Watch Movies at Campsites with Portable Camping Projector

Projector is a lightweight, handy screen that has been designed primarily for outdoor use, especially to rid the boredom. This portable camping projector can be set outdoors for watching films at campsites. While the portable screen is held to the frame with 4 separable parts of lens cap, the supporting frame is built with 4 alpenstocks that can be used while hiking. The projector features a shock-absorbing, crimped rubber surround that nestles amid the 4 alpenstocks. To offer ease in handling,...
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Flux : Portable Snow Melting and Walter Filtration

Hugo Busbridge is an industrial designer whose primary goal is to bring inspiration and design skills to drive originality in design forwards, motivating students to think about products ahead of the physical outcome. With a zeal to pursuer his carrier as a teacher of design, Hugo Busbridge has designed a number of creative products. His latest is the Flux snow melting device. This brilliant snow melting device features a blue rubber drinking spout as well as yellow grip sections. The end pack s...
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Yakima SuperJoe Pro Truck Rack by James Owen Design

Yakima's new SuperJoe Pro is a handy truck rack. It boasts Yakima's integrated StableCradles that keep your bikes safe and Yakima's highly improved QuickTrigger Hub System for effortless installation and removal. Inclusion of thick bomber steel tube construction as well as anti-sway cradles provides extra security and solidity when the six-strap system holds it in place. The SuperJoe Pro can hold approximately three bikes on a broad range of vehicles including both minivans and hatchbacks, with ...
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Yakima KingJoe Pro by James Owen Design

Check out the new KingJoe Pro, Yakima's renowned Trunk rack. The Yakima King Joe Pro is this year’s top-of-the-line rack. With updated characteristics for 2011, the innovative King is sturdier than ever so you could rest at ease making sure that you cargo stays protected and secure. High-clearance design with ultra soft padding ensure you car never comes in contact with the attached bikes. The King Joe Pro fits minivans, cars, SUVs, hatchbacks and many more with Yakima's Quick Trigger hub syst...
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The Cave Tent Features Unique And Lucrative Molecular Diamond Structure

I am going to tell a popular joke of our country. A person looked below from top of a 20 storied building and saw a 1 taka coin lying on the footpath. He started going down taking the stairs hurriedly to get the coin before someone else take it. When he is on 15th floor, he took a look again to see if it was still there and surprisingly found it a 2 taka coin instead of 1. He started going down even quickly and when he took a look again from the 10th floor he discovered it as a 5 taka coin rathe...
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Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charger Provides Instant Power Anywhere For Your Gadgets

Outdoor enjoyments are a real fantasy, provided you have all the necessary things with you. But, what if your gadget runs out of power? This can make you geeky. Well, worry no more! Power your gadget right away with the new PowerTrekk fuel charger. This small and handy fuel charger acts as a lightweight charger and serves its purpose especially during instances where people are away for their home for long periods. The device is ideal for people who wish to camp but want to have their music play...
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Survival Hiking Device To Lower The Risk of Injury When Hiker Falls Down

Hiking is becoming a famous out door activity for many people these days. As with any outdoor activity, individuals need to be aware of the potential dangers they might encounter during the process. During hiking, there are high chances of people falling off from the cliff. In such case, this survival hiking kit is very handy to ensure safety. The survival hiking device has been designed in such a way to lower injury levels when the hiker falls down while hiking. The air bag when worn by the hik...
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Future Hotel White by Well-Tech

Future Hotel White, inspired by the color white, as the name suggests is known for its Wellness, hospitality, modernism, technology and ecology. People who have already been to Future Hotel might have an option of reliving an ambience of creation and pattern standard of Well-Tech projects; see an achievement of little engaging projects in progress in a greek territory. Apart form these attributes, Future Hotel White serves as a meeting point for Greek professionals who are ardent about sharing i...
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Turning Power Charger Utilizes Kinetic Energy To Gain Its Power

The world has undergone a lot of technological changes with an array of portable electronic gadgets purchased over the globe. The only drawback of using electronic devices is that of the utility bills. To cope up such a situation, industrial designers have begun creating eco-friendly products to help devices operate with renewable energy. Cindy Karimun, an industrial designer has come up with a new eco-friendly product, Turning Power Charger, a device that uses kinetic energy to get its power. ...
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The Streets Of Monaco Mega Yacht Can Reset The Approach Of Luxury Cruising

According to my opinion, one reason of designing such a huge yacht was to taking out floating cities from ancient myths. What can I say more? The massive structure and inclusion of seemingly everything has really made it easier to be placed the themed yacht in the trash of impossible concepts. The Stress of Monaco yacht concept has been designed by a group of passion-derived creative designers to offer something different to the luxury cruise enthusiasts. This extremely extraordinary 155m SWA...
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Green Box : Takeaway Box With Integrated Eating Utensils

Green Box is constructed out of biodegradable material to avoid the use of plastics in the take-away food industry. It integrates an eco-friendly takeaway box with eating utensils where you can easily punch it out (indicated by groove lines). It will drastically reduce the need for plastic utensils, therefore, reducing plastic waste in our environment. Green Box is made with PLA (polylactide) – a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from sources such as cornstarch or sugar cane. For additional ...
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Aiport Compass Helps Reducing The Stress Of Finding Departure or Arrival Gate

To some people, traveling by plane can be stressful, especially for the first timer. They find it's really difficult to find the right gate, even when there are a lot of information boards around. Airport Compass is an airline boarding pass that incorporates a compass to help these passengers find the right gate without any stress. It's been designed specifically for the elderly people, children, and those who unfamiliar with traveling by plane. Airport can seem to be a complicated place, especi...
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Heartea Interactive Tumbler Informs You The Temperature Of Your Drink

At first sight, you might think that this tumbler has a nipple. Well, actually it's an indicator of the beverage temperature in it. Heartea (from the words heart + tea or hearty) is an interactive tumbler that shows you the temperature of your drink from the bulging part of its body. When you touch this part, it will be illuminated with blue or red or orange light telling you the temperature of your drink and at the same time, giving you information about the best time to take a sip. It throbs s...
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3Roll Human Drived Trolley With GPS System

Train is by far still one of our main mass transportation systems. My problem when traveling by train is getting my heavy luggage into the train. But 3Roll trolley design might make it not a problem anymore. It features an adjustable load platform to make it easier for me to carry my heavy luggage on and off the train. Aside from that, 3Roll has also been designed with stepper system to make it move. This will increase your body movement and promote fun exercise. The unique articulated steering ...
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The World’s First Commercial Space Station by Orbital Technologies

Recently, Orbital Technologies and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia) announced that they will launch the world’s First Commercial Space Station (CSS). I guess somewhere near the future, space tourism is going to be the next big thing. The station will be utilized by private citizens, professional crews, and corporate researchers interested in conducting their scientific programs. If everything goes well, CSS will be the world’s first commercially available human spaceflight ...
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