Segway SE-3 Patroller for Police or Security Force

Segway just launched Segway SE-3 Patroller which has been specifically designed for Police or Security Force. As the leading provider of electric personal transportation, Segway believes that this 3-wheel vehicle can increase public safety, it will be available in the market at a base MSRP of $11,999. The main goal of this project is to bring a feature-rich, high quality vehicle for law enforcement at a competitive price. Well, based on Segway’s reputation, we believe in the design and qual...
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JunoJumpr : A Portable Jump Starter and Powerbank

JunoJumpr is a highly functional device that houses 6,000 mAh battery pack, it has the ability to jump start a dead car battery in only minutes. Thanks to powerful lithium polymer battery cells, it allows the device to feature thin and light design, yet very powerful. If you hate when your phone’s battery is dying, you can forget about that problem when you have this gadget, it charges your power hungry devices like tablets, cameras, smartphones, etc. with a USB 5V 2.1A output. It weighs on...
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Sting R12 VTOL Aircraft by Ramees Muhammed

Sting R-12 is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft designed for high end military and civil maneuvers. The concept is similar from Marvel - Sheild's aircraft Quinjet, but the basic idea here was to design a VTOL aircraft, not copying Marvel’s idea. There is enough room for air-in facility and big engines situated at the tail with two separated spoilers. Landing/Take- off control fins can be found at the end of both wings. Designer : Ramees Muhammed (more…)...
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USF : Ultra Small Footprint Vehicle by Alex Langensiepen

USF (Ultra Small Footprint) Vehicle was a sponsored project for GenZe by Mahindra, the objective was to design a vehicle for the next generation (Generation Z) for one of largest cities of the future. USF has been designed around the city of Tokyo for the year 2025, with the aim at bringing excitement back into the commuter day to day travels. The city of Tokyo, while it has an extremely efficient transportation system that arrives promptly, all of the commuter trains are grossly over capacit...
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Link Urban Logistics System Utilizes Existing Public Transportation Infrastructure to Navigate The City

Distribution of goods can be a challenge in urban environment, especially when today’s logistics are unorganized and unsynchronized. Link Urban Logistics project has been designed to help solving this issue, it proposes sustainable alternative and reduces logistic truck movements. This system uses existing public transportation infrastructure to do regional distribution, each robotic cargo connects consolidation centers with existing neighborhood storage spaces. We can connect these cargos to ...
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Lecomotion Nested Urban E-trike With In-Crank Generator and In-Wheel Motor

Inspired by nested shopping carts and bike sharing system, Lecomotion urban E-trike was born. Natacha Lesty, an industrial designer who genuinely cares about our environment, designs this concept e-trike with intention to reduce the use of cars in our daily life. This unique transportation features nesting mechanism, an innovative folding system that requires less action for anyone to nest them. It has been designed to nest within each other for compact storage, just like shopping cart, it also ...
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FIAKER 2.0 Advanced Carriage by Michael Hofbauer

FIAKER 2.0 Advanced Carriage is the answer to the challenge of designing contemporary and ecological concept transportation that offers the typical feeling of a coach tour. This concept carriage combines the best of both world, traditional value with modern technology. Traditional coach tours are a big business in many cities around the world, thanks to tourists, or other special events such as birthdays and marriages. Horse-draw carriage tours have been long targeted by government because the c...
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Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub : A Futuristic Train Station For The Year of 2075

Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub is a futuristic proposal for our future advanced public transportation network. One of great challenges we’re going to face in the future is space, this concept train goal is to resolve this issues sometime around 2075. It offers deliverable and sustainable solution for next generation transportation by building the station vertically instead of taking so much space on ground. In the future, we believe our world’s population will dramatically increase, resul...
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Shark Vehicle : A Futuristic Vehicle That Drives On Ground and Water

Shark Vehicle is a futuristic vehicle that transforms Drag force to a useful force which can be used to fly. Current automotive makers focus on aerodynamic aspects of their vehicles and how they can reduce the drag force and pass it through themselves, this is a counter approach to Shark. Shark Vehicle takes the design philosophy of catching Drag force and then when the vehicle is lifted from the ground due to air flow resistance, it’ll pass the air flow through the holes on its arms. Just lik...
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Minimalist Halfbike Offers Upright Riding Position for Better Visibility and Excellent Control

If you think riding a bike isn’t practical enough, perhaps Halfbike can change your mind. Kolelinia has introduced a new bike design to bring back the fun in urban mobility, a lightweight and compact vehicle to help you cruise the street easily. The good news is, this personal vehicle is commercially available for you to purchase, starting from $799. Halfbike design is really minimalist, it doesn’t even have a seat, but don’t worry, this vehicle was designed with user’s experience in ...
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Commute-Case : A Briefcase That Transforms Into Electric Personal Vehicle

Commute-Case looks like an ordinary briefcase when carried around, but actually, it’s nothing but ordinary. Starting out as a standard briefcase, you can fold out to transform it into an electric personal vehicle when you need to commute in urban environment. As a briefcase, it only measures 18”(L)x13”(H)x4”(W), you can deploy it in less than 10 seconds by pressing a button. It only weighs 27lb, so it’s pretty lightweight and highly portable. This battery powered vehicle can run up ...
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Eclipse Trishaw by Kenneth Cobonpue

Eclipse Trishaw or you probably prefer to call it a modern rickshaw considering the similar design. It’s constructed of aluminum and woven with recyclable polyethylene, a vintage transportation with modern twist. You can find rickshaw mostly in Asian or South American cities, it might not be a fast transportation since it’s powered by human, but it’s a green alternative for anyone who would like to explore the city. The lightweight circle frame is bound in place with a tight weave, the top...
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Futuristic PLC28 Helicopter for Control and Maintenance of Power Lines in 2028

A helicopter for the year of 2028, it is lifted and propelled by 4 rotors. You can read the description submitted by the designers below: PLC28 is a helicopter specifically designed for the control and maintenance of power lines in the year 2028. The main aspect of the design is the creation of two ergonomic work places and work positions. For the working team consisting of a pilot and a technician it is very important to be able to establish eye contact during the whole working period. Toget...
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Posta : Seat Transfer Assist for Wheelchair-Bound Airline Passenger

POSTA is a device that aids the transfer of a wheelchair passenger into their seat. It integrates the seat cushion from the aircraft seat with the device eliminating any lifting required to board the passenger. Before a flight, POSTA device is positioned next to a modified seat where the seat cushion is able to be transferred onto the device. It is then wheeled off the aircraft and into the boarding gate. Once the passenger is transferred onto the device in the boarding gate, they are then wheel...
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Trignal : LED Safety Light for Truck Wheels

Trignal LED safety light has been designed to keep truck’s presence on the road highly visible especially at night. It will increase the motorists’ awareness of this large vehicle as well as provide visual representation of its speed. This concept safety light is a self-charging plug-in LED that generates its own power by rotating with the wheel. Truck drivers can fit these lights onto the wheels, like a hubcap. When the truck moves at a safe speed, those wheels glow a demure green, at high ...
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