Futuristic Drone Taxi to Solve Traffic Jam in Big Cities

Futuristic Drone Taxi, it’s a concept transportation to solve traffic jam in big cities. HoverSurf has a vision that sometime in the future, we might see flying taxis in our sky, that would be a common way to commute. Internally, this drone is equi...
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Small Survival Spark Magnesium Survival Fire Starter Comes With A Whistle and A Compass to Help You Survive

Completed with whistle and compass, Survival Spark Magnesium Survival Fire Starter would keep you warm in the wild. This small device combines three survival essentials in one, it’s definitely handy when you are on your outdoor adventures. This fir...
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BioLite KettlePot Accessory – BioLite Coffee Press To Keep Your Crew Caffeinated During Camping

Coffee lovers wouldn’t give their precious coffee even during camping. BioLite is known for its outdoor devices, this time, it presents you with BioLite Coffee Press, it's an accessory for Biolite KettlePot. Step up your camp coffee game, you can b...
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Entrofit M-5000 Wood Stove Produces Evenly Heat Distribution to Cook Faster

Entrofit introduces a little beauty for cooking when camping, Entrofit M-5000 Wood Stove. It’s an eco-friendly cooking stove that you can use when you are outdoors or during power outage, it’s been designed to be adaptable and be able to produce ...
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Atomic Bear Cobra Survival Bracelet : Stylish, Wearable Survival Kit

Don’t go camping without a survival kit, Atomic Bear Cobra Survival Bracelet would be a nice addition to it. It’s a wearable survival kit in form of a stylish bracelet, perfectly adjustable to fit most wrist size. By wearing this bracelet, it mea...
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Compact Happier Camper Is A Cute Trailer Inspired by VW Minibus

Inspired by VW Minibus, Happier Camper is a cute trailer with modular interior. Well, the designer fell in love with classic trailers early on by watching his father restored those cool campers in their backyard. He started restoring vintage trailers...
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TigerMoth Camper Trailer : Compact and Robust Trailer for Your Outdoor Adventures

Do you love living off-the-grid? Try this TigerMoth Camper Trailer for your next adventure. It’s a lightweight yet durable camper, it is towable by most 4-cylinder vehicles to almost anywhere you want. Featuring built-in electrical, LED lights, wat...
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Lunar Multifunctional LED Lantern Offers More Than Just Light

Lunar LED Lantern provides you with everything you need in a modern lantern, it offers you comfort, warmth, romance, and convenience. Just like campfire that unites people after sunset, this lantern also aims to do the same. Well, the evolution of te...
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SMARTOO Turns Any Luggage Into a Mobile Working Desk

Feeling bored in crowded airport or public places? Been there my friend, it’s hard finding a decent surface to use our laptop or tablet where we can entertain ourselves. Well, SMARTOO might be our solution to that problem. Started as a challenge by...
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Radio Backpack : A Two-Way Mini Radio Station for Remote Areas

Radio Backpack is a project by Iman Abdurrahman, an Indonesian journalist, and Studio Joris de Groot. Not many people know that Indonesia is one of world’s most susceptible nations to natural disasters, there are more than 600,000 people per year s...
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KOII Foldable Deckchair by Sascha Akkermann

KOII Foldable Deckchair offers you a portable lounger with ergonomically curved shape. The man behind this design is Sascha Akkermann, he is a master carpenter and designer, bringing you a piece of furniture made from high quality laminated wood in b...
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Nomadic Life : A Set of Living Tools to Live A Nomadic Lifestyle

There are many people prefer to live a nomadic lifestyle nowadays, the world is too big to stay in one place. Nomadic Life is a special project that provides you with a set of living tools to survive in wherever you end up at the end of the day. S...
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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit Can Come In Handy When R2 Is not Around

Star Wars fans, you can keep a Millennium Falcon ship inside your pocket now. This versatile ship is also designed as a multi-tool kit, it is equipped with four hex keys, two screwdrivers, and an adjustable wrench. This compact spaceship can help you...
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Luminoodle Plus : LED Rope Lights for Your Outdoor Activities

Luminoodle Plus is your flexible all-in-one lighting solution. It’s a set of LED rope lights that you can take with you when you are biking, camping, or doing handy work outdoors, it offers bright, spread out light of your surrounds, it’s pretty ...
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Paris Navigating Gym : A Fitness Vessel Powered by Human Energy

Paris Navigating Gym is a fitness vessel powered by kinetic energy from passengers’ workouts. It’s pretty ambitious project since it’s going to be challenging to encourage passengers to workout while crossing Seine River. This concept fitnes...
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