S/Y Blue Sapphire Sailing Yacht by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

This new 52-meters sloop S/Y Blue Sapphire Yacht has been designed for the Perini Navi Award organized by Comitato Leonardo to celebrate the excellence of Italian design. This sailing yacht is a performance cruiser, designed also for the occasional r...
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Argo Yacht Concept Is A Dream Project of Vasilatos Ianis

It’s good to hearing from Vasilatos Ianis again, this time, he submitted Argo. Argo is a conceptual yacht, a long term project with multiple stages, therefore, you can expect some updates on this page in the future. As one of his favorite designs, ...
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Origin 575 and Xplore 70 Trimaran Expedition Yachts for Adventurous Owner

Nigel Irens Design (NID) and CMN Shipyard have teamed up with Christophe Chedal-Anglay (CCA), French designer, to design a pair of trimaran expedition yachts: Origin 575 and Xplore 70. These explorer yachts offer you ultimate experience, especiall...
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BomBoard Portable Action Watercraft Responds to Your Body Movements

Take a 45 hp fuel injected motor, coupled with a high performance jet pump, install it in an ultra-lightweight hull that offers three riding positions and out pours unprecedented thrills and excitement. The BomBoard is claimed to be the world's only ...
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Typhon Hovercraft Concept for Most Types of Terrain

Typhon hovercraft concept is a special designed water transportation to ride on most types of terrain, not just on rivers but also lakes and oceans. This hovercraft is equipped with a one-liter 4-stroke engine that powers its central and lateral inta...
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SoelCat 12 Solar Electric Vessel from SoelYachts for Eco-Tourism

SoelCat 12 takes ecotourism to the next level, it’s a solar electric vessel for coastal water, lagoon, and inter-island transportation. According to World Tourism Organization’s study, ecotourism has been identified as one of the highest annual g...
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Marti Sea Taxi by Ömer Sait Tuna

Marti Sea Taxi is a transportation vessel designed especially to carry passengers for short distance travel. It can also be used for different scenarios such as tourism, rental, special events, and many more. Equipped with diesel engine and ZeroPoint...
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SeaXplorer Yacht Takes You to Extreme Destinations Without Compromising Your Superyacht Lifestyle

Discover the new world like never before with SeaXplorer yacht. If you’ve been dreaming about discovering new destinations, this yacht is world’s first purpose-built, Polar Code compliant expedition yacht. It is equipped with true global advanced...
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Kokomo Island : Private Floating Habitat by Migaloo Submarines

Kokomo Ailand is a private floating habitat supported by semi-submersible platforms. If you are filthy rich, you probably can be the owner of this luxury penthouse that stands 80m above sea level, it has jungle deck with palm tress, vertical gardens,...
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Ottantacique Yacht with Twin Pools Features Elegant, Dynamic Surfaces and On-Board Comfort

One thing that stands out from Ottantacique Yacht is twin pools. Yes, those pools are raised almost flush with the side bulwark while the elevated sun bed provides you with jaw-dropping views of the sea from main deck. The adjustable bottom makes the...
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Auto Boat : Smartphone Controlled Boat for Single Passenger

What happens when a boat builder and a programmer meet? You see the result here: Auto Boat. This project was born out of collaboration between Will Reed, a boat builder and Jonas Jongejan, a programmer. Featuring Featuring wanted to bring an experien...
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O Six Hundred Kayak : Old Kayak Design with Futuristic Materials

O Six Hundred Kayak brings back 4,000 year old design with futuristic materials. You’ll find the result is awesome kayak, beautiful, tough, and light. This kayak comes in 30 parts where you can easily build it with your bare hands. The basic Inuit ...
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Ferrari Franchi 50m Sloop Features Modern Design with Innovative Reserve Bow

This new Ferrari & Franchi 50-meter Sloop presents an innovative reverse bow and a modern design with extensive outside areas for owner and guests entertainment. This performance yacht combines the potential to explore the world in style and in c...
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Copern 50M Yacht by Dani Santa

Copern Yacht, with 50 meters of length and 9 of width, is presented as a new trend in yacht design of new generation. Characterized as a sporty model, with soft lines that flow with harmony, it's inspired in fluid and organic shapes. Designed to comb...
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DHL Water Strider Concept Won DHL Blue Sky Transport Design Award

DHL Water Strider is an autonomous solar powered delivery boat that takes an advantage of the world's waterways infrastructure to transport the growing amount of goods. In 2014, just 16 of the world's largest freight ships account for the same amo...
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