Flood Float Torch Informs You About Underfoot Hazards

Flood is one of natural disasters that cause death, thousands homeless people, or food crisis. Flood Float Torch is concept hazard indicator especially designed for flooded areas, it indicates there’s dangerous conditions underfoot. There have been many natural disasters all over the world and many of them are flood-related especially in Asia. When roads are submerged in water, people or vehicle can easily step into a drain or trip on some other obstacles. This concept is a combination of a traffic cone, a water-activated battery, and a signal light. It can be installed on pavement in rows to give vehicles or pedestrians information about the presence of a hazard underfoot.

As water enters the space inside the cone, Flood Float Torch pushes the battery, scale rod, and LED light. In this way, the light appears above the water surface.

Designer : Prof. Lee Yun Wen

Flood Float Torch by Prof. Lee Yun Wen

Flood Float Torch by Prof. Lee Yun Wen

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stephen russell says: January 12, 2013

Must for cities like Monterrey CA, Newport Bch CA, Kona HI
Cabo San Lucas Baja Mex, other venues
Or near flood zones like Midwest US.
Must for worldwide

Kevin Lane says: May 7, 2013

So what’s stopping the cone from being moved? Sure it’s going to be pretty anchored once it’s filled with water, but the catch is it may be moved by the floods while it’s being filled.

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