Sipurion Water Purifier by Henning Strobel

Sipurion water purifier was developed as concept study based on Siemens Technology by Henning Strobel for his diploma at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Faculty of Design. In cooperation with Siemens AG, this industrial designer has come up with the idea to design modular water purifier system that can be utilized anywhere in the world. Today, we are facing the problem of insufficient supply of potable water, furthermore, during natural disaster there’s a need for temporary supply of...
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Cafe Luxe Kit Allows You to Enjoy Premium Coffee Outdoor

Being outdoor is not an excuse to skip a perfectly good a cup of coffee. Cafe Luxe Kit provides you a set of essential tools to prepare your breakfast. This limited edition kit consists of ultra lightweight titanium French Press that serves delicious coffee on-the-go, titanium Milk Frother for making luxury coffee outdoor, stacking mug and chopping board set that doubles as a knife case. From : NAU (more…)...
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SeaOrbiter : Sea Explorer That Takes Human To A New Adventure on This Planet

Inspired by great adventures of Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Piccard and many more, SeaOrbiter was born. It’s a new sea explorer that will take human to a new adventure on this planet. SeaOrbiter project represents a new planetary challenge, it aims to promotes a new relationship between human and the sea as awareness or awakening action for our future needs based on the principle of sustainable development. Within this project, you’ll get to taste the great adventure of human...
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Foldable and Compact Table and Chair for Traveling

Inside this little round bag, you’ll find foldable table and chair that can be very handy when you need to work while on-the-go. It’s meant to be used for single person, simply open this bag and it reveals a chair and some pipes to support the table. You can use it to work on laptop, or simple break, very easy to use and easy to carry. Designer : Arun Paul (more…)...
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Kando Backpack Doubles As Tent For Anyone Who Loves Camping Alone

If you prefer to travel and camp alone, you shouldn’t travel without Kando backpack. Kando is a combination between an Alpine backpack and one-man tent, dual functions product. These two Swiss industrial designers characterized the perfect interaction of these two components perfectly. The materials and components have been chosen very carefully resulted in drastic volume reduction, weight optimization as well as easy handling. Designers : Damian Schneider and Matthias Scherzinger ...
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Pumpack Suitcase For Anyone Who Doesn’t Travel Light

I travel light, but some people don’t, there are people who seem to love carrying everything, everywhere. If you are one of them, Pumpack suitcase would be very handy to you as it contains a vacuum pump that compresses your clothes to create more space. You’ll be able to find a hand-operated vacuum pump inside the handle, by compressing your clothes, you can maximize packing space. These industrial designers claimed that by using this tool, you can reduce the volume of your clothes by 70%...
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SeAngel Helium Rescuing System To Rescue Passengers on A Sinking Ship

SeAngel Helium Rescuing System has been designed to rescue the crew accommodation on a sinking ship. The capsule is activated by pressing a button on the cap. When the cap rises, a built-in lamp illuminates the place of seats in the capsule. At this point, the system fills the dome with helium. User can sit down in a capsule, fasten the seat belt. Inside the capsule there is the lever (key) to release the capsule mounting, after user activate capsule, the system automatically activates the on-bo...
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Hygienna Solo Transforms A Plastic Water Bottle to Portable Bidet

When you travel in remote areas, Hygienna Solo should be one of your items to pack. Combined with a plastic water bottle, this little tool instantly becomes a portable bidet. It was the result of collaboration between aerospace engineers and award-winning artists, so you can be sure that you get highest level of functionality as well as quality without compromising form and aesthetics. You can easily carry this small tool in your pocket as it weighs only 15-grams and 3-inch in height with less t...
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Stylish Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box with Chopsticks

Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box is a sleek and stylish lunch box that I would love to carry to work everyday. Since this product is designed by a Japanese product design company, it is of course completed with chopsticks. It consists of 3 compartments which are stacked together. When it’s time for lunch, simply open this lunch box, you can re-heat your lunch since those compartments are microwave-safe, but please don’t forget to remove the lids. The idea of this lunch box design came when designe...
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XGV : XLDron Global Versatile Unmanned Aircraft by Oscar Vinals

XGV or XLDron Global Versatile is a giant unmanned aircraft for space development. This could be our future generation or future technology of space rockets or space launcher aircrafts. With respect to environment, this aircraft will be engineered and developed by practicing low-cost production and increasing its efficiency so that it can be used more often in a wide variety of industries. XLDron Global Versatile features wingspan approx. of 80m and a wing area of approx. 740 square meters th...
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Lightning Device for Reading A Book by Anoop M

This is a tiny and stylish device for reading a book at night when you travel by bus or train. You can read your book using this light without having to disturb others. It is a mini light source powered by two lithium batteries. You can easily clip this small device on the book pages by pressing on the end of the device, then the lock moves downwards and ready for clipping. While reading a book, the light direction can be easily adjusted by scrolling on the projection on the device. This is very...
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Carkoon Safety Car Seat Offers Extra Layer Protection for Baby In The Event Of a Crash

Car accident can lead to fire which usually traps passengers from getting rescued. Carkoon tries to find a way to protect baby during this incident by developing the world’s first child car seat that employs active AirShield technology, Carkoon Safety Car Seat. It works by covering baby in the event of an accident, baby will be safe inside a “cocoon” waiting for firefighter to rescue him. This car seat has been designed to face the rear of the vehicle because this means any forces put o...
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Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you love outdoor activities, you might as well grab Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle. These set of knives are not meant for cutting, they are for self-defense/stabbing, so if you expect to get super sharp blades, you might get disappointed. Each of these daggers features aerospace grade woven and uni-directional pre-preg. Made in USA, the self-defense blades handles are made up of 36 layers of carbon fiber, although this blade doesn’t hold an edge, you still can sharpen it by utilizing san...
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Papilla Food Container Supports Healthy Eating Habit in Quick and Easy Way

Papilla food container is a creative food carrying and battery powered heating concept with USB compatibility. It supports healthy eating and allows you to bring nutritious food anywhere in a quick and easy way. Cleaning is a breeze since all parts are separable for easy cleaning and convenient dish-washing. Different compartments prevent mixing of food and enable you to carry variety of menu combinations. As an outcome of modern lifestyle and busy schedules we are unfortunately doomed to fast f...
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Pumpkin Portable Water Filtration System by Samuel Bernier

Bring Pumpkin portable water filtration system when you go to camp or have any outdoor activities, it would become very handy when there’s no clean water around you. This tool uses a UV filtration system, charcoal filter, hydraulic pump combined with a digital engine. The internal battery can be charged using electricity or manually using its dynamo hand crank. We love the use of clear tubes to make it possible for the user to get easy access to deep and narrow places. Pumpkin transforms dirty...
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