Dining in 2015 with Eco Cook

In 2015, environment problems from energy will become more and more serious. I believe that everyone�s life will be concerned. Thus kitchenware will be modernise to reduce energy consumption. My eco-cook is an object that helps to save water, energy and time. Everyday, everyone, has to cook pasta, rice or various vegetable. Therefore different pots are needed. In a unique pot, the eco-cook enables to divide 2 or 3 space and to boil different food at the same time. Thereby, water and gas or electricity is saved. Moreover when food is taken out the eco-cook, it will automatically drain out, allowing to win precious time. In 2015 I also believe that most people will always be in a hurry. The eco-cook design permits to help 2015 people that pay close attention to energy and time.

eco cook

eco cook green cooking

eco cook eco friendly cooking

Designer : Kechenyi Camille via DesignBoom

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Mark says: November 17, 2008

a new design but not a new idea… My grandmother had something very similar dating from the 50's

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