Snowmobile Sports Car Has Been Designed to Lead the Racetrack

The bird like shape of the Snowmobile concept sports car leaves an impression about some kind of flying vehicle to the viewers during the first sight. Even though the vehicle can’t fly for sure, it has all the potential to reach the finish line on ...
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Riding Aerok Bicycle? Or Swimming on It?

The innovative Aerok Bicycle concept is inspired by the formula 1 and introduces an extraordinary style of riding the bike by laying down in a swimming position on the chest and cycling the legs to speed up. When it comes about turning, the rider wil...
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One Person Future Transportation Cassette Vehicle

The cassette vehicle concept is a compact, lightweight and simple futuristic transportation solution that can quickly and efficiently transport a person to his or her destination. The concept is consisting of two parts, the electric vehicle itself an...
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Verseka Transformable Boat Offers Easy to Assemble Modern Boat

The innovative design of Verseka transformable boat concept eliminates the hassles and complications of traditional transformable boats during assemble and disassemble, and offer easy transportation with an ejected handle and on-corpus wheels. The co...
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Innovative Roadrunner Trike : Three Wheeler Transporation with Electric Motor Rear Wheel

The compact and lightweight Roadrunner trike concept has been designed to ride on the tarmac that can carry up to 25kg of load. This three wheeler transportation concept is ideal for those who are having trouble with keeping balance on traditional tw...
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CMYK Folding Electric Bicycle for Public Transportation

The CMYK folding electric bicycle offers comprehensive solution for short commutes aiming to complement public transportation by reducing the amount of vehicles on the streets. This compact bicycle has the ability to fold via few easy steps and can b...
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ELA 2010 : Electro Bionic Bus Concept by Mohammad Ghezel

The ELA2010 is an electro bionic bus concept that has been designed as a combination of nature and technology. The shape of insect eyes, feet and wings has been implemented on the 8 separated wheels including individual in-wheel electric engine. The ...
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Arbo Moving Capsule Concept by Jeongche Yoon

The Arbo concept is a futuristic transportation vehicle that has been designed with an extremely extraordinary appearance. This capsule like electric car has two modes, when it is in driving mode, its quite hard to distinguish the front and rear end,...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car, Transportation

Eurasian Gondolas-The Dawn of a New Transportation Era

The Eurasian Gondolas is a concept transportation network with a length of 12,000 km and 2400 gondolas that has been envisioned to connect 31 cities with comfort of luxurious rooms, smooth traveling and ultimate safety. The main stations are situatio...
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Innovative and Luxurious Garia Golf Car

The Garia is the first golf car in the world that has been designed with meticulous luxury through quality craftsmanship and innovative thinking that can offer guaranteed exceptional driving experience to all range of golfers. If features hand-stitch...
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Boeing’s Groundbreaking 787 Dreamliner Airplane

Aside from keeping its size traditionally big, Boeing has more emphasized the 787 Dreamliner interior this time. With its unique split-level ranch with wings, the Dreamliner is a plane that can fly literally high with all the luxuries beyond someone...
Posted in » Architecture, Interior Design, Transportation

Eko : Ecological and Economical Traffic Light Concept

Eko is the ecological and economical new design of traffic light. A highly useable concept, it will not only assist in preserving our environment in reducing the pollution, it promotes safe driving too. Eko traffic light tells drivers how long the li...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Outdoors, Transportation

Amatoya : A New Class of Vehicle To The Field of Fire Appliance Design

A new class of vehicle to the field of fire appliance design that is capable of reconnaissance as well as suppression will be introduced by Amatoya. As indicated by research, there is a need to develop an advanced and highly specialized light tanker ...
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Antares Wheeled Loading Shovel Vehicle by Mike Turner

The ANTARES design might currently be considered avant-garde for a construction vehicle, however within the next 10-15 years, proposals such as these may be thought conventional. The cab has a large panoramic glass area – to aid operator visibil...
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Urban Concept Vehicle with Water Purification System for The Year 2030

The Urban Concept Vehicle has been designed to purify water, and then deliver them to the targeted people, aiming the future scenario of the third world. This concept vehicle will be a good substitute of massive relocation due to global warming cause...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Green, Transportation

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