Posten Pod : Urban Mail Delivery Vehicle for Sweden

Posten Pod concept aims to overcame the typical problems when delivery of the mail is done using a typical transportation of the post office. This urban mail delivery vehicle design focuses on user centered design practices and everyday life activities. After in-depth research of using conventional transportation to deliver mails, S. Dogan Sekercioglu, the designer, realized that there are many flaws that could cause physical strain and injuries on the body over time. This concept offers a frien...
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Walamai Outback Explorer : Eco-Friendly Camping Vehicle for Future Southern Australia in 2025

Walamai Outback Explorer is an eco-friendly camping vehicle especially designed for future Southern Australia in 2025. What makes this vehicle unique? Well, it allows you to venture out and explore Nullarbor (flat and treeless area of southern Australia) with its integrated camping facilities such as inflatable tent, winch cable and pheromone devices to keep animals away. This vehicle project aims for rent only, it’s not available for personal use, therefore, giving everyone equal chance to ex...
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Modern and Stylish Hx2 Horse-Drawn Hitch Wagon by Guillaume Diolez

Hx2 Horse-Drawn hitch wagon aims to redesign the old carriage into more modern and safer form. In the old days, horse drawn hitch wagon was widely used by many people in many fields for transportation or as part of farming equipment. In our modern days, we have progressed into automotive industry for transportation and the practice of using horses is considered as archaic mode of transportation, including boats and balloons. In many developed countries, horse-drawn carriage rides is considered a...
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Dispatch Utility Vehicle for Underground Mine Environment

In the underground mining industry, few good solutions exist for personnel transport and service utility vehicles, and even fewer for ambulances. Dispatch utility vehicle fulfills the current need for a specialized solution that addresses the needs of personnel transport, emergency ambulance, and service utility vehicle for the underground mine environment; all in one vehicle, maximizing use of the vehicle and freeing up space in the mine. Dispatch Utility Vehicle does not have a designated f...
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Gig Pack : Scooter and Backpack in One by Gustavo Brenck

Scooter and backpack in one; that is what Gig Pack offers you. Pretty nice design, you can wear your backpack scooter for daily use, allowing you to have both hands free while cruising the road. It is also more convenient when you have to get on the bus or subway, simply fold your scooter and wear it as backpack. It’s the perfect backpack for students or any people who live in big cities and users of public transportation, avoid traffic is not really that difficult, and of course Gig Pack is a...
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Galactic Bang : Personal Concept Sci-Fi Vehicle by Sergey Ermakov

Galactic Bang is definitely just a conceptual personal vehicle, so you can see this sci-fi vehicle design will probably stay as a concept. This wacky vehicle features four exhaust systems and it seems to also float on magnetic field. Take a look at the void body, it reminds us of Frog eBike concept. Galactic Bang definitely looks like a futuristic personal vehicle, yet the designer said that this vehicle is not designed for the future nor the past that we know nothing about. Designer : Ser...
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SeaOrbiter : Sea Explorer That Takes Human To A New Adventure on This Planet

Inspired by great adventures of Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Piccard and many more, SeaOrbiter was born. It’s a new sea explorer that will take human to a new adventure on this planet. SeaOrbiter project represents a new planetary challenge, it aims to promotes a new relationship between human and the sea as awareness or awakening action for our future needs based on the principle of sustainable development. Within this project, you’ll get to taste the great adventure of human...
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Independent Wheelchair Assist (IWA) : Motorized Add-on for Wheelchair by Oscar Fernandez

For wheelchair bound people, it would be great to be able to travel freely to destination outside their home independently. Independent Wheelchair Assist (IWA) is more like a motorized add-on, a temporary power assist device for manual wheelchair users in developed countries. Simply attach IWA from the rear using a small bracket to user’s wheelchair, this bracket slides into the mechanism located at the back of the device. So as the user moves forward, this system lifts the two front castor wh...
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Krieger All-Terrain Vehicle For Transporting Relief-Supplies Into Disaster Area

Krieger is all-terrain vehicle that has been designed to ease transporting relief-supplies into disaster areas or remote locations no matter what’s in the way. This vehicle will make sure that all aid supplies can get in the location on time because usually after disaster struck such as earthquakes or floods, people in that area are left without homes, food or clothing. All aid supplies can be packed in 20 ft. or 10 ft. (6-meters or 3-meters) shipping container and loaded onto Krieger easil...
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Amazing Futuristic Design Concept : Flying Bike by DesignYourDreams

Flying Bike might still be a dream but we never stop toying around with this idea, just like this Czech company. The brief of this project is to create a flying bike that still has two basic requirements which are all features that common bicycle has such as being able to get to a place convenient for taking off, it should be able to take off for approximately 3-5 minutes in a coordinate way. This flying bike looks like pretty heavy to us, those big machines not to mention the pilot, hopefull...
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Redesigning Commercial Aircraft by Shabtai Hirshberg Means A Greener Future For The Aviation Industry

Shabtai Hirshberg has recently graduated from Transportation Design MFA program at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan. His thesis "Redesigning Commercial Aircraft" was based on extensive research on the commercial aviation market, the result was innovative aircraft with revolutionary improvement, forward thinking design, future technology that were all incorporated into our future commercial aircraft design. As we already know, commercial aviation is a rapid growing m...
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Cydecar : Future Pizza Kiosk Delivers Your Pizza To Your Doorstep and Literally “Fresh From The Oven”

CYDECAR pizza kiosk revolutionizes the way people sell pizza. I don’t like ordering pizza from home because most of the time the pizza is already cold when I receive it. But with CYDECAR, pizza sellers can bake the pizza on the go, so that customers will be able to enjoy freshest and crispiest pizza when it’s delivered to their doorstep. This nice compact vehicle also provides a wide variety of functions, for a start, it can be used as a mobile kitchen or sidecar. The body is constructed ...
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Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device Offers Freedom of Movement in Any Direction

Honda just unveiled its latest concept UNI-CUB personal mobility device, it is the upgraded version from U3-X personal mobility device that was announced in 2009. This unique vehicle features the same compact design, comfortable saddle and freedom of movement but still to some people think it’s an awkward design. What do you think? Honda UNI-CUB personal mobility device has been designed for harmony with people, it provides the same freedom to move in all directions the same way as you walk...
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XGV : XLDron Global Versatile Unmanned Aircraft by Oscar Vinals

XGV or XLDron Global Versatile is a giant unmanned aircraft for space development. This could be our future generation or future technology of space rockets or space launcher aircrafts. With respect to environment, this aircraft will be engineered and developed by practicing low-cost production and increasing its efficiency so that it can be used more often in a wide variety of industries. XLDron Global Versatile features wingspan approx. of 80m and a wing area of approx. 740 square meters th...
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Compact and Smart Fiat Eye Personal Vehicle by Dinard Da Mata

The concept Fiat Eye personal vehicle was developed in order to optimize space, and facilitating individual displacement in large cities. The system is balanced gyroscopically, technology equipped in this vehicle allows the car to monitor the surrounding environment, making decisions in relation to this site, stabilizing its balance according to each presented circumstance, a smart personal vehicle. Designed by Dinard Da Mata, this futuristic personal vehicle has elliptical wheels that the ti...
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