Public Transport Concept by Jake Eadie

If you have the urge to travel and site see in Prato, Italy then here comes this driverless vehicle. This public transport has 6 wheels, electric power source and drive computer. Its speed range is very slow ranging from 5 to 15 km/h. Around 6 people can sit comfortably and 4 to 5 people can stand while traveling. The view would be amazing while traveling because there are glasses on all four sides of this vehicle. The overall concept and design is great but I doubt how far it would fulfill futu...
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Merhzeller Polygon Caravan Concept

"Merhzeller", designed by Christian Freisling and Thersa Kalteis, is a Caravan Concept which is a conventional hitched travel trailer that is designed in the shape of polygons from inside as well as outside. It is a multi cell concept sponsored by BMW with artistic and impressive looks. Each and every vehicle will be unique because it can be configured as per one's requirements and wishes. One can customize this travel trailer with the help of online configurator. Its interior looks cool providi...
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SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer : A Comfort Motor Home

SylvanSport GO camping and travel trailer will give you the comfort of a motor home while maintaining the simplicity of the tent. It works like a pop up camper which can be fixed anywhere as it occupies less space. Also it is quite light compared to regular trailers thus can be pulled by even small cars. The whole set up takes a few minutes and comes out to be a size of a king size bed, which seems perfect to rest after a long drive. These beds also double up as a table thus making optimum utili...
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T.E.D. – Transportable Emergency Dwelling

The new housing design by U.S. based student Craig Mackiewicz is known as the Transportable Emergency Dwelling. It is simply a house built within the footprint of a shipping container and is a unique solution to low cost housing. Each container can easily accommodate two families with scope for extending the space by pulling the compartments and tents. Also each unit has basic utilities required for a normal family daily needs like kitchen, bathroom, storage space etc.The designer has also kept ...
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Camping Activity Mobile Vehicle for Travelers

The CAM is Camping Activity Mobile. More than your typical camping vehicle, this heavy duty off-road camping vehicle can take the happy camper anywhere they would like. The wheels are dual mode, with the 5 spokes extending proud of the try to give additional grip when needed and the front and rear bumpers are made of rubber to allow for minor bumps and scrapes without the need to replace them. This new camper design by David Fearnley is surely something for the one who love to travel. At the ...
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Ready To Explore The Antartica with Lotus Ice Vehicle ?

Lotus ice vehicle is a refreshing news after all the concept cars and other means of transport, there is a new one on the block for all you adventure seekers. The new concept Ice Vehicle is the new age vehicle that will help you explore the Antarctica. The vehicle design is pretty cool and is perfect companion to explore the only yet fully unexplored continent. The vehicle has a prop in the back while it has three ski feet to ride on. For the purpose of breaking it has a spiked front foot thus s...
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Aqua : Future Submersible Watercraft for Both On and Under The Surface of Water

"Someday, we'll be living on and under the oceans". This idea isn't so far-fetched. As Earth gets increasingly crowded and polluted, people are trying to find another space to live, ocean. Although, people can't stand alone under the water yet, surely, technology can make this happen. As we believe, in the near future, people could live under the water. If it comes true, people will need a new type of underwater transportation like a submersible. Here is a piece of work as an answer, AQUA, is a ...
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Shelter Cart Design for Junk Collectors

Shelter cart design that can be said to be a nice solution for homeless is designed by Gregor Timlin and Barry Shehan. The shelter cart as it has been named is a mobile living unit which can be used as junk collection cart during the day and during night it can act as a place of shelter. It is light weight and the wheels help in moving the same around while it is used as cart, however the height of the roof can be adjusted accordingly. This social awareness campaign is a nice way of bringing to ...
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Lynx Mobile Crane Concept by Jiri Kubec

Crane vehicles are not new to you, but this one is a unique concept with a lifting capacity of 80 tons. There is a combined cabin for both driver as well as operator at the end of the supporting 2-piece hydraulic folding arm which can reach up to 8.5 meters of height. This concept vehicle can be helpful as the transport vehicle or to the crane operating position as on usual crane. On the first glance, this crane looks like a tank because of its heavy look. Its steering and functions are easily c...
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Caravan Mobile Home with Balcony

Veranda caravan mobile home is a revolutionary new motor home designed by country coach comes with a motorized balcony. The motorized balcony can be deployed in 20 seconds flat! And that's not all; it also has optional Barbeque and a 37 inch TV. The good thing about the motor home is the ease with which one can travel in the same and for the ones with adventure on their mind; one can fully follow their heart without leaving the comforts of their motor home. The manufacturers claim that one can f...
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Toyota Winglet Personal Transport Asistant

Toyota Winglet is a prototype of future personal transportation, Toyota motors has come up with their version of walking assistant. Named as Winglet, it's a personal transport assistant and is ridden in standing position. It has an electric motor, two wheels and an internal sensor for monitoring the user position. The unique parallel link mechanism allows the users to go forward, backward, and it turns by a simple shift of body weight, thus it comes handy even in crowded places. It ensures sta...
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Luxurious Red Italian Train by NTV

The bright red color with a thin golden stripe along the carriages is a wonderful match for the shape of the trains. "Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori" (NTV) is an independent Italian train company and they have come up with 25 red high-style trains consisting of 11 carriages and 460 seats. These trains will soon travel with a speed of 360 km an hour on the Italian Tracks. Who does not want to travel in such a luxurious and uniquely customized train? It has everything that you can expect from your fu...
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Future Train with Individual Capsule, But Not for Long Journey !

Train capsule concept is the result when creativity and technology meets, the designer come up with something that is shown in this picture. This is a futuristic train with unique and stylish seating arrangements. There are individual capsules where one person can sit comfortably for one or two hours but if you are going for a long journey, I doubt whether one can stand and roam inside this train and also there are 4 people lounge seating. Even though the capacity of this train to carry people i...
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Valtra RoboTrac Tractor for Future Farms

Tractor is what you call it just by looking at the picture, it is not at all fair because it also serves as a robot. This fully automated and programmable robot is designed to supplement a farm team. It can smoothly carry out all necessary activities for your farmhouse including tilling, disking, plowing, planting, spraying, weeding and many other activities which a normal farm team cannot do. Do not go with its small size because it can work continuously without wrecking your field or farm. Now...
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ICON A5 : Future Personal Amphibious Aircraft

The Icon A5 aircraft is a 2-seater sports airplane for the masses. It is solely designed for personal use. ICON A5 is lighter in weight and is amphibious with retractable landing gear for flying off in both water and land. Different features of this aircraft include carbon fiber airframe, folding wings, and unique engine that allow it to run on both aviation gas and auto. Now you do not need think of any destination in order to spend your vacations because ICON A5 can make your coming vacations ...
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