Easy Way : a Self-Checkout e-Shopping Cart That Uses RFID Technology

It can be quite frustrating to wait for hours in the long line in a supermarket or a shopping mall. What if you have an option of making that time worthwhile? Yes, “Easy Way” has been designed as a self-checkout e-shopping cart that makes use of RFID technology. Easy Way uses its radio frequency identification to allow the customers to checkout their shopping items themselves. Not only does it helps customers in checking their items, but as well provides an automatic display of the necessary information about the items purchased by the customer. When the customer takes the cart near the discounted items, it exhibits messages and advertisements concerned to the discounts. The cart tray has been designed in such a way to be quite adjustable and it boasts sunken areas over its surface so that the items can be place rather easily. The RFID reader detects the items once they are placed over the tray and the price appears over the display panel. Customers can make the payment using a Q-card. This design is truly appreciable and it makes ones’ shopping experience a good one.

Designers : Prof. Sung Tung-Jung and Lai Yung-Mao

Easy Way e-Shopping Cart

Easy Way e-Shopping Cart

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stephen russell says: April 19, 2011

Make bigger to carry more & test some at: Whole Foods, Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs, Sprouts, Trader Joes chains alone, Must have, Love the idea.

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