Flotilla Boat Sculpture by Tom Loeser

Flotilla is a series showing its different sculptural shapes exploring the flow of water with the concept of boat form. It is designed by an American Designer “Tom Loeser”. Each sculpture is constructed of white oak using traditional boatbuilding techniques. According to Loeser, the series is supposed to be showing bad concepts for boat design. Few shapes are totally confusing. No one knows what this designer is trying to show whereas other shapes show boat design. The series will be on display at the Mobilia Gallery, USA and I doubt whether this design will qualify for the competition.

flotilla boat sculpture

flotilla boat sculpture

flotilla boat sculpture

flotilla boat sculpture

Designer : Tom Loeser via DesignBoom


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Jacky Lloyd says: December 9, 2010

How interesting that Tom Loeser is referred to in this context as a designer – these boats fall into a category of conceptual sculpture to my eye.

Sam says: October 22, 2015

What are some of the dimensions of these pieces?

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