The SV1 Futuristic Car Provides Fun and Stylish Urban Commuting

The three wheeled SV1 concept car aims to provide excellent urban commuting with fun and playful style, and incorporates various environmental factors and social impacts. This two-seater, compact car has been designed to be driven by the single real ...
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Forms Reflects the Change of the Future World

The Forms is a futuristic car concept that incorporates the change of future world into its shape to make it sustainable from different aspects. This single seater car features a sleek metallic surface with glossy finish on an extraordinarily designe...
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The Concept Vehicle Ensures Perfect Personal Urban Commuting

Though the concept vehicle designed by Nicholas Holland looks like a bike, it actually is a two-wheeler vehicle that features the front wheel as the key driving component and utilizes an intense magnetic field produced by the giant loop passing throu...
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Flux Provides Compact and Lightweight Personal Transportation Alternative

The flux is a small, electric vehicle concept that has been designed to address the current vehicle related problems like storage space requirement, alternate power efficiency, weather resistance, and many more. The main focus of the vehicle is to pr...
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Wheel Rider Personal Commute Concept for Yamaha

The Wheel Rider is an innovative personal transportation concept that has been specially designed for Yamaha to meet the future urban commute requirements. However, the vehicle seems like just a big round wheel, it actually features three layers, the...
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Compact Caravan Can Offer Complete Outdoor Fun

The Compact Caravan concept focuses on developing a unique and convenient place for the external and internal core tasks people usually perform inside and around a caravan. The rare color combination and the stream line shape of the caravan’s body ...
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Vayro Ensures Future Long-Distance Road Haulage Efficiently

The Vayro is a future track concept to meet the increasing freight requirement of long-distance road haulage for the year of 2020. The design incorporates high capacity semi-trailers towed by the tractor to ensure greater productivity by large quanti...
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Extreme Powersports Vehicle Can Ensure Efficient Recreation

Inspired by various extreme vehicles around, the extreme powersports concept vehicle has been designed to make it a perfect recreational vehicle. The vehicle features excellent aesthetics that has been achieved by dune buggy chassis and comprises a 9...
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Air Alien Green Helicopter Uses Electric Energy for Pleasant Commuting

The air alien ship is a green helicopter concept that offers a range of flying opportunities by comprising a large electric motor and a stator with two large electromagnetic rings. The Two giant fuel tanks filled with hydrogen and oxygen are laid und...
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Trexa Features the Next Generation Vehicle Architecture

Trexa is an electric drive system concept that will bring revolution on the automotive industry by making it possible to built custom vehicle on the lithium-drive platform. This four-wheel drive system can be programmed for any purpose and features g...
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Eco-Friendly and Foldable Scooter City Cruiser Can Fit inside a Car’s Boot

The city cruiser scooter concept is powered by an eco-friendly electric engine and has been designed to be a perfect means of transportation in overcrowded urban areas by being easy and fast foldable to fit even a car boot. It features 550 W NiMH nic...
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The Ultra-Light Mosquito Helicopter Can Go Through Even Caves

The ultra-lightweight mosquito helicopter concept has been designed for army to commute through difficult terrains like canyons, forests and even caves. This flying object is empowered with four GEMINI technology based powerful electric motor and con...
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The One-Wheel Monobike Can Avoid Busy Traffic with Style

The futuristic monobike, featured with retro elements, is an innovative concept that is inspired from the WWII motorcycles. The extraordinary one-wheel bike contains BMW telelever technology based suspension which is excellently functional. The main ...
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Snowmobile Sports Car Has Been Designed to Lead the Racetrack

The bird like shape of the Snowmobile concept sports car leaves an impression about some kind of flying vehicle to the viewers during the first sight. Even though the vehicle can’t fly for sure, it has all the potential to reach the finish line on ...
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Riding Aerok Bicycle? Or Swimming on It?

The innovative Aerok Bicycle concept is inspired by the formula 1 and introduces an extraordinary style of riding the bike by laying down in a swimming position on the chest and cycling the legs to speed up. When it comes about turning, the rider wil...
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