Domo : Touch Screen Digital Camera Concept

After being introduced by iPhone, many other competitors of the electronic industry have utilized the outstanding multi-touch facility in different gadgets. Domo touch camera probably would be the first camera with this feature. However, this project is still in the design lab and not much information has revealed yet, but the compact, sleek yet simple design of this camera would really be appreciated. This camera features single click shooting and the photo pops up just after taking the snap for reviewing. When you are viewing the photos from the internal memory or from the memory stick, they can be navigated by finger dragging and to view a photo in full screen, just tap the selected one.

domo touch camera

domo touch camera

domo touch camera

Designer : Ed Boaden

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husker says: July 23, 2010

this remind me of the m-robe by olympus

obsolete now but that was a good device till i dropped it and it died but it played mp3 and pictures with a touch screen when the

i touch was just a concept year 2002

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