Urbliner Electric Vehicle for The City of Bogota, Colombia in 2030

Urbliner electric vehicle was born out of the idea of developing transportation solution for college students in the city of Bogota, Colombia in 2030. Based on researches, young students are usually fun, different, extreme, and thrill seekers, they demand vehicle that can meet their lifestyle needs. The main problems we have to face on daily basis are rainy days, objects to load, low speed paths due to ground conditions and the strength to be applied to circumvent the pollution which is exposed ...
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S3TR Streeter Concept Personal Vehicle for Urban City Area

S3TR Streeter is a concept of single person vehicle for urban city area but is also capable of traveling in short distance routes out of town. The distance range depends on battery type and capacity but falls between 20 and 40 kilometers. One of the major requirements during design process was to include great fun while driving, so airplane-like controls and tilting mechanism to steer (like flying or skiing) are incorporated into this vehicle design to provide the right amount of fun for its rid...
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Ziesel Electric Offroad Vehicle for Outdoor Fun

The Ziesel is a pioneer for mobility by combining sustainable and environment-friendly technologies with pure outdoor fun. It is the only barrierfree sport-vehicle with electrical high-performance power for fun and freedom in nature. The Ziesel was developed for outdoor action and can be used all year round with impressive performance on almost all surfaces like: snow, sand, stone, mud, grass and more. Safety is an integral part of the concept, it is high quality and craftsmanship, it uses only ...
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Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft by Ekaterina Dekhtyarenko

Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft has been designed for fire-prevention patrol, patrol of reserves zones, ice and trade investigation, search and rescue works. It’s compact, easy to use and assembly, and uses only modern eco materials. Ekaterina Dekhtyarenko explains that the main goal of this project is to offer an aircraft that has good flight characteristics, affordable, safe, and economic. The wing represents system of blocks from a framework and fitted by synthetic fiber. These blocks...
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Orion Public Transport Concept – Mobility for Urban India

Orion Public Transport Concept has been designed for India urban environment. With increase in population growth in India, the cities have also seen drastic growth in housing/building groups that offer different facilities such as shopping malls, parks, health care facilities, and many more. There will be millions of residents that have to travel on regular basis to workplaces or nearby areas for daily activities and usually they use personal vehicles to commute. This concept introduces “Close...
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Nerpa Transformable Dog Sledge for North Russia Environment

Nerpa Transformable Dog Sledge has been designed to suit North Russia environment. Families usually keep 2 or more sledges for different needs: one for passengers, another one for sightseeing or outing, and the last one to carry their daily needs, a cargo. This concept sledge combines all these type of sledges where the owner can choose the number of seats needed. It reminds us about native inuit transportation, a sledge drawn by reindeers. Nerpa concept dog sledge is adjusted to suit contemp...
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R.C.S. Snowmobile Concept for Immediate Medical Rescue Action

Various kinds of accidents occur in ski resorts. However, people who either get injured lightly or critically due to ski resort accidents are not given appropriate medical care while being transferred to a safe medical care center. Moreover, they are transferred on top of cold ice. The golden hour of patients and others who get injured in ski resorts is decreasing on the palms of rescue workers who drive them to safety. Within such a situation, the R.C.S. Snowmobile focuses on the patients ab...
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Helivehicle Emergency Helicopter by Jung Hyun Min

Helivehicle Emergency Helicopter has been designed to help patients to receive emergency medical service immediately. Based on many recent studies, many city fails to save lives during serious emergency cases such as stroke, heart failure, or gastrointestinal bleeding, and many more. We believe, in the future, all-weather STOL PAVs would be our emergency transportation system, it transports patients to their destination at the speed of 3-4 times faster than airlines or cars. This project aims...
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The Antidote Cycle-Rickshaw for Eldery People

The Antidote cycle-rickshaw has been designed for elderly people to keep them fit and healthy. These industrial designers came up with this vehicle after they noticed that 90% of the residents of a nursing home don’t take advantage of physical facilities offered at this place. Based on the finding, they wanted to design and develop an equipment or transportation that can keep elderly people active. It aims to make elderly people to feel young inside, pedaling around the nursing home with frien...
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Cathay Pacific Luxury First Class Cabin by Foster + Partners

After successfully redesigned Cathay Pacific’s flagship lounge at Hong Kong International Airport, Foster + Partners has carried the luxury lounge design into Cathay Pacific Luxury First Class Cabin of Boeing 777-300ER fleet. The cabin has been designed with warm white leather, dark grey surfaces, and walnut finishes, it creates calm and relaxing atmosphere. Every element has been carefully considered and refined, starting from handmade woolen carpet, new reading light, refurbished bathrooms, ...
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Rubbee Electric Drive Transforms Regular Bicycle to E-Bike

Turn any conventional bike into an electric one by attaching Rubbee Electric Drive for Bicycle. It’s a friction drive module which fits on most standard bicycles in the market, with a top speed of 25km.h and 25km range, it’s a great solution to your daily ride. All aluminum parts are CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the clamp mechanism allows you to mount it on your bike in few seconds and enjoy the ride without having to pedal for more than 15 miles. The integrated battery managem...
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The Rover : Compact Aluminum Electric Vehicle by Works Electric

The Rover, an electric scooter from Works Electric, a great company who set themselves to build world’s greatest electric vehicle. Well, the result is Rover, a small, fun, and easy to operate vehicle that reaches a maximum range of 36-miles after a full battery charge and a top speed of 33 mph. Hand built in USA, all materials and parts are sourced locally in Portbland, at the dashboard, there’s a smartphone cradle along with USB charger. Thanks to aluminum construction, this vehicle is very...
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Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Is Available for $2,700

Hammacher Schlemmer just got something new in its catalog, Self Balancing Electric Unicycle which you can actually buy. We’ve seen many concepts about unicycle but most of them are just concept or still at prototype stage, but if you are willing to spend $2,700, you can get a real one from Hammacher. It’s a cool briefcase-sized electric unicycle powered by 500-watt electric motor, perfect for 2 hours ride at 13 miles/hour after 3-hour battery charge (but it also depends on your weight). If y...
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Terra Motors eTricycle Is Our Next Generation of Electric Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is a unique traditional transportation that you can find in many Asian cities such as Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, etc., unfortunately, they also contribute to urban pollution and high fuel costs. Terra Motors have an idea to replace this vehicle with an electric version, it will certainly reduce polluting vehicles on the streets. This eTricycle features blue-and-white color scheme, modern and stylish version of the old Tuk Tuk. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery which can travel 3...
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Future Personal Transportation System for India

With the challenges of global warming and rising fuel crisis, we need an alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Most Indians are still reluctant to change from fuel powered vehicles to electric one and this action has impacted the electric vehicle market. Future Personal Transportation System project has been designed to answer that challenge which hopefully can help the country in transition to more eco-friendly form of transportation. Designer : Sanu K R (more…)...
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