Elderly or Physically Challenged People Can Ride This Universal Electric Scooter

The new Universal Electric Scooter designed by Ji-Hoon Hong is primarily for the elderly and physically challenged so that they can use the same without any assistance. While one of the major advantages with this Universal Electric scooter is that unlike other scooters that are built for physically challenged, these come with adjustable seats so one can adjust the height accordingly. This allows easy accessibility, seat positioning, and better comfort. Apart from the same, the designer has also looked after the universal safety as the front and the rear lamps has been positioned in a manner which indicates if the vehicle is turning or halting. Overall a very practical design!

universal scooter

universal scooter

universal scooter

universal scooter

universal scooter

universal scooter

Designer : Ji-Hoon Hong

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anthony says: October 25, 2008

respected sir/madam

we are ghanaians and a group of physically challenge persons. we have heard of the wonderful work you are diong to help physically challenge and we are very much interested . we have learned variours trades we and need finanacial assistance to enable us estabilish our business to carter for our needs

we therefore appealing to you to be kind enough to come to our aid to enable us estabilish our business in order to earn our living . we remain here and look forward to here from you soon

your faithfully


Madison says: November 18, 2008

Dude awsome im so sending those things 2 so weird inventers my famaily knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ponkin says: December 25, 2008

i like this very much. i want a few of it

fafiolu olakotan says: September 28, 2010

send me note or journal on concept of physically challenged children

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