Do You Know That T02 is A Slide Cell Phone ?

Usually, the slide-phones are designed in a way that they look closed when you see them first and when they open up, users can see a step as well as the sliding surface on the backside of the upper portion. TO2 is a marvelously designed sliding phone that looks like a slide-phone when it is closed and when it is open, the step or the sliding surfaces can’t be seen on its backside, giving an impression that it’s meant to be open. TO2 is designed in a black piano finish that gives it a classy look. Moreover, the giant display and the unique keypad give it a modern touch.

t02 cell phone

t02 cell phone

t02 cell phone

Designer : Matthias Pugin

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shammai says: September 1, 2009

this is so tight and nice i think we can problem need more fone lyke in the 2009 year

symone says: September 1, 2009

like woah dis is cool!

indarto says: September 1, 2009

this is very elegant… in Indonesian cal ‘kereeen’

Ki says: September 2, 2009


eden tahillah says: September 3, 2009

simply neat.

candace hubbard says: September 17, 2009

its asoume i want that phone come out in 2009 please

Jahangir says: January 11, 2012

shammai, I'd like to ask you a question. What's the reason for spelling words such as "like" in the form of "lyke"? It seems totally pointless, as the same number of letters are involved. In fact, if you have a regular QWERTY keyboard the "i" is closer to the "l" than "y" is, so it seems especially pointless. It seems as though you are going out of your way and trying harder to purposefully mess up your spelling. Is this to look cool? I can at least understand "fone" since it contains less letters than "phone"; though I generally detest all incorrect spelling. Explanation, please.

Anand says: December 21, 2012

Frm wer cn i gt dis mob???

dean says: June 16, 2014

Hey, was wondering where i can buy the TO2 mobile with the black piano finish? As well as the cost involved, i live in Perth, western Australia, any information to squire said item would be appreciated.

kind regards


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