Eye Genius : Eye Drops Packaging Design by Zheng Toby

Eye Genius is a packaging design for eye drops. Do you know that germs stick on the surface once eye drops bottle opened? This concept packaging has been designed to provide users with healthy and safer eye drops. It’s a one time use eye drops with sealing tape that you can simply tear off. It’s easy to use and carry, especially for travelers. Designer : Toby, Zheng (more…)...
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Cuissential SlickBoil: Collapsible Silicone Tea Kettle Fits Perfectly In Your Bag or Drawer

I guess the title says it all, Cuissential SlickBoil is a cool collapsible silicone tea kettle, thus eliminating the need for large space in your kitchen. A perfect kettle to carry when you go camping, hiking, or traveling, it collapse into small and compact form enough (under 2,5”) to fit easily in your bag or kitchen drawer. If you live in a small spaced apartment or Recreation Vehicle (RV), you definitely should checkout this product, hey, you can also keep it in you office. Making tea, cof...
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Gen-X Buskers Amp : Mobile Musical Equipment for Street Performers by Nathan McDonald

The problem all musicians have is the transportation of their musical equipment, and it is because of this that you will often see a guitarist (for example) struggling down the street with his/her guitar and case, an amplifier, and a backpack full of other stuff they need (like cables, foot pedals, a microphone and stand, and a drink). Based on extensive research done by Nathan McDonald, a product designer, he found that buskers (street performers) have two options in the way they perform: th...
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Aero Care Excellence Converts Any Passenger Aircraft Into Air Ambulance

Aero Care Excellence offers innovative solution for converting a fixed-wing passenger craft to, and from, an air ambulance. It’s a modular mobile intensive care unit which especially designed to fit into the seating rack of a fixed-wing passenger aircraft, thus making any passenger aircraft can be easily transformed into fully operational air ambulance. It enables doctors or medical caretakers to provide simple to complex medical care procedures. Aero Care Excellence can be installed into t...
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XLDron MW Moon Tourism by Oscar Vinals

How many of us have ever watched the moon from the comfort of our home, in the darkness of the mountain, from an astronomical observatory or from anywhere else? Can you imagine what it feels like to be one of luckiest humans that is given an opportunity to actually “walk” on the moon? The XLDron MW Moon Tourism space station together with the XLDron Global Versatile Advanced (XGV-A) and rocket "Orbiter"... are Oscar Vinals, an industrial designer, personal view of a "Moon trip" in the fu...
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Shelter byGG : A Sculptural Object and A Living Space in Public Place

“Shelter byGG” project is a living space and a sculptural object that can be placed in public space. Pretty cool idea actually, the idea was based on the author’s working theme which is transforming sculptural objects into design objects, turning them into products that can be used every day. Gabriela Gomes, the person behind this project, proposes the concept of an habitable module, she invites you to get some rest inside a sculpture installed on a public place. Inside Shelter byGG, gu...
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TAG+FINDER Detects Your Baggage Easily at Baggage Claim Area

I would love to have TAG+FINDER on my luggage when traveling as I really hate waiting endlessly for my bags at the airport baggage claim. This small and functional name tag can be attached to most travel bags to allow its user to conveniently find the baggage at the destination. This gadget can also become pretty handy to alarm or inform user when it is detected at certain distance, it prevents loss or theft. Smart design isn’t it? It helps you avoid any complicated baggage claim process as we...
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SOS Stick Trekking Pole by Kim Jieon

Just in case a hiker encounters an accident or needs a help, this concept trekking pole called SOS Stick becomes really helpful. It contains a flare and a trigger which hiker can use to inform rescuers of his or her location, especially when this hiker is in mountainous terrain. This tool uses both audio and visual signals to enable the rescue team to locate the victim faster. A trigger is located on the handle, use it to launch a smoke flare. Pressing a safety pin on the handle will release a h...
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Electric Minibus by EntaStudio

EntaStudio has come up with new concept electric minibus that will go all the way on your journey. The two founders of EntaStudio, Oktay Türkoglu and Ramazan Kaya, have interesting explanation about their latest concept of future vehicle design. As we know, currently there are quite great demands for electric vehicles for better environment, this including in these designers country, Turkey. Supported by auto manufacturers for electric vehicle technology, this concept electric minibus has been ...
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Mummy’s Baby Luggage Makes Traveling with Baby Simple and Fun

Traveling with a baby can be fun or stressful experience for a mother. There are many things to pack, including luggage for your baby and your family, therefore, "Mummy’s Baby" has been designed to answer these challenges. This luggage helps mother to travel efficiently with her baby, she can keep all baby necessities in it or open the top of trunk and stretch out to reveal a comfortable and safe baby seat. When mother is tired, simply open the back of this luggage and pull out adult-friendly ...
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Rescue Water Filter Features Modular Filter to Suit Geographical and Emergency Needs

Water pollution is really serious issue, many designers are concern with this as well, that’s why you will read from time to time concept water purifier device on our site. Rescue water filter transforms life-threatening dirty water into potable water. This device comes in handy especially in disaster areas because natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or hurricanes result in the pollution of water resources. It is composed of different modules that serve as carbon filters, you can tel...
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Sipurion Water Purifier by Henning Strobel

Sipurion water purifier was developed as concept study based on Siemens Technology by Henning Strobel for his diploma at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Faculty of Design. In cooperation with Siemens AG, this industrial designer has come up with the idea to design modular water purifier system that can be utilized anywhere in the world. Today, we are facing the problem of insufficient supply of potable water, furthermore, during natural disaster there’s a need for temporary supply of...
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Cafe Luxe Kit Allows You to Enjoy Premium Coffee Outdoor

Being outdoor is not an excuse to skip a perfectly good a cup of coffee. Cafe Luxe Kit provides you a set of essential tools to prepare your breakfast. This limited edition kit consists of ultra lightweight titanium French Press that serves delicious coffee on-the-go, titanium Milk Frother for making luxury coffee outdoor, stacking mug and chopping board set that doubles as a knife case. From : NAU (more…)...
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SeaOrbiter : Sea Explorer That Takes Human To A New Adventure on This Planet

Inspired by great adventures of Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Piccard and many more, SeaOrbiter was born. It’s a new sea explorer that will take human to a new adventure on this planet. SeaOrbiter project represents a new planetary challenge, it aims to promotes a new relationship between human and the sea as awareness or awakening action for our future needs based on the principle of sustainable development. Within this project, you’ll get to taste the great adventure of human...
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Foldable and Compact Table and Chair for Traveling

Inside this little round bag, you’ll find foldable table and chair that can be very handy when you need to work while on-the-go. It’s meant to be used for single person, simply open this bag and it reveals a chair and some pipes to support the table. You can use it to work on laptop, or simple break, very easy to use and easy to carry. Designer : Arun Paul (more…)...
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