DroneGun Tactical Drone Jammer Shoots Down Drone The Smart Way

Do you hate Drones? Worry that the government sends them to spy you? Well, here’s DroneGun to keep you safe. This device works highly effective as drone countermeasure, it works great against a wide range of drone models. It doesn’t actually shoot the drone, it’s actually a tactical drone jammer so it won’t do any damage to the drones or surrounding environment. Those drones which are shot down would respond through vertically controlled landing on the spot or they can just go back to the starting point (the operator).

This drone jammer works for up to 2km coverage and of course in a wide range of environmental conditions. it features rifle shape with a backpack, making you look cool while patrolling for illegal drones flying around your territory. It’s easy to use, no technical training needed. Once a drone is shot, it would immediately cease video transmission back to the operator, the drone remains intact, you can do forensic investigation when needed.

Designer : DroneShield

DroneGun Tactical Drone Jammer

DroneGun Tactical Drone Jammer

DroneGun Tactical Drone Jammer

DroneGun Tactical Drone Jammer

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Michael Flower says: December 6, 2016

Pulse EMP Ray-Gun for ~$600.00! Not Legal for Civilian Use…

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