Electropositive Three Wheeler Concept Vehicle as Urban Transportation

This Electropositive three wheeler concept vehicle was derived from the need of a personal electric vehicle for urban transportation. It features a brushless electric motor in every wheel which acts as a generator also when braking. The body panels o...
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R.A.P.P.A : Rapid Area Petro and Pursuit Avant-Guard a.k.a. Future Highway Patrol Vehicle

R.A.P.P.A (Rapid Area Petrol & Pursuit Avant-Guard) is a concept highway patrol vehicle that is specially designed for the future petrol police. It features an amazing gesture control mechanism that has made it possible to turn the vehicle by lea...
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Airship One : A Hybrid Between An Airplane and A Semi-Rigid Airship

The solar powered Airship One concept is actually a hybrid between an airplane and a semi-rigid airship, developed with an objective to overcome the unbelievable fuel expense of conventional airlines. The aircraft is just a bit heavier than the air, ...
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LOOP-IN : Hybrid Concept Between The Skate and The Surfing

LOOP-IN is a concept transportation system crafted by combining the surfing and the skate facility. The rider can enjoy the ultimate speed on the wheels and can do some surfing acrobatics at the same time. While the wheels can rotate on almost any ty...
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PLUS! Concept Vehicle for Future Megalopolis

The PLUS concept has derived from the reflection about the maintenance of the future megalopolis in four different ways, ecologic, economic, social and operational. This customizable vehicle will let you buy exactly what you want to buy and can add y...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Transportation

STEM Lightweight and Small Electric Concept Vehicle for Urban Environment

STEM is a lightweight and small vehicle concept aimed for urban use which is ideal for short distance rides like commuter traffic, shopping-tours or the way to work. This three wheeled city-vehicle is a perfect alternative of the traditional cars tha...
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Stinger Concept Bike Combines A Scooter and A Motorbike

Stinger is a concept bike which includes nearly every available ecological niche that a traditional bike generally lacks. The main difference between conventional high-emission bicycles and Stinger is, this bike is helping the environment by keeping ...
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3Wheeler Concept Vehicle by Andi Dewanto

3Wheeler is a concept vehicle that was actually designed as a High Speed ULV or Unmanned Land Vehicle. This vehicle was envisioned to replace the range of current vehicles that are being used by the law enforcement force that usually needs high speed...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

A.R.C : Amphibious Rescue Craft

When you look at the A.R.C you will surely get amused with its massiveness. It is the kind of rescue vehicle that can ply on whatever terrain you put it on and effortlessly. The Amphibious Rescue Craft (A.R.C) helps deliver aid in times of natural ca...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical, Transportation

Multi Mode Vehicle : You Can Turn Your Motorbike to Aircraft

Multi Mode Vehicles or MMVs are an effort of Samson Motorworks to overcome the car’s inability to fly, and considering the aerodynamic and weight related issues of 4-wheel vehicles, they have embarked on an assignment to develop a flying 3-wheel mo...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

CarGo Vehicle One Seater Car Concept for Inner City Deliveries

CarGo is a unique concept vehicle with variable wheelbase, track and load carrying designs aiming to overcome the increasing urban traffic congestion problem which affects numerous delivery companies everyday. Primarily, the battery powered CarGo is ...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Transportation

TW Transporter Single Seater Magnetic Field Powered Vehicle Concept

TW Transporter is a single seater magnetic field powered concept vehicle that has been crafted by fascinating the future transportation means. This two wheeler vehicle includes an on-board electricity powered mechanism and an electric engine that can...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car, Green, Transportation

Caravan Design That is Inspired by Airstreams and 50s Style

This innovative caravan was designed aiming creating something exceptional from the plain boring white boxes around and to recapture some individuality yet have the minimum resemblances to identify it as a caravan to potential buyers. The design is i...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Trik.E : 3-Wheeled Single Seater Vehicle by Eric Stoddard

Trik.E is a 3-wheeled human/electric powered concept vehicle that will offer all-season riding by protecting the rider from various weather conditions. This single seater features an innovative lean-steering mechanism that provides nimble but secured...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

CarNurse Concept : Car for Medical Attention in Public Beach

CarNurse is a concept vehicle aimed to provide medical support for wounded at public beaches. The vehicle includes enough open space to facilitate the wounded and also can carry the friends or relatives of the patient to handle the situation more eff...
Posted in » Life Science and Medical, Transportation

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