Personal Electric Vehicle Concept for 2020 by Sergio Luna

Are you still crazy about having long cars like Mercedes or BMW? This new car designer has introduced a car design that can save a lot of energy that is required to keep a car moving. According to the designer, it is a futuristic car for the year 2020. It is based on segway transport technology which is a complete solution for traffic as well as contamination problems. The car is powered by 4 electric motors i.e. two in each wheel and it also has batteries for keeping the energy. Car is really very small in size and runs on 2 wheels only with a seating arrangement for one person. If you are the only one to travel daily then why to purchase a family car, go for this one.

futuristic 2020 personal vehicle

futuristic 2020 personal vehicle

futuristic 2020 personal vehicle

Designer : Sergio Luna

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Nick says: October 21, 2008

What i want that car

mahesh says: December 4, 2008

would like to know more about the balancing of the vehicle

the design is so cute …..

    jacob says: December 29, 2011

    so do i but i wonder if it won't break down that ease

kristian laughlin says: January 24, 2009

waaaaahoooooooo nice

stephen russell says: March 11, 2009

Be nice for 2,4 person model.

Be unique.

Nice for Urban use.

Michelle says: November 4, 2009

one person traffic saver car

Jackie says: June 2, 2011

I would love to buy this car looks comfortable and dont need to give people rides(:

asdfghjkl; says: August 12, 2011

vw already has its logo on it

Vic says: December 8, 2011

Put some pedals in it!

jacob says: December 29, 2011

i want that car because its little

jacob says: December 29, 2011

i wonder how we get in and out

JEDIEL says: January 26, 2012

Am a driver but l don't want to drive l want to see it LIVE………………………….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ADOLF FOURIE says: January 28, 2013

ek is nie een die een sal

bahram says: May 24, 2013


ashlee says: September 19, 2013

its a very cute car but it looks like if you were to get in a accident you would get hurt really badly

Bert Rackett says: March 23, 2015

Can I travel on the street in any state?

Pontie Jakowski says: February 25, 2016

Obviously, this is a concept car and needs tweaking – but very cool nonetheless. The designer must be inexperienced as it appears to be without balance.

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