Electrolux Inspiro Oven, The Future of Cooking ?

At first glance, you might think that this is a camera, but it’s not, it’s an oven, a revolutionary new oven called Inspiro. Electrolux Inspiro oven launches this week with technology that you might say can be the future of cooking. The auto focus camera like in this oven is a heat management that sensors what is to be cooked before calculating the temperature and time needed. Rather than just measuring the air temperature with a thermometer and regulating it with a thermostat, the way a conventional oven operates, Inspiro uses sensors to calculate the precise combination of energy consumption and time needed to bring the food to the correct temperature. This is similar to the way cameras now automatically set aperture, exposure time and focus, depending on the light and what�s in the frame.

electrolux inspiro oven

How does it work?
To cook a lamb joint, for example, select the category �roasting� via the touch control, then choose whether the joint should be rare, medium or well done. The oven indicates which level to put the tray on � in a cold oven.

From that cold start, Inspiro calculates the energy consumption and time needed to raise the temperature of the meat to the desired level. That information is then combined with its database of professional cooking techniques to calculate what combination of heating modes is required (top, bottom, side, hot air, or grill) to ensure the desired result.

When the cooking sequence is finished, the oven stops, and alerts the chef that the food is ready. Or if you prefer manual oven, Inspiro can also operate like a conventional oven by selecting manual mode.

electrolux inspiro oven

Designer : Electrolux Inspiro via Gizmodo

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