Eneloop N-SC1S Solar Cell Charger from Sanyo

Hybrid car and Solar panels on our roof is nothing new, but now all you can have the “Eneloop Solar Cell Charger N-SC1S”. This charger can charge your electronic devices in an eco-friendly manner. It allows you to charge and use your Eneloop batteries more than 100 times. This device has the capacity to charge your hybrid batteries within 2.5 hours. The energy generated from solar power can be quickly transferred to Eneloop batteries. You can smoothly change the direction of the panel surface in order to adjust with the sun light. The main aim of this design is to provide a classy object to increase inner ambience.

eneloop solar charger N-SC1S

Designer : Sanyo via IGreenSpot via BusinessWeek

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Koh Jit Kwang says: December 11, 2012

Where can l buy this solar charger Tuvie

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