Credit Card for The Blind by Kwon Ki Nam

To help the visually impaired carry out day-to-day activities just like others, designers are coming up with new innovative products. The latest one by Kwon Ki Nam is the Credit Card for the Blind. When a blind person uses his credit, there is no way for him to check the payment amount. Also, after the card is swiped over the card reader, it requires the car owner’s signature, which becomes quite impossible for the visually impaired. However, the Credit Card for the Blind makes use of fingerprint recognition technology, which serves as a security device and does not necessitate a signature. The payment sum is displayed over the card with Braille. To help blind people recognize the payment amount, a voice recording is broadcasted from a small speaker, delineating the products that are purchased. With no hassle, the visually impaired can use credit card and have an enjoyable shopping.

Designer : Kwon Ki Nam

Credit Card for The Blind

Credit Card for The Blind

Credit Card for The Blind

Credit Card for The Blind

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Elijah Maslow says: April 1, 2011


Jade says: April 2, 2011


I, the Pessimist says: April 3, 2011

Why do the blind get all the cool stuff?! Actually, wouldn't this make blind people feel sad?
"Hey blind guy, cool credit card."
{blind guy looks down at card}
"Tha-…awwwww…I can't see it."
{blind guy is very sad :( }

Kurotai says: April 7, 2011

Good concept, but you must remember that only roughly 5-8% of all people with visual impairments can actually read braille, so the other 92-95% would still have the same problem.
Not critising the great idea, but perhaps you could create a credit card which can help the rest out.

Kurotai says: April 7, 2011

ignore the last comment, my phone is meant to a 'smart' one, but not displaying full text just really doesn't help.
audio with the card does create a completely accessiable credit card :) great idea

DJ navas says: June 29, 2011

This product is amazing!! :)

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