Care-Us Food Trailer Was Inspired by Horse-Drawn Vehicles to Encourage More Social Interaction Between Elderly People

Care-Us Food Trailer project has been designed with two principles: providing food and at the same time encourage more social interaction between elderly people. The design of Care-Us Food Trailer was inspired by horse-drawn vehicles in the old days...
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Dental Paper Dispenser : Conceptual Toothpaste Paper for Your Convenience While Traveling

Dental Paper is your toothpaste alternative while on-the-go. You can call it a conceptual toothpaste paper, since this tool will dispense paper-like toothpaste for your convenience in brushing your teeth while traveling. Brushing my teeth is a routin...
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Choc Mate : Thermos for Chocolate by Cameron Snelgar

Chocolate is psychoactive food, it’s my ecstasy, unfortunately chocolate tastes best when stored in a cool place. It would be hard to taste chocolate at its best if we don’t keep it in a room with temperature between 54° F to 68° F. For all cho...
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Koala Personal Cart by Luan Mateus Dal Savio

We currently live in a world where desire to spend money on products we don’t need is relevant to most people, added to that, everybody wants to have new means and methods that allow design to make our life easier and comfortable. There are not man...
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The Campcraft for Great Experience Outdoor by Austin Blough

The Campcraft offers a more intimate experience with the great outdoors than other watercraft that enclose you inside of a hull. Meant for cruising and camping along rivers and inland lakes, the Campcraft offers better stability, adaptable storage an...
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Fayton Ecological Tourism Car Was Inspired by Phaeton and Horses

Fayton Ecological Tourism Car was a project created for Ecological Tourism car competition in Istambul and it won the second award. Designed by Utkan Kiziltuğ, this futuristic concept car was inspired by Phaeton (a sporty open carriage) and horses. ...
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Recreational Island : Portable Floating Platform for Recreational Use

Henry Ward Designed has teamed up with BMT Nigel Gee to develop highly innovative “Recreational Island”. Compared to Tropical Island Paradise Mega Yacht, this one is simpler version and more portable. Measuring 10m x 8m when deployed, this design...
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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail for Downhill Enthusiasts

Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail provides the ultimate comfort for mountain bikers. The thrill downhill on a mountain bike is priceless, however, getting your bike up there is quite challenging and exhausting. Using Mountainskyver Trail from Ortovox, a G...
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KOR One Black : Black Is The New Gold

We’re not sure why, but designers have some special attraction to black color. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why KOR Water once again teamed up with RKS design to develop KOR One Black, a special hydration vessel for a special cause. Black is ...
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SleepBox at The Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow

Still remember our post about the cool SleepBox concept? Apparently, you'll be able to spot some of them at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow not too long from now. SleepBox is a boon for those who are slithering around on a seat in ai...
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Stanley Nineteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle

Stanley Nineteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle is a beer soda and cold effervescent bottle with sweat proof and is 100 percent packable. We’ve seen many canteens dedicated to keep your beverage cold or hot, also there are many enthusiasts of portable c...
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Warm N’ Cool Box Heates Up Your Cold Leftover Whenever You Want It

Warm N’ Cool is a home appliance that can act as a warmer or cooler when needed. This simple device allows you keep your leftover from home and warm it up for lunch time wherever you are. This device ensures the freshness of your food by keeping th...
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Electronic Ticket Offers Better and Comfortable Yacht Cruising

Traveling in a mega yacht is certainly a delightful experience. However, the real complexity lies in identifying the ship’s layout. To help passengers stay devoid of the confusion, the Electronic Ticket concept has been introduced. It employs inter...
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Monocart Multi-Purpose Cart Is The Only Cart You’ll Need

Monocart multi-purpose cart concept is not just ordinary cart. It can adapt to various different functions with ease based on the needs of the users. The problem with many products nowadays is the short life span due to the small target audience; the...
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Outdoor Khazri Focus Photographer Expedition Pack

Khazri Focus photographer expedition pack is ideal for photographers who spend most of their time outdoor or traveling. This light weight expedition pack (60L) was designed with amateur photographers in mind. Khazri Focus pack features removable phot...
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