Edge Concept Phone for Fashionistas

Great innovation from Chris Owens for fashion design oriented people. Edge concept phone is dedicated its style to fashionitas, look at how the glass keyboard sliding out when you want to answer an incoming call, when this black beauty in stand by mode, you won’t see any keyboard, just a sleek? pocket phone. Stylist and futuristic.

edge cell phone concept

futuristic edge cell phone concept

edge future cell phone concept

edge cell phone concept

Designer : Chris Owens

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gilles says: November 4, 2008

i need this phone now….

mikal Johnstone says: December 15, 2008

is this phone for sale yet? if so how much and where can i buy some..thanx

Eihab says: December 7, 2009

how to by one ?

Line says: May 24, 2010

Please tell me I can get this phone some where! I need it…!

dude thats cool says: November 24, 2010

could the clear keyboard change into a qwerty keyboard as well? if not, one more thing to make it a selling point.

kalee says: April 14, 2011

where do you get one??…………….absoulutly need it!!!!!!:)

marie says: February 10, 2012

that's not real! its only a 3D picture!

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