Dynamic Domicile Mobile Home Features Utmost Fun and Functionality

The Dynamic Domicile or DD is an innovative mobile home concept specially designed with exciting mobility, habitable flexibility and futuristic design to eliminate the user’s negative connotations that they often experience with existing mobile homes. The design comprises four key ideas; futuristic architectural design for next generation use, implementing avant-grade materials in a non-conventional way, re-imagining a functional transport infrastructure and a dynamic transforming flexibility.

The design features a constant primary structure of the mobile unit and separate compartments for living sleeping and cooking, with the alternative to get attached with the primary structure. The translucent man-made fabric body is durable, soft, flexible and water resistant, provides privacy and shelter by getting stretched on opening the primary structure. When the mobile home reaches its destination, it can get access to the self-sufficient and resourceful Zip-City infrastructure system to get power, data, sewage, water, surveillance cameras and monitors.

dynamic domicile mobile home

dynamic domicile mobile home

dynamic domicile mobile home

dynamic domicile mobile home

Designer : Naomi Keena

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stephen russell says: February 24, 2010

Beats the h** out of the average RV today, How radical
Love to drive this to some beach or camp.

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