Eol’eau Collects Rain Water and Produces Electricity from The Wind Energy

The concept of Eol’eau has two major working principles: collecting rain water and then generating electricity by using the wind energy with implementing a wind generator. The water tank resides in the base with a capacity of 600 liter. Eol’eau offers a prospect to water flowers, fields and large areas with more convenience than other traditional watering-pot. There is also a water pump to pressurize the system allowing the device to connect with rubber hose and apply it for automatic watering. Lamps for lightening purpose can also be added since it can produce electricity. These features surely will be noteworthy in the near future of ecology.

eol eau water pump

eol eau water pump

eol eau water pump

eol eau water pump

eol eau water pump

Designer : Julien Bergignat

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k386 says: March 19, 2009

Would be great to see the wind generator used to electrolysize the water reservoir to produce hydrogen.

stephen russell says: March 21, 2009

Must for Las Vegas NV, Palm Springs CA

Hilo HI, Maui HI, Honolulu HI,

Miami FL, Tuscon AZ, Phoenix AZ, Sedona AZ,

Wash DC, Gettysburg PA, Denver CO, Sacramento CA for Test sites.

Very Cool.

Urban & suburban Wind farms.

Im in, Build them

IE 100 to the 10th power production.

For Homes, offices, colleges, Univs, dwtn,

farms, beaches, offshore,

Ali says: August 4, 2010

How does it collect the water???

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