F-451 Fire Rescue Robot by John Harris

Futuristic F-451 Fire Rescue Robot would help firefighters to save lives. It is designed to combat major fires in locations that too dangerous for human firefighters to handle. This futuristic robot features a high-pressure water cannon and precision hydraulic legs for all-terrain travel. These models could be deployed in large groups to quickly extinguish large fires, sent on patrol routes around fire-prone areas like forests, or sent inside burning structures to fight fires from within.

Designer: John Harris

F-451 Fire Rescue Robot by John Harris

F-451 Fire Rescue Robot by John Harris

F-451 Fire Rescue Robot by John Harris

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Stephen Russell says: August 4, 2016

Need this for So CA area for our wildfires alone, Mass produce for US market for: CO NM NV TX UT OR MN wildfires.

ElfEyes says: August 10, 2016

The biggest issue by using drones in wild terrain is the quantity of water transported and the variation of terrain.
Another approaches must be created. Like CO2 bombs to kill combustion or pressurized air with high concentration of water

steve bob says: September 9, 2016


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