Elegant Mac Laptop Case Design

The product is Mac Case made for Mac product specification by keeping the simple and clean design outlooks. The shell of the suitcase is made from white plastic material with high gloss finish that reflecting mac identity. The suitcase frame is made from aluminum with hairline finish, which is functionally as the case structure and strengthen the suitcase when it knocked or drop. The inside part is applied a fabric vinyl coating to impress the softness of the interior and safe for the product protection. It also have a compartment part on the left and right side of the case to keep the charger, mouse and other accessories. Do you think Apple will be interested in this design ? We’ll see …

mac case design

mac case design

Designer : Eno Setiawan

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Amanda says: June 24, 2008

I WANT ONE!!!!!!

where can i find one?

brigitte cohn says: July 25, 2008

very chic, simple and well-designed.

I'd like to buy one if it's on the market.

Please keep me informed.

Thank you

suzana says: August 27, 2008

its unbelieveable.. lyk what technology advancing can doo… omg its amazing..

Susan says: September 25, 2008

Hi there,

Can you please let me know where I can buy one.

I'm in Canada. How much are they?



Jaka says: September 25, 2008

wow, thats cool apple case :)

Eno says: October 25, 2008

Hi, everyone

Thanks for your comments and responses. I'm happy to hear that. This suitcase is just a concept and not produced yet. If this product going on production, I will inform all of you.

Thanks for the support.

Best regards,


Nyzo says: November 25, 2008

Very amazing design that our world can produce today.

Billy Greer says: February 22, 2009

Awesome designs!

Rylee hearer says: October 17, 2010

where can i get one?????!!!!!!!

Numan Tariq says: February 8, 2013

how can i buy it???? i m intrested in it..

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