eRoll Provides Convenient And Efficient Reading Of Newspapers Or Any Other Electronic Documents

So, you are also one of them who hate paper newspapers with bunch of hard to manage pages and even more difficulties when storing the old one, making a huge pile of junk papers inside your house that can make the environment of your interior dusty and unhealthy. But there are many who still like to read paper newspaper, even though they are struggling with the well-known troubles. For both the groups, eRoll, a rollable screen concept can provide excellent functionalities by giving the feel of reading a real newspaper, while eliminating the hectic storing of the old copies and also reduces the risk of global warming by saving a lot of trees. Not only newspapers, eRoll concept can also be used for reading e-documents, magazines and many more and can be stored the older copies in the built-in memory.

Designer : Dragan Trencevski





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Future fan says: June 17, 2010

Nice. I had though about it a few months ago, but I just though and told my dad. I hope the future everyone is really using this.

jon says: June 18, 2010


Give it a touch screen and games and you have the next big thing,

MightyD says: June 21, 2010

Communicators from Earth Final Conflict anyone?

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