Easily Store This Foldable Beetle Cycle Helmet in Your Backpack

The new helmet concept designed by French designer Paul Loury is surely quite innovative going by the purpose and design. The foldable helmet named Beetle Cycle, addresses the issue of urban cyclist carrying around the helmet after riding through the city, one can easily store this in the backpack. The helmet has been designed by the designer after studying quite a good range of folding solutions and the shell structures of helmet and thereby developing this comb and given the mechanical flexibility, it provides easy handling. Time to pack your bags and ride across your terrain!

foldable helmet

foldable helmet

foldable helmet

Designer : Paul Loury

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Chijioke Dave Okorie says: February 6, 2009

I will like to know if the Foldable Helmet is currently available in the market and at what is price. Also the name of the manufacturers


Omonigho Eguono says: March 29, 2009

This design for the Beetle Cycle is really commendable. However, can we transfer this design to that of a motorcycle crash helmet? I really would like to know what the mecahnical strength would be in this case.

lorenpark says: July 27, 2009

I would like to buy foldable bike helmet and like to sell to biker in korea.

Kindly advise if i can sell them. And let me know the price and selling company, email and web site address.

Your kind respone would be very much appreciated.

    DAVOR says: July 11, 2010

    Is this product in the markets allready?

j Hornby says: December 8, 2010

Where can we buy them??

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