Leigh!

prof.prodromal says: September 6, 2013

Where are the pedals? Or does it use a small electric motor? One HP geared down to 20mph?

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