VW Auriga Concept Land Yacht for Cruising On Wide and Impressive Landscapes

In corporation with Volkswagen Design Center Wolfsburg under the supervision of Prof. Erich Kruse and Dipl.-Des. Andres Meyer, VW Auriga is a new vehicle concept, especially designed and developed for cruising on wide and impressive landscapes. The concept design was based on “Zeilwagen” or wind chariot by Simon Stevins for Prince Mauritz in 1646, therefore you might notice a resemblance between these two vehicles. VW Auriga has been built to accommodate 20 passengers and a pilot which is se...
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Romotow Mobile Living Unit That Provides You Space Like No Other

Romotow Mobile Living Unit has been designed for today’s savvy generation by W2, a New Zealand based architectural design company. The innovative design takes different approach by leaving boxy and cumbersome travel trailer, it brings a new concept in mobile living. Motor caravan is an increasingly popular alternative lifestyle that makes it one of fastest growing domestic tourism sectors, thus, resulting in great improvements in both caravan quality and campsite facilities. Joining this ra...
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Ecologic Aircraft Design Concept by Daphnis Fournier

Ecologic Aircraft Design concept is futuristic aircraft that spends less energy to travel. It’s been designed with photovoltaic cells on its large roof because this electric aircraft relies heavily on the sun’s energy. In order to minimize any energy loss, this aircraft is air inflated. When a plane takes off, it requires most energy it has, however since this future transportation is air inflated, it doesn’t consume any energy of fuel. Designer : Daphnis Fournier (more&hell...
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Hatchet Concept UAV by Jurmol Yao

Hatchet concept UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) offers innovative solution for squad-based mission to help disaster victims which are trapped in a hard-to-reach location. It’s an advanced technology transportation unit which can be a great help during rescue missions. This vehicle features 6-rotor-design that enhances Hatchet with optimum maneuverability and stability in both middle and low altitude. On board equipment consists of Ground Control System, Infrared Scanning Imager, Instant Photogra...
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J.D Truck : Futuristic Garbage Truck by Jad Bek al shaikh

J.D Truck was inspired from the shell of a Snail which features amazing curved surface. This futuristic vehicle is actually a garbage truck with outstanding color, but it’s not designed to be used on bumpy roads though. A few additional elements have been incorporated into the design, mostly GLASS to reflect and add the sense of modernity of the truck. Huge body doesn’t mean J.D Truck is not flexible, in fact, it rotates easily thank you to its innovative structure which consists of 2 par...
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e-Cargo Box : Electric Cargo Vehicle for Quick and Easy Deliveries In A Crowded City

Delivering stuff with huge cargo vehicle in crowded street can be a problem, thus e-Cargo Box has been designed to solve this issue. It was based on the Car-go concept from Adam Schacter, this electric cargo vehicle offers a great mechanism to deliver stuff to the customers in a busy traffic street. In some local areas, they use some kind of cart to deliver items to the customer, the kind that you push around with hands that require so much effort to move around. Furthermore, you don’t have a ...
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Futuristic Zero Gravity Tour for Prague Looks Like Giant Flying Hovercraft

"Zero Gravity Tour" was designed by Indian based designer Riten Gojiya as the answer to the challenge of "vision of a modern European city and its inhabitants in the future". It looks like giant hovercraft but instead of moving on water, it flies. This concept has won the first prize of Dassault Systemes Design Challenge 2012. This futuristic transportation was inspired by the city of Prague and its people, its simplicity, uniqueness, utility and aesthetic quality has made this concept won the c...
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Oru Kayak : Origami Folding Kayak Folds Out Easily in Less Than 5 Minutes

Would you like the ability to carry around your kayak like a bag then fold out easily and quickly when you need to use it? You can now with Oru Kayak, it’s an origami folding kayak that offers strong and high performance boat out of a compact case. Just like magic, you can transform the kayak so quickly to the state of “ready-to-use” almost magically. Therefore, taking this kayak while traveling shouldn’t be a problem, stash it inside a truck, check it on a plane or stow it aboard a sail...
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Shark Marine Craft Moves Really Fast Just Like A Shark

Shark marine craft features 3,66 meter body with extraordinary design. It is equipped with 2 Gobler-Hirth motors and pushing propellers. The remarkable design boasts high speed, high quality material as well as optimum flexibility. The overall design doesn’t compromise on safety, stability is one of essential safety aspects when you are on the sea. During the design and development of Shark marine craft, analytical studies have been conducted on behalf of the department of fluid mechanics a...
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SXT-A Iron Speed Space Tourism by Oscar Viñals

Our friend Oscar Viñals has sent us his latest space tourism project, SXT-A Iron Speed. Let’s hear what he says about this project. Thanks to technical and technological progress, talk about Space Tourism, Suborbital trips or trip to the Moon, is not an impossible journey today. In the XXI century we think about futures achievements as, human missions on Mars, travel "regular" to the orbit of the Moon and Tourist trips to the frontier to space, available to ordinary people even with minimu...
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Wesp Jetski by Daniel Bailey Allows You to Experience Formula 1 on Water

Can you imagine to be able to experience Formula 1 on water? Yes, you can do that with Wesp Jetski by Daniel Bailey. It’s been pre-launched at the Monaco boat show and the feedback is pretty amazing, the official launch will be within coming months. The main goal of Wesp Jetski project was to provide you with the first and most exhilarating and aesthetically pleasing ergonomic water craft. Experience gentle cruising over the waves or you can switch to high-speed racing mode if you can handle i...
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Stingray Water Transportation Utilizes Empty Plastic Bottles to Increase Buoyancy

Stingray is a water transportation craft that adopts a pneumatic propulsion to propelled forward. Not only it boosts a futuristic and dynamic design, it is a multi-functional transportation for any water based activity. Designed by Imran Othman, Stingray is a recycling tool which can be used for recreational or in a time of disaster (flood, tsunami,etc), it provides buoyancy for the flood victims from being fully submerged in water where they might contract disease. Designer : Imran Othman ...
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GhostManta Submersible Vehicle to Document Marine Life in 3D

GhostManta submersible vehicle has been designed with aim to document the amazing underwater wildlife and ecosystem without disturbing all those beautiful sea creatures. There are still so many things we need to learn, this vehicle helps document marine life in 3D for better observation. Its electric motor allows GhostManta to move just like a water jet underwater, pretty cool huh? It reduces carbon footprint and noise pollution, the long battery life supports long recordings. This vehicle pr...
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The Pulse : Future Transportation System That Is Based On Cable Gliding Principle

This is the vision of our future transportation in megacity by Matej Dubis, The Pulse. It’s a concept that brings ecological and efficient transportation system by practicing the same principle as cable gliding. By utilizing this principle, vehicles don’t need to have powerful engines as they take advantage of gravity to gain acceleration, and any other energy needed will be supported by the lifting “knots”, crossroads of the system’s web. Vehicle runs in regular centralized waves that...
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Floow by Flex – It’s Not a Car or Bicycle but It Could Be The Future of Our Transportation

It is not a car, it is not a bicycle. FLEX/the INNOVATION helped to develop FLOOW and designed it to be a unique and cool personal transportation vehicle. With the chain drive and bicycle pedals you get the necessary exercise when using FLOOW. The small electric motor helps you to develop a considerable speed and cover large distances with little effort. It is a cool way to go from A to B and offers a unique driving experience. The ergonomic seat can be adjusted to accommodate different users...
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