Energy Efficient Oriens Glider Won The Lucky Strike Designer Competition

Roland Cernat’s Oriens Glider is one stunning energy efficient glider while also being environment friendly. The design won the Lucky Strike Designer Competition for being innovative in re-envisioning the life-cycle of the airplane. The glider is constructed entirely out of recyclable materials. The design is sleek as it is translucent shell finished with glossy organic contours and runs on clean energy. The wings are made of photovoltaic cells which provide an emission free flight, it has an electric motor comprising of a propeller that retracts when it is gliding for better efficiency. Seems after energy efficient transportation we can just glide away to future.

energy efficient oriens glider

energy efficient oriens glider

energy efficient oriens glider

energy efficient oriens glider

Designer : Roland Cernat via IGreenSpot

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stephen rusell says: March 21, 2009

Now this Id love to fly in, be neat for silent Skytours alone,

Nice shape & very Clean.

Love toFLY or learn to fly in this model.

VFR only.

Albert Einstein says: December 8, 2009

I'd like to see it in production.

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