Color Picker by Jinsun Park

Color Picker is an innovative design of a concept pen that can scan colors from anything around and instantly use the color for drawing. After placing the pen against an object, the user just presses the scan button. The color is being detected by the color sensor and the RGB cartridge of the pen mixes the required inks to create the target color. This superb device will help people to observe the changing colors of nature. With color picker, all range of artists will be able to cerate a more sensorial and visual insight of their surrounding nature’s colors.

color picker

color picker

color picker

color picker

Designer : Jinsun Park

200 thoughts on “Color Picker by Jinsun Park

  1. It's a great idea indeed, and considering the rgb/cmyk issue we can't suppose it will work on paper, so the 'only' feasible (and sellable) option today is to target this pen to computer design.

    Let's say working on a Wacom tablet and Photoshop then picking a color from your surrounding – photo – magazine – fabric … to work with it on screen, that would be excellent for any kind of designers.

    If you consider my idea tell me lol

    Good luck

  2. @overmedium

    Sure, any capable artist can mix colors, but it takes a very able one to mix an exact match, and takes anyone more time than it owuld with this nifty pen, RGB aside.


    great idea with the quartz. I agree that changing colors whenever you want would be a treat, getiing only one color would be cool, but also sad to us color freaks.

    conggratulations on the design, hope it happens.

  3. RGB?!!! amazing idea but RGB ?! hehe this must be a joke! so what colors would be mixed together to get a yellow color?!?! 😀 dont try this at home! 😛

  4. I love to buy color picker for resell distribution in my country.

    Please provide contact for correspondence.

    Thank you & Regards

    Alvin Chua

  5. hi everybody, i am looking for the hi-res pictures of this great color picker, can anybody help me?


    jozef jakubco

  6. Dear Master mind Designer Jinsun,

    Could you kindly let me know if we can be able to market your product in different countries?

    i am very much keen in doing the same. your reply will be highly appreciated.

    best regards


    +966 54 6643 743

  7. Dear Mr.,

    its a fantastic idea, how can i get one of this pen? and how much is cost?

    kindly, i want to provide me by full details about that on my e mail.

    Best Regards,

  8. We are in a promotional item and marketing solution business and i believe this item has a future.

    We are very much interested and are wondering if you could give me the contact details where we can have the price detail of the same.



  9. hai srinath froim hyderabad , would you tell me thsi pen cost and where its available in the market , please inform me .. its really fantyastic idea

  10. We are very much interested with this item, wonder if anybody could give me the contact number and address to inquire about this item.

  11. hi my name is Matthew smith i am currently making a documentary about up coming new tech that will be coming out soon i was wondering if we may come and film you and ask some questions about the product can you please email me at

  12. as C. M. Novess III said, RGB only works with light. Pigments require the CYMK system. Any designer knows that!

    This is totally fiction… please don’t believe it!

  13. Sounds like a student project concept- nice idea but it will never work…It will be too expensive to produce and possibly impossible to make…How does it work? What mixes the colours?…can you fit the components inside?

  14. Great tool!

    If there is a way to transfer the color to computer via USB/bluetooth/wi-fi, it will be highly useful for photoshop designers


  15. this is awsome i always lov to draw but never got the colors i wanted n this salves all my probs i wonder how much it is to get it better yet wen it comes out

    can wait to try it



    p.s lov the idea of taking colors from other oblects

  16. this looks like alien creation stuff huh thats weirdv how come i never heard of it or seen it at stores can only alien belivers get it in that case im a beliver

  17. I want it, i want it, i want IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where can i get 1????????


  18. This is only a concept, since it is missing the key component of "how to mix the ink". Being the engineer, I would estimate a run of 100,000 pens to cost somewhere around $79 each. That is assuming they get a simple solution to the ink combination issue.

  19. Dear Sir,

    We are very interested in this product,we wonder what is the whole sell price and also where we can purchase it?

    Thnx &Best regards!


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