Transition Light Sport Aircraft with Foldable Wings

The Transition sport aircraft design from Terrafugia promises to take away a lot of hassles faced by modern day pilots. The aircraft named The Transition is a design that provides the convenience of being able to fold the wings while driving on any of the surface road. So, from the confines of the cockpit, one can easily stow away the wings while the aircraft is on the road and deploy the same for the flight is all done on a click of a button thus, giving solution to the issues faced by pilots l...
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Hyper : Hydro Pulse Rescuer Which Detect Abnormality in Heartbeat

We live in a technologically advanced era where every day we find new inventions or designs meant to ensure longer lives for, we humans. On these lines comes Hyper, which is a lifesaver system designed to detect abnormality in heartbeat arising due to swimming within the given scope area. It is designed to come to rescue, if it detects any such situation via hydroelectric energy, thereby minimizing the chances of loss of life. That's not all, the other skills that this device has is that it is a...
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Taiyou Solar-Powered Lift System for Sightseeing in Any Mountainous Area with Lots of Sun

The new prototype by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius can be termed to be revolutionary in terms of both design and concept. The concept vehicle can be said to be a replacement for the tried and tested mountain gondola for transporting between the mountains. For the starters this open faced sun-powered pod comes out to be a strong contender with good strong safety harnesses to support the device. This two-seater wonder has a sliding floor and it slides on the two wires hence it is more stable in high w...
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Second Solar Spaceship Design for Kids

The Second Solar Spaceship, designed by Different Futures, placed in the German city of Boblingen is the most elaborate children's toy. The spaceship as the name suggest is the replica of any regular spaceship minus the ability to fly. This three level toy is interactive spaceship also has a 3-D cinema, a laboratory and even an alien breeding ground! The concept has jet engines and the circular docking pods are used for connecting to orbiting stations. This toy is a nice means of educating the k...
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KTM CX Racing Vehicle Concept Brings Moto-X Spirit To The Water

The KTM CX concept symbolizes the sheer advancement of technology which has been successfully employed to create this racing vehicle. This piece of locomotive device sports a junk but stylish looks. The body frame features a classic combination of shining black and icy silver. These two colors are teamed with hint of bright orange that enhances the overall look noticeably. The theory of surface tension is deployed in this vehicle so that it can provide uninterrupted motion even on the water surf...
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Pendulous Sustainable Public Mobility by Kevin Lee

The aim of the concept of pendulous is to provide comfort and ease to the people who use public transport in their day to day life. People of the age group of eighteen years to that of thirty is the principal target of this concept of transport because they constitute the most part of the society who use public transport. This concept not only provides a sense of ease and freedom to the users to the public vehicles but it gives an idea of making the traveling environment friendly also. The very ...
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Manta Craft Design by Casey Reeve

Manta Craft is a uniquely designed watercraft which provides the user with an experience that is a blend of Jet Ski throttles and smooth surfing. The seating arrangement in this craft is created keeping in mind the fan factor. The rider will be able to sit comfortably and at the same time can come into close contact with water. It runs with an electric motor which makes it a cost-effective tool as there is no fuel purchase required. There are handles and hulls shaped like "Y" to control the thro...
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MERM, Eco Friendly Modular Electronic Retail Minivan Concept

This most modern minivan must come to the retailers of present days. These small vans are run by solar panels and so they emit no obnoxious gases and so these are very eco-friendly. It has a body that is easily changeable and the inside can be fitted with different detachable modules which can be used to store different items according to the changing need of the market. Various items like frozen deserts, hot snacks, greetings cards, magazines and souvenirs can be kept inside it, as the solar pa...
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Aeolus Airship Travel Vehicle Concept with Aerodynamic Shape

Aeolus is a vehicle which allows people to travel the earth by air. The design concept is a reaction to an increasing desire of ecological correctness and novel experiences in traveling. The vehicle floats in the air, lifted by a large volume of helium and it can stay airborne for a journey of two weeks. With little effort it can be moved over the earth surface independent from any sort of infrastructure. The vehicle is designed for two to four people. Technically it floats like a balloon and is...
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K-6 The Next Generation Speed Boat by KEYFRAMEstudio

The next generation speed boat concept is surely a step ahead from what one has been seeing in the overall design. This good looking concept can be termed as the one that brought style to speed boating. The boat which has seating ability to comfortable seat two ala-convertible, so as one cruises along the water with their hairs flowing high, thus connecting oneself with the boat, so much so that it becomes a part of you. The concept is called K6 and in the long run it will be interesting to see ...
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Hawk Concept : Single Seater Vehicle with Honda RC51 V-Twin 999cc Engine

The vehicle concept vehicle by Alex Hodge is surely an eye candy. This single-seater vehicle is something that suits today's urban needs. The beauty named 'Hawk' is powered by Honda RC51 V-Twin 999cc engine has a top speed of 233 kilometers per hour and has three 19inch lightweight alloy wheels to support it which are in turn equipped with both rear and front disc brakes so its best of both worlds be it driving in the fast lane or stopping in a hurry. The concept of course ensures that the rider...
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Colim Caravan Concept : A Cool Combination of A Car and A Caravan Camper

The new vehicle design by Christian Susana is a nice combination of car and a caravan camper. Christian has called it Colim (Colors of Life in Motion), which might not win many points on looks department, but still is quite useful given the kind of flexibility it offers. Colim caravan concept provides the advantage of detaching the front part if one does not have a usage for the home part. Design wise it reminds more of geometric shape, which one can say to be a welcome change from the regular d...
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Atropos : An Aeorodynamic Converting Hybrid Semi Truck

The smallest improvement to the highway freight industry will create a great impact. This highly efficient truck is achieved by the use of a diesel/electric hybrid setup, a converting sleeper cab, and its streamline design. Named Atropos, the truck runs with high efficiency through the use of a combustion turbine coupled with an electrical generator. The generator charges the battery reservoir. The combustion turbine utilizes its thermal energy by the use of a steam generator throughout the cool...
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sTrike : Sustainable Transport Vehicle by Stefano Marchetto

This new innovative concept design by the Milan based Italian Industrial design student Stefano Marchetto can be said to be a nice practical thought. The name given to this ecologically sustainable transport vehicle is called sTrike and just like the name it is surely striking. In these times when everyone is fighting for the parking space, this practical three wheel concept takes care of lot of these problems. The frontal movement of the vehicle is with the help of the pedals just as in bicycle...
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Odonata Electric Boat Concept for E3H by Tanguy Bihan

The new concept electric boat designed by Tanguy Bihan, the Odonata is an electric boat which featured in the Nautical Trade Fair in Paris. The boat is 7 meters in length and has two primary ideas leading it in conceptualizing the same i.e. being modern while being ecology friendly. While it is elegant and contemporary and is run on electricity, the boat is completely noiseless while sailing and in one recharge of batteries it can run up to five hours at a stretch. Also it has plethora of gadget...
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