Enjoy Open-Air Riding with Grillo Camping Trike

Grillo Camping Trike is an innovative vehicle that combines caravan's comfort to the riding pleasure. The concept is based on the idea to create a rental vehicle for holiday. Its expressive and modern shape makes it unique in the universe of camping vehicles. Every detail, from the seat to the luggage rack, is the result of style and functionality. Grillo concept vehicle combines multifunctionality with an impressive easy of use. The trike structure guarantees more stability than scooter and co...
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Energy Efficient Oriens Glider Won The Lucky Strike Designer Competition

Roland Cernat's Oriens Glider is one stunning energy efficient glider while also being environment friendly. The design won the Lucky Strike Designer Competition for being innovative in re-envisioning the life-cycle of the airplane. The glider is constructed entirely out of recyclable materials. The design is sleek as it is translucent shell finished with glossy organic contours and runs on clean energy. The wings are made of photovoltaic cells which provide an emission free flight, it has an el...
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Boeing SkyHook JHL-40 Rotorcraft

Boeing SkyHook JHL-40 is the new stunning aircraft by Boeing and looks more like the design of the WWII period. The aircraft runs on the heavy-lift motorcraft, which can lift up to 40 tons, and can travel a distance of up to 200 miles in one refill. It is designed to travel in regions where no other means of transport can access and all this with maximum safety and minimum cost. This eight engine aircraft has four vertical rotors to lift the body with four directional propellers and each having ...
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Luxury Aircraft Interior by BBDC

Now travel with class, style and luxury with the all-new aircraft. The aircraft has been designed with a complete new look of style and sophistication. With this new design materials used you will get the ultimate luxury and comfort while traveling. Even after the travel there would not be any kind of tiredness as the seats are designed in a manner to give comfort to the passengers. Given a color of classiness and sophistication which is white you feel the king of the world, you can easily move ...
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Skiing by Sarah Park

The new design concept by Sarah Park is primarily based on "skiing". As per the design, target users are very much familiar to this type of activity, thus the overall body has a de-constructed and transforming look. The device being compact would easily fit into an elevator thus the user can take the device up to their apartment. The overall length is the same size that of baby cart. It also can fit in users of different heights and is just as easy for all of them. So this sure is one device tha...
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The Pendulum, A Green Transportation for Sports and Fun

Innovations in means of transport surely are leading to better and new designs. On these lines comes The Pendulum; the device is a sensation of freedom, energy and spirituality. This device is meant for young people, who are pursuing a healthier way of life while not compromising on style. It is a flexible mode of transportation which is designed for both sports and fun for relaxation. Thus Pendulum is a simple device but has got significant functions, which provides an opportunity for a greener...
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Noah, High Performance Personal Vehicle

Looks can be deceptive, that's what designer Andrei França's invention seems to authenticate. Noah, a high performance vehicle looks like a unicycle, but on closer observation one can see two tires which are mounted in tandem. The basic design of the Noah is to use the human driver as a control device, i.e. by using how we lean forward or back or say side to side and thus determining the acceleration, braking and turning. All this is done without the need of pedals or buttons. The tires act as...
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Glider Reminds Me of The Dolphin

Glider by Regimantas Vegele sure seems to be an exciting concept. This aero-dynamic design of course reminds me of the dolphin, it does have a mesmerizing presence with its elongated wings. The long wings illustrate an image of a bird floating and circulating in the air. The designers not just took care of the aesthetic appeal of the glider, but also have addressed the safety concerns of the ones inside the glider; all this while giving ample amount of leg room. With a seating capacity for 2, ...
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Slimbus : Slim Urban Passenger Bus

The problems in our urban transportation are the overburdened infrastructure and the urban traffic that cause critical landscape. The Slimbus is short distance mid capacity ferrying vehicle or urban passenger bus concept for highly crowded situations. The Slimbus is extremely narrow, 1.2m and meant for only short distance travel, so all passengers stand, thereby allowing for much more capacity. Slimbus in-wheel motors power all the five wheels, with the front and rear two being held via hydrauli...
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Future Public Bike System with Aluminum Bike

Are you ready to hit the race track with a funky aluminum bike? With the rising fuel prices, Montreal has come up with the solar powered docking system and a high tech RFID tagged aluminum bikes that are turned into complete theft disaster. There are six bikes and six docks in each station. Users can take any available bike and then return it back to any other dock. The payment can be made via Credit or Debit Cards or any other member cards. But one thing that stuck in my mind is what if there i...
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Portable Classroom is Classroom of The Future

'Classroom of the Future' is something unbelievable for all the students. It is a flatbed truck presenting a transportable classroom that is capable of offering sufficient ICT facilities which are usually not available with most of the schools. This concept is designed for school children in Canden outside of London. This mobile school will move from one school to another in order to explore music and film making. At a time this movable truck can hold 15 students. This classroom can be opened fr...
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CLEVER : 3 Wheeler Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport

With more and more research being done for providing better means of transportation and maintaining the fine balance between space and economy, CLEVER or Compact Low Emission Vehicle for urban Transport, a concept vehicle that is 3 feet wide and runs on compressed natural gas is a perfect vehicle for urban driving. Just as cool as T-Rex 3 wheeler concept design, CLEVER is greener with a low emission three-wheeled vehicle and a capacity to carry two persons; thus an ideal vehicle for the working ...
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Solar Rickshaw from SolarCab

Have you ever heard about a solar powered rickshaw? If not then you must check out this 'SolarCab'. It gives a modern look to the normal rickshaw running on roads and also boosts a humble rickshaw driver with its powered pedaling style. If you are staying in a city where motor rickshaws are very common, you must try out this solar powered rickshaw to keep things a bit greener. The time is very near when you will see widespread use of this rickshaw in the near future. SolarCab will definitely bri...
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SmartTravel – Future Automatic Public Transport System

Jaxon Douglas has designed SmartTravel, a futuristic transport system which can transport 12 people while taking minimum road space possible. This automatic transport has provision for four people to stand and wheelchair for the disabled. It is powered by battery, wherein the same is energized through ground by wireless energy system. Overall it ensures optimum utilization of space in the interiors, while still being spacious and classy. Thus there is a new twist age old notion of economy vs co...
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Electric Dauphin is Designed to Run Almost Noiselessly For As Far As 300 Kilometers

Electric Dauphin is a pure electric vehicle. The best part is that one can charge it at home as one does to a cellular phone. For full charge a little over six hours is needed and can run almost 300 km in one charge. The vehicle was created as a smart vehicle which is cost efficient and environment friendly. It is designed in a manner that the electric motors are housed just inside the rear wheels of the vehicle. Touching a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour the vehicle is built with composite...
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