Tumblehomez Cruiser Design by Daniel Nätterdal

This is the boat design that you should check out; its high tech design and ultra tech mechanism makes it an advanced cruisers. Its streamlined design makes it fit to cruise through the flow of water with lightning speed. Comfortable and secure seats with a steering at the front provide an easy handling of the boat. Sharp metallic edge at the top offers minimum resistance to the flow of water thus ensuring maximum efficiency to the engine. Symmetric structure with hard metal allows rings on both...
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Travel in Your Personal Jet from EclipseAviation

Today, it is quite a pleasant surprise to see that a personal flight is getting closer to reality. It is no more a dream because Eclipse 400 Personal Jet has taken a right step in this direction. This is a single engine and four-seater Jet that has the capacity to travel up to 1,400 miles on a single tank at a maximum speed of around 380 mph. This private flight will cost you $1.35 million. Eclipse 400 has completely unique and classy design with combination of style and comfort. If you think yo...
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Moonstream : Ultimate Luxury Space Lounge

Moonstream is all about exploring the Moon in an adventurous way. NASA Moonstream concept is a proposal designed by Anthony Sims, a student of Art Center College of Design. This is a heavily vehicle inspired by nature like the defensive shell of a tortoise. The wheels have the capability to move slowly like an insect and are completely adjustable for height and track. From inside, the vehicle is styled to offer a comfortable living space with latest communication technologies. NASA Moonstream co...
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Eden Motoryacht Design by Daniel Hahn

Here comes something amazing and stylish for your honeymoon. The Eden is a luxury motoryacht concept by Daniel Hahn who is a professional designer from Germany. Eden is a 21 meter fast Motor Yacht intended to evoke desirability, freedom and personal space. This Yacht is made up of two primary materials including lightweight carbon fiber and wood. It offers a sleek, Fish-shaped and proportioned look with its overall shape as slippery as possible. This concept will soon come into reality for use. ...
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Relay, An Electric Urban Delivery Vehicle Concept

Relay is an urban delivery vehicle designed by Tristan Hipps for maximum transport efficiency. It is a zero emission vehicle which is driven by an electric engine. The vehicle is fully covered from all sides and is provided by one main 48 volt battery and one spare 24 volt battery in case the main battery runs out of power. Relay offers a maximum speed of 40mph with clean and bright environment. Though, Relay has all the qualities of a vehicle that promises green future but with the speed of 40p...
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Rediscovery : A New WhiteHouse Design with an Airship as The Mobile Part

White House is now being rediscovered and a one of submission for "WHITEHOUSEREDUX" competition. Check out this "Rediscovery" concept which is an eco friendly helium powered zeppelin. There is an accommodation and workspace for the President and his staff members. Modern communication technologies have been used by keeping in mind the local urgencies that can be provided. The main aim of "Rediscovery" is to make a worldwide exchange of new regenerative technologies possible. This docking station...
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Kawaii : Three Wheels Minimalist and Stylish Vehicle Concept

When it comes to talk about three wheelers, we feel that this concept is so unsuccessful in the marketplace because they do not make much sense. Usually three-wheeled motorized vehicles are light weight, stable and great fuel economy concepts. Check out this new concept of a personal three wheels vehicle known as Kawaii. With a seating of two people, this car looks a bit modern as compared to other three wheeled designs. It seems Kawaii cannot be used for long drives but as it can be opened from...
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Personal Submarine C-Quester Submersible

Implanted in the midst of potent metallic colors, plus handy and nano outlook, this submarine boat is dazzling, sufficient to show the way, deep to the sea. Enjoy the blues; the submarine craft has the outward show of a space ship especially on the first glance. The outer shell of the nano automotive is glassy and glides to the back side. The inner segment of the vessel is pretty precise with orderly placed seats for a pair. Side outlook of this vessel furnishes the impact of a fish like shark...
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“Moon Recreation Vehicle” by Alberto Seco

Alberto Seco has introduced a concept of Moon Recreation Vehicle which consists of 4 different panels that can be assembled on the skeleton frame, suspension arms and wheels. The side panels are made up of glass in order to provide a bigger view to the passengers and the driver can also enjoy a big widescreen. The vehicle has giant and strong wheels so that it can move easily on the waved and hilly surface of Moon. All the parts of this vehicle can be separated and would fit into the shuttle eas...
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Single Seat Helicopter Design by Igarashi Design

Igarashi Design has introduced a single seat helicopter with amazing looks. It is equipped with everything that is required to give the private flight a higher reliability. But you need to take pilot training before flying your own helicopter because only one person can sit and operate this helicopter. The design looks like a robot if you see the front right look. It is very small in size as compared to other helicopters. So, get ready to take the risk and enjoy your flight. (more&hellip...
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“Protect 486″, Safety and Protection for Your Motorcycle

Something has been designed for safety and protection of your motorcycle. Check out this unique defense system with burglar alarm that is totally different from what you must have seen earlier. It completely covers your motor bike from top. The motorbike will look absolutely different once covered with this defense system. Bike will be protected from thieves as it has a burglar alarm and also safe from dust. This system is being proposed in order to break the present bases and creating a new and...
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Rosenbauer Panther by Spirit Design

'Rosenbauer Panther' is an excellent performance fire engine for airports. I guess the name Panther suits this truck because it can take you wherever you want to go, fast and will complete your fast as faster as possible while keeping things at the right place. It is a tough truck designed for airport rescue and firefighting. This truck is fully customizable and has maximum load capacity of 3,830 gallons (14,500 liters). Its speed is 87 mph and comes in different sizes. This is seriously going t...
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Luxury Helicopter for Hermes by Gabriele Pezzini

After design concept cars, here comes a designer helicopter. French fashion company Hermès has joined hands with Eurocopter, to create l'helicoptre par hermès, which would be a luxury helicopter. It was unveiled at the national business aviation association's conference in Atlanta in 2007. The same was designed by Italian designer Gabriele Pezzini along with specialists from both houses. The basic idea was to design the same for a usual business man who can use the same for his travel. The bas...
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Public Transport Concept by Jake Eadie

If you have the urge to travel and site see in Prato, Italy then here comes this driverless vehicle. This public transport has 6 wheels, electric power source and drive computer. Its speed range is very slow ranging from 5 to 15 km/h. Around 6 people can sit comfortably and 4 to 5 people can stand while traveling. The view would be amazing while traveling because there are glasses on all four sides of this vehicle. The overall concept and design is great but I doubt how far it would fulfill futu...
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Merhzeller Polygon Caravan Concept

"Merhzeller", designed by Christian Freisling and Thersa Kalteis, is a Caravan Concept which is a conventional hitched travel trailer that is designed in the shape of polygons from inside as well as outside. It is a multi cell concept sponsored by BMW with artistic and impressive looks. Each and every vehicle will be unique because it can be configured as per one's requirements and wishes. One can customize this travel trailer with the help of online configurator. Its interior looks cool providi...
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