Compact Baby Carrier for Traveling

The new baby compact, designed by Helder L Santos, is sure as cute as the ones for whom it’s been designed. As the name suggests it’s a small baby carrier and is used to carry children of age group of 0-5 months. However as per the designer, the basic problem was the same, only 5 months of usage. After 5 months the same might not have been of any use. Hence the designer made the same as a compact and shock resistant baby traveling bag in which the parents can carry the daily baby needs once the baby has overgrown the carry stage.

samsonite baby compact

samsonite baby compact

Designer : Helder L. Santos

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Michelle says: November 20, 2008

It is like putting babies in a cooler and carry around. It's also not aesthetic at all. It is so boxy and uncomfortable to babies.

Kayla Walker says: June 9, 2016

This baby carrier actually looks too cute. I also have one baby carrier but it is not that great so it was thinking about to change it. My baby is of 4 months but he is bit heavy as compared to other 4 months babies. So is it gonna be good to buy?

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