AC Motorboat Features Sleek, Minimalist, and Modern Design

AC Motorboat is a vehicle of entertainment for both racing enthusiasts and families who want to enjoy a vacation on a luxury boat with a large terrace and several rooms with a sleek, modern design. It reaches high speeds while maintaining a comfort thanks to its quiet electric motor, its large windows allow natural light to enter while you can see the sea through the side windows. The design of this boat is characterized by pure lines and simple design, creating a sleek, clean, and nice resul...
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Rogue Hunter Explorer Ship Concept to Study Rogue Waves

Rogue Hunter explorer ship has been especially designed to hunt and study rogue waves that threat many ships at the sea. Personally, the designer believes that one day, someone will have to go for real measurements at sea during storms to validate the theory around rogue waves or freak waves. For that purpose, we’re going to need a special custom made ship which is able to handle the task and come back safely. Rogue Hunter explorer ship features wave-piercing hull, 100-percent engineered fr...
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Ribbon Offshore Vessel Concept Is Based on Ribbon 45 SC

Vripack has shared with us their latest 43ft supply vessel called Ribbon Offshore. The company teamed up with Ribbon yacht in the Netherlands and used modern Ribbon 45 SC design as the foundation for this new sturdy yacht. The challenge is to put all Vripack’s practical knowledge into a perfect design without compromising the design. In order to accomplish this task, Vripack chose to work together with Ribbon Yacht, a well known maritime design and manufacturer based in Netherlands. The result...
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Mega Yacht Concept by Abdulbaki Senol

The main goal of this Mega Yacht concept design is to provide more comfort and luxury in contemporary style mega yacht. The VIP cabins are specially designed for the private dining areas with own permanent balcony. The cabins are also surrounded with panaromic windows from interior as well. The interior design includes luxurious master cabin for the owner that features extraordinary space with ceiling height of more than 3.2m. The Jacuzzi and sunbathing area have been specially designed for owne...
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Jaguar XF Sportbrake Speedboat Concept Boasts Luxury and Stylish Characteristics of Jaguar Cars

Jaguar has released their latest concept Jaguar XF Sportbrake Speedboat that features the same DNA of this British premium luxury and sports car manufacturer. Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, says that Jaguar recognizes the needs of their existing and future customers to have active and diverse lifestyles, thus resulting a new opportunity for the company to develop alternative product that boasts the same speed and beauty as a car. The design of speedboat represents the idea of traditional...
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Enjoy Water Kart with Ultra Light Marinekart Kart 338

Marinekart Kart 338 is an innovative portable boat that weighs only 55kg or around 120 pounds. Utilizing the most advanced technology, it’s pretty amazing this small sized boat features a very low weight, you can easily load it on roof-bars equipped vehicles or campers. It is developed using high resistance materials and manufactured using sandwich layers vacuum technology which is traditionally used for sailboat hulls for great strength and rigidity as well as ultra light weight. So, yes, the...
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HotTug Allows You Sailing on Lake While Enjoying A Nice Hot Tub

HotTug allows you to sail while enjoying a nice wood-fired hot tub. Take your loved one with you to enjoy warm baths outdoor, it’s going to be a unique experience. Even when you don’t fill the tub with water, you can still use it as a stable boat for up to 6 people. Each HotTug can be filled up to 2000 liters of water while the heater heats water to about 8-degree/hour, just wait around 3 hours before the water is warm (100-degree F). Emptying HotTug shouldn’t be an issue, simply use a ...
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Wesp Jetski by Daniel Bailey Allows You to Experience Formula 1 on Water

Can you imagine to be able to experience Formula 1 on water? Yes, you can do that with Wesp Jetski by Daniel Bailey. It’s been pre-launched at the Monaco boat show and the feedback is pretty amazing, the official launch will be within coming months. The main goal of Wesp Jetski project was to provide you with the first and most exhilarating and aesthetically pleasing ergonomic water craft. Experience gentle cruising over the waves or you can switch to high-speed racing mode if you can handle i...
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Gran Tender 72 Boat Offers Entertainment, Power and Speed

Gran Tender 72' has been designed by KeyframeStudio and engineered by REDS for YTEAM. It’s a unique boat that re-designs the "Viareggio-Izmir" speed-world-record vessel, called ZEYNEP, a combination of luxury and comfort whether for entertainment, power or speed. The owner specifically asked to develop the similar the hull and mechanics of the Zeynep to create a new luxury tender. Gran Tender 72' boat features 6-seats to allow passengers to enjoy extreme speed of the boat. There’s a steer...
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ICARE Hybrid Yacht by Mael Oberkampf

Designed by Maël Oberkampf, ICARE Hybrid Yacht features carbon-fiber and structure design with epoxy. This yacht utilizes flexible solar sails for additional electric propulsion. During cloudy day when there’s no sun or wind, this yacht can use gas turbine engines. Equipped with hi-tech system, this yacht provides you with enjoyable ride, optimum sails orientation can be done automatically. ICARE Hybrid Yacht specifications: High-profiled design for aerodynamism 65 meters length &...
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Manta 95R Personal Water Craft by Luke Leighton

Manta 95R has been designed as final year student project, it is a small Personal Water Craft (PWC) to attract younger customers into PWC market. During his extensive research, this designer found out the main reason why young people are not that into jet skis or water craft, it is due to dramatically expensive cost in order to own one. The first jet ski was introduced in 1974, it was a small comparatively low-powered concept that attracted many buyers. Subsequent years and an on-going race t...
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Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry for Eco-Tourism at America’s Cup in San Francisco Bay

Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry has been designed for eco-tourism at the upcoming America’s Cup in San Francisco Bay. It is also an ideal ferry for ports and harbors that features zero carbon footprint, in line with growing demands for greener transportation mode. Richard Sauter, the head of Sauter Carbon Offset Design also said that since the America’s Cup was founded on a carbon free maritime legacy, Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry was develop to meet all standard in respecting our nature. All e...
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Pelagus Yacht by Sebastian Campos

The Pelagus yacht is a 40 meter super yacht, named after the 2nd magnitude star on the constellation of Sagittarius. Pelagus is considered as fortunate star and associated with optimism. Designed to offer unique party experience like no other, this yacht helps to clear your mind and body from the clutter of your busy life, a gateway for relaxation and a chance to indulge in the pleasures of life in the most lavish and exuberant fashion. Designer : Sebastian Campos Moller (more&hel...
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WW50 Motorboat concept by Stefano Licitra

WW50 motorboat or WildWave50 is a concept motorboat which has been designed for anyone with passion of water sports. This sporty boat is pretty innovative, it’s versatile and comfortable, it meets your need whether you want to enjoy the sea and relax or practice water sports. The details have been carefully considered to incorporate the structure of wakeboard boat in this visual concept of open boat with attractive appearance. Enjoy sleek, fast and modern boat with WW50. Designer : Stefano ...
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PlanetSolar : The World’s First Solar-Powered Boat That Travels Around The World

PlanetSolar boat set sail from Monaco at September 27th, 2010 to travel around the world using exclusively solar energy. The team has completed the journey and crossing the finish line back in Monaco, this means they are the world’s first solar-powered catamaran that travels around the world in 585 days, 28 countries, 3 oceans and 11 seas. This month, this boat has set out for a new adventure, sailing coast to coast in Mediterranean sea. Currently, it has visited Barcelona, Mallorca, Spain....
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