Nimue 490 Gentleman’s Day Cruiser by Timon Sager

Nimue 490, a gentlemen’s day cruiser designed by Timon Sager. What a difference a day makes – especially if that day is spent on the water, relaxing with friends or family. This boat features extraordinary body, sleek design boasts its elegant ap...
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HMS Illustrious Royal Navy’s Iconic Aircraft Carrier Redesigned to Serve All Nations of Commonwealth

Together, BMT Nigel Gee (BMT) and Sigmund Yacht Design have conceived a stunning a design concept to re-develop Royal Navy’s Iconic Aircraft Carrier. HMS Illustrious will be withdrawn from naval service this year. Officially, the UK Ministry of Def...
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FINES Foldable Multi-hull Boat Expands to Give You More Space

FINES foldable multi-hull boat is pretty impressive concept boat. It can accommodate 4 to 6 people and expand itself into a small floating island. With folded hull, FINES offers optimal travel dimensions that fit little space in marinas or docks, so ...
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Jet Capsule Is An Egg-Shaped Boat With Rooftop Lounge Bed

A compact Jet Capsule comes in unique egg-shaped boat, like mini space ship. Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini in collaboration with Luca Solla from S3, this boat is ideally for 3-4 people who would like to travel short distance on water or for recreat...
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The First of 5 Unique Circle Yachts : JAZZ Yacht by Zaha Hadid Architects

When Zaha Hadid Architects design a yacht, you can bet it would feature fluid dynamics exterior, just like Unique Circle Yachts. This JAZZ yacht, as the first of 5 Unique Circle Yachts, has been designed for Blohm+Voss as a family 90m yachts that cre...
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Nomadia Project : A Giant Ship or Floating Island by Sylvain VIAU

Nomadia project is actually a giant ship project large enough that you can call it floating island. This ship is meant to be safely moored in particular interest (history, culture, leisure, business center, etc.) for long periods of time, therefore, ...
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Anaconda Yacht : 65m Modern Explorer Yacht by Juan Ortiz Rincon

Anaconda Yacht is a 65m modern explorer yacht designed by Juan Ortiz Rincon. He was selected as Young Designer of the Year Finalist during the 2013 ShowBoatsDesign Awards at Monaco. It’s been designed for worldwide adventures or traveling in a rela...
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Mach-19 Concept Yacht by Jin Won Heo

Mach-19 concept yacht was designed as part of a school project by Jin Won Heo. Unfortunately there are no details we can get from the designer, but we can tell this yacht features elegant lines with large swimming pool at the deck. We also notice a s...
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Sun Powered Water Rescue Craft for Lifeguards

Ross Kemp, a British designer, has designed electric powered Water Rescue Craft to help lifeguards rescue people easier. You can say that we already have jet skis and powerboats, however, they are the kind of watercrafts which are fuel thirsty and ex...
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Ar Vag Foldable Boat Kit by Thibault Penven

The story behind Ar Vag foldable boat design began when this industrial designer met a passionate fisherman on the sunny shores of Lake Geneva. That’s when Thibault Penven decided to design a practical boat that you can literary carry anywhere with...
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BN 90 Motor Yacht by Bottega Nautica

BN 90 motor yacht, just like its name suggests, it’s a 90’ yacht with open and aggressive characteristics. Let’s read the designer explanation below. A displacing yacht merged with open’s characteristics. As a sailing yacht, smooth and aggre...
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Gemini 60m Yacht by Pannone Architetti

Gemini 60m Yacht features elegant form and harmonic proportion between parties. It was started as pencil sketches on a sheet of paper then in months, it has turned out to be beautiful and elegant yacht with great attention to details. For me as an I...
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Eira Yacht Offers Highest Level of Safety and Performance in Nordic Environment

Developed by the young designer team the Eira Yacht project is a breakthrough in the yacht market. Its outstanding exterior serves to fulfill the needs of an explorer reflecting the landscape around due to its photovoltaic paint finish. The amazing p...
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Onyx 41 Yacht Features Fully Touch Screen Controls and Joystick Steering

Together, DeBasto Designs and Hodgdon Shipbuilding have released Onyx 41 yacht concept that features sleek and stylish line, easy to look at as well as to operate. This yacht sets new standard of technology applications in yacht of its class, fully t...
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River Boat Concept by Heatherwick Studio

River boat concept was designed as part of “Estuaire” project to bring work of art along the banks of the River Loire, France. This boat concept has to represent flexibility as it will be available for general hire or organized trips, special occ...
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