Energy Efficient E-Commuter Promises Smoke and Noise Free Future City

The next generation e-commuter electric concept car is inspired to reduce the serious air pollution being occurred by the toxic exhaust of the increasing number of vehicles. This car is powered with two energy sources, mainly the solar cells of the car’s top surface generates photovoltaic power and the easily attachable or detachable outer battery that involves into action in case of low amount of sunshine. The wheels absorb vibration and generate no friction by using magnetic power to ensure better energy efficiency. Moreover, the slick bicycle like wheels aid saving some energy and enables the car to go over 120mph of speed, silently and without creating any emissions.

energy efficient e-commuter

energy efficient e-commuter

energy efficient e-commuter

Designer : Ho-young Joo, Soo-han Cho, and Jin Seok Song

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Brad says: March 10, 2010

i want one!!

stephen russell says: March 11, 2010

Nice for Urban use only but need rear seat for 4,6 persons vs 2.
& luggage module for groceries etc.

chris makela says: November 18, 2011

i like to bolg and i what one to brad

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