T.E.D. – Transportable Emergency Dwelling

The new housing design by U.S. based student Craig Mackiewicz is known as the Transportable Emergency Dwelling. It is simply a house built within the footprint of a shipping container and is a unique solution to low cost housing. Each container can e...
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Portable Search Engine Concept with GPS for Travelers

Seek is a portable search engine or you can say it's a guiding device by Jukka Roitto. This portable search engine is a helpful guide for people stuck in an unknown city. The device is meant to help novice and experienced looking for local theaters, ...
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Camping Activity Mobile Vehicle for Travelers

The CAM is Camping Activity Mobile. More than your typical camping vehicle, this heavy duty off-road camping vehicle can take the happy camper anywhere they would like. The wheels are dual mode, with the 5 spokes extending proud of the try to give ad...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Transportation, Travel

Compact Baby Carrier for Traveling

The new baby compact, designed by Helder L Santos, is sure as cute as the ones for whom it's been designed. As the name suggests it's a small baby carrier and is used to carry children of age group of 0-5 months. However as per the designer, the basi...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Fashion, Travel

WoonBox : A Shower, Toilet, and A Kitchen in A Box

The new concept designed by Dutch designers Arthur Rottier and Peter Jongman can be defined in one word as "refreshing". They call it WoonBox and it is revolutionary in combining the basic necessities which are identified in regular household. This d...
Posted in » Architecture, Bathroom, Home And Kitchen, Interior Design, Outdoors, Travel

Caravan Mobile Home with Balcony

Veranda caravan mobile home is a revolutionary new motor home designed by country coach comes with a motorized balcony. The motorized balcony can be deployed in 20 seconds flat! And that's not all; it also has optional Barbeque and a 37 inch TV. The ...
Posted in » Architecture, Cars, Transportation, Travel

Future Train with Individual Capsule, But Not for Long Journey !

Train capsule concept is the result when creativity and technology meets, the designer come up with something that is shown in this picture. This is a futuristic train with unique and stylish seating arrangements. There are individual capsules where ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation, Travel

Futuristic Instant Moon Base for Astronauts

If you are given a chance to stay on Moon for more than 6 months with all possible facilities, would you miss that opportunity? Of course not…check out a semi-permanent moon base designed by Experimental architecture firm "Architecture and Vision" ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Travel

Let’s Make Delicious Espresso with Handpresso

It's an age of convenience with all designs being made keeping in mind the fact that the user should be able to use it with ease. In comes the "handpresso" or the new espresso machine which will let you have the espresso coffee at just touch of a but...
Posted in » Home And Kitchen, Travel

United Airlines First Class Suite

With customer satisfaction the driving factor, companies are trying to give that extra comfort to the customers. The companies want a satisfied customer and are hence extended to the customers. Given on the same lines, comes the United Airlines Inter...
Posted in » Interior Design, Transportation, Travel

TRVL Portable PC Concept for Travelers

So packed your bags to go for that holiday? Did you take your passport or maps for the destination or tickets or Camera and your camcorder? Make sure you do have extra help nearby at your vacation. Not any more! Welcome to the portable PC or TRVL. TR...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Personal Computers, Travel

Airtrav, Electronic Boarding Pass Concept

Airtrav is a futuristic electronic gadget concept used to collect flight information no matter when and where you are. All travelers including with hearing impaired can have access to it and be alerted on all changes regarding flight arrival and depa...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Travel

Boxcooler – Backpack fridge with traveller dishes

The combination of journey, food consumption, and transportation can be very painful. Boxcooler is a backpack fridge with picnic dishes, revalues the cooler and raises it to a modern standard. There are two ways to carry Boxcooler. On one side it can...
Posted in » Bags, Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Travel

Zenith Defy Xtreme Watch Collections Waterproof at 1000 meters

A luxury watch from Zenith, defy xtreme watch features a multi-layered see-through structure composed of shock-resistant transparent Hesalite glass, Carbon fiber layer and varnished dial plate. Black titanium case and bracelet with Kevlar inserts, hi...
Posted in » Fashion, Sports, Travel, Watches

Octopus BoardBag for Free Movement

Octopus boardbag designed to give you freedom in movement which you can't achieve it when you always carry a backpack. By employing small suction cupped bag activated by a lever, you can use it on travel for your money, cell phone, or anything (don't...
Posted in » Bags, Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Sports, Travel

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