Dental Paper Dispenser : Conceptual Toothpaste Paper for Your Convenience While Traveling

Dental Paper is your toothpaste alternative while on-the-go. You can call it a conceptual toothpaste paper, since this tool will dispense paper-like toothpaste for your convenience in brushing your teeth while traveling. Brushing my teeth is a routine that I won’t ever forget to do in the morning and at night. However, when I travel and have to carry toothpaste in my luggage, I always worry that the tube might rupture creating mess even though I always wrap it with a plastic bag.

This ingenious idea of portable Dental Paper will save me from worry. This product has been designed to be a dehydrated and compressed form of toothpaste where each strip is perforated with holes to enable it catches the bristles of a toothbrush. With our conventional toothpaste tube, you can’t reuse or conveniently recycle it, but you can always refill Dental Paper dispenser. Inside this toothpaste dispenser, there’s a mechanism to ensure the free flow of paper off the roll, there’s no need for you to touch the paper directly to guarantee hygienic condition. The transparent section can be used to check on how much paper is left inside.

Designers : Kim Jiyeon, Han Juhee and Park Youngwoo

Dental Paper Conceptual Toothpaste Paper

Dental Paper Conceptual Toothpaste Paper

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stephanie says: March 12, 2012

this is cool

Jetty says: December 12, 2014

It is an great innovation. I will must take this with me while traveling. Thanks for sharing.

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