COMB Dump Truck Features Smart Tray-Changing Technique and Autonomous GPS Control System

COMB dump truck has been designed to revolutionize construction industry with its modern design and high tech system. It incorporates an autonomous GPS control system and smart tray-changing technique for more efficient work progress. This new vehicle architecture will set a new standard for a dump truck. The idea was based on how inefficient operational procedure of conventional dump truck. It takes a lot of time for the excavator to load while the truck sits idle, then when the truck loads ...
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KAYLAD-e Trike : Hybrid Modern Vehicle for Commuting in Urban Area

Kaylad-e Trike was a graduation project of Dimitris Niavis presented in the late 2013. This project aims to design a hybrid modern vehicle to commute easily and comfortably in urban area. The result is a stylish e-trike that helps people to actively move even in heavy traffic safely and enjoyable, well, it’s one of the ultimate goals of this project to provide its user with great riding experience. The overall design eliminates the stress factors and discomfort that usually encountered when yo...
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HMS Illustrious Royal Navy’s Iconic Aircraft Carrier Redesigned to Serve All Nations of Commonwealth

Together, BMT Nigel Gee (BMT) and Sigmund Yacht Design have conceived a stunning a design concept to re-develop Royal Navy’s Iconic Aircraft Carrier. HMS Illustrious will be withdrawn from naval service this year. Officially, the UK Ministry of Defence has stated that the ship will be preserved after leaving service and any innovative proposals from private companies or organizations are welcome. According to James Roy, yach design director at BMT Nigel Gee, it’s really important to prese...
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AWWA Sky Whale Concept Plane by Oscar Viñals

AWWA “Sky Whale” Concept Plane is a project about the future "green" aircraft designs for the regular airline’s planes of the 21st century, that could be based in a technical solutions more friendly with the environment, most efficient and with the maximum performance. For example it is expected to use systems that will: Reduce aircraft drag Reduce aircraft weight Reduce engine specific fuel consumption Reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions of the engine Reduce aircraft noise ...
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Paform Emergency Transporter to Support Search and Rescue Operations

For decades, natural disaster strikes human being with no sign and prediction, causing a huge impact around the world. By taking inspiration from the major disasters happened in recent years, a multi-terrain crawler transport has been designed to provide relief and ease the situation for the victims and support the rescue team during the rescue operation. Paform, an autonomous transporter inspired by pangolin has been designed to aid the rescue team like China International Search and Rescue ...
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D-Dalus Drone – Futuristic Aerial Vehicle With Ability to Launch Vertically

D-Dalus Drone is a conceptual futuristic aerial vehicle that might make your dream of flying come true. Just admit it, all of us have a dream that someday we can ride a car that fly/float and land on the roof of our house. This futuristic vehicle was shown for the first time at the Paris Air Show 2011. It combines the advantages of a helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft, it has the ability to stay stable in the air, rotate about all 3 axis at 360-degree, and land on a moving platform such as boa...
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Kayserius Traffic Light Design for Kayseri, Turkey

Kayserius traffic light project was inspired by Kayseri, an industrialized city at the heart of Turkey. This city has enjoyed great economic growth in recent years that leads to great city development and renovation. One of great improvements that’s taking place is the city transportation infrastructure and commissioned by the city, this design studio has designed and developed a modular traffic light concept. Low in maintenance and efficient in production cost, Kayserius is pretty slim and co...
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Jet Capsule Is An Egg-Shaped Boat With Rooftop Lounge Bed

A compact Jet Capsule comes in unique egg-shaped boat, like mini space ship. Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini in collaboration with Luca Solla from S3, this boat is ideally for 3-4 people who would like to travel short distance on water or for recreation. This small boat features a powerboat hull made out of entirely fiberglass with stainless steel handrails, 325-hp yanmar diesel with a Hamilton waterjet that allows for propulsion speeds up to 25 knots. Inside, you’ll find spacious room enough ...
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Toby Concept Car by Fulop Gellert

We just got design submission from Fulop Gellert, it's a concept car called Toby. Yes, the name reminds us to "A Special Story about Toby", you can read the reason behind this cute name from the designer's own words below. The concept cars name is Toby. It might seem a persons name and it is, but I also decided to give it to my concept. This is because I believe it has a personality, not because of it's deign features, but because of how it became to be. My inspiration for this concept sta...
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Sao Ville Tractor for Modern Agricultural Management

When it comes to agricultural production, tractors take a central, indispensable position, because of their multitasking abilities. They accept many different periphery tools and machines that can be connected to them. As result these add-ons have led to heavily overloaded cockpits with lots of buttons and levers, most of them not as intuitive and ergonomic as they should be. On the other side technological development in the area of smart phones and tablets has made us almost equally product...
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S-Walker Board Combines Segway, Skateboard, and Balance Board In One

S-Walker Board acts just like a skateboard but it also asks you to have great balance to ride it. It’s a combination of a segway, skateboard, and a balance board in one, the result looks like pretty simple board but rideable to get you to your destination. This deck is powered by a pair 250W double brushed motors with lead acid battery that takes just 1 hour to get fully charged. The company claims that this deck can reach up to 4mph and keep running up to 12miles depending on the terrain and ...
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Navia Self-Driving Electric Shuttle Car Is A Great Alternative to Public Transports in Urban Areas

Navia Self-Driving Electric Shuttle Car is the result of partnership between Induct Technology and Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). It is said that Navia is world’s first automated electric shuffle car that offers eco-friendly alternative to public transports or private cars in urban areas. This vehicle can accommodate up to 8 passengers with a maximum speed of 12.5mph, it’s been designed as a complement to conventional transportation. This robotic transp...
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Cat Hilt Active Lifestyle Vehicle by Vasilatos Ianis

CAT Hilt Active Lifestyle Vehicle has been designed for Active Lifestyle competition, since we all want to find a vehicle that meets all needs of our lifestyle, whether you are a swimmer, mountain biker, kayaker, soccer mom, runner, or a hockey dad. This concept vehicle offers a badass transportation that meets your needs without compromising aesthetics or comfort. The competition was supported by in conjunction with the 2013 Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Awards and Local ...
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Infinitlar Autonomous Futuristic Vehicle for The Year of 2040

Infinitlar is an autonomous futuristic vehicle concept targeted for 2040 to resolve the increasing population around the globe. The idea behind this project is to migrate home and transport into a small compact space to accommodate your daily basis needs. With multiple hidden compartment sit inside the floor pan, tables, storage, and other furniture can be fold or taken out to make yourself comfortable as a home or an office environment, totally ideal to use in a city environment or even for hol...
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Urbliner Electric Vehicle for The City of Bogota, Colombia in 2030

Urbliner electric vehicle was born out of the idea of developing transportation solution for college students in the city of Bogota, Colombia in 2030. Based on researches, young students are usually fun, different, extreme, and thrill seekers, they demand vehicle that can meet their lifestyle needs. The main problems we have to face on daily basis are rainy days, objects to load, low speed paths due to ground conditions and the strength to be applied to circumvent the pollution which is exposed ...
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