EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone with Artificial Intelligence Assistant

We’ve seen a lot of bracelet smartphones, but all of them are just concept. If you’ve been dreaming to buy one, then checkout EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone. It is the world’s first phone that you can wear just like bracelet, interesting isn’t it? The main feature of Smart lies in its Artificial Intelligence, this phone detects your mood, it can tell whether you’re stressed out or relaxing, it monitors your diet and health as well. You can ask suggestions from the phone, spend a night out or take some rest, it’s like you’re having a virtual assistant next to you.

This amazing device sounds unreal, but the company has launched a campaign where you can pre-order the smartphone.

From : EmoPulse

EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone

EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone

Smile Bracelet Smartphone utilizes all data gathered by emo sensors and it enhances itself from self-learning algorithm, it has the capability to learn 7 to 8 times faster than any other system. Your virtual assistant would have cool personality, it will be ready to help you out from advices, commands, searches and even comparisons.

The main avatar of the AI program is an android women, but you can choose other available avatars as well, from Yoda to a robot warrior. Each character has been designed with unique face and personality, everyone would enjoy the company, even kids.

EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone

EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone

EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone

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Avadhani says: June 27, 2013

A smart idea meeting the busy life schedules

Somebody says: June 27, 2013

What's the battery life?

Adi says: June 27, 2013

Design need more work it seems like its going to fall any second.
The features that are talked about are software that any smartphone can do so just work on the design more, thats what will make people want it.
As for now even that I really want a bracelet technology I wouldn't get this one.

raymond sanchez says: December 24, 2013

when is it going to be put on the marker?

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