Emo Split Sink Offers a Smart Space To Organize Your Body Care Essentials

Hate to see everything hampered in your tiny apartment? Want to clear off the mess at any cost? Then, using a multi-functional furniture like the Split Sink would prove useful. Split Sink is a good exemplar of a washbasin that captures a furniture aesthetic. What makes this sink truly exclusive is a fact that it comes along with a storage space and a combination of tabletop, a storage space, and a washbasin. The side drawer offers a smart space to organize as well as store all the essentials required for everyday ritual of body care. The design is certainly an exclusive solution in this market.

Designer : Emo Design

Emo Split Sink

Emo Split Sink

Emo Split Sink

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April says: April 12, 2013

An amazing product recognized! Split Sink seems to me a great concept to relax body using shorter and nicer space. I really like that smart presentation. Thanks.

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