Foldable Skateboard, Is It A Good Idea ?

The need of space-use efficiency has directed the designers to many innovative concept products ranging from bicycles to full fledged cars. But folding skate board is quite an exceptional idea for user convenience, portability and space minimizing. The board is actually a combination of two parts connected with a clump at the middle. The combination of black upper surface with a led direction indicator and the white under surface has given the skate board a fabulous look. The movable rear wheel ...
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Freeride Backpack to Keep Your Photography Equipments Safe while Skiing

Freeride Backpack, designed to keep your photography equipments safe and provide support and stability during skiing, is a very useful concept tool for photographers and free-ride skiers. Taking pictures will become easier than ever with the convenience of the backpacks easy to reach camera compartment. This backpack includes three main parts that provides various safety measures for both the equipments and the user. A back protector that can protect the back from getting injured of a skier, a s...
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4P Camera System for Action Sports and Extreme Conditions

4P is an innovative camera system specially designed for the industry of action sports and other extreme conditions. In fact, this camera is implying the existing technology in a modern manner to completely redefine the relationship of a user and a camera. This superb camera features a scanner that can track its subject automatically which eliminates the necessity of an additional photographer. With this device, a non-pro athlete can self-document their actions and share the photos with their lo...
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Powered Electric Body Board to Have Fun with Water

Powered Body Board is an electric water board that surely will boost your fun of water activities. The industrial designer Kevin O'Doherty aimed the vast water enthusiast population who would like to enjoy surfing the sea as well as have the magnificent look underwater. The product is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery that can give the board a remarkable speed both on and under water. Solar panels are integrated into the board, this will allow for trickle charging during periods of non-use, ...
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Gruve is A Personal Energy Burning Monitoring System

Devices that assess power consumption of a house are very much familiar with us. But how many of you have seen a device that measures your body surrounding power consumption? Worrell is a design firm based on Minnesota has designed such a device named Gruve which is a personal energy-burning monitoring system based on Dr Jim Levine's research. He discovered that it is possible to lose unnecessary weight by being active all through the day which will shut the metabolism down. Gruve is a tri-axial...
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Mercury Skate for Smoother Ride on The Pavement and Decrease The Skater’s Fatigue

Line skating is one of the most popular sports among people. This popularity is spreading throughout the world everyday due to it’s large range of usability. In fact, roller skate was invented to compensate the limits of ice skate and make it possible to experience skating on the streets. The main purpose of designing this Mercury skate is to decrease the skater's fatigue and provide them an easier and smoother ride on the pavement with the least harms. If you've ever skated on a paved surf...
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Pumpboard Might Be Your Future Skateboard

The concept of Pumpboard by 3KANT has shown the world how the skateboard may look like in near future. According to the designer, this mind-blowing skateboard would be one of the world’s most handy decks. This three wheeler transporter is inflatable with its removable rear axle that will allow the “board” to be revolved into a very compressed unit when you are not using it. The top and the bottom of the Pumpboard are semi-ridged and can give it the required superstructure when the user wil...
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Manta Bay Cruiser Was Designed With Great Concideration Of The Enviroment

This new boat design will sure be cynosure of all eyes while also gaining brownie points as an eco friendly concept. The Manta Bay Cruiser as it is called is a concept that has put to use the best of technology for its construction with a sole aim of looking good but in an Eco-friendly manner. The plastic components are all organic i.e hi-tech bio plastic while the wood being drift wood. Also the metals and glass used are of recycled material making it a thoroughly environment friendly automobil...
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Exercise at Home with Decathlon Fitness Cube

The new cubic fitness by Décathlon is an apparatus which is made for all. The device as the name suggests is designed in the shape of a cube and in all one can do about 30 exercises all of which is inside this compact shaped box. Since it is shaped as a cube, it does not account for much space and one can place it any where in the house. It's an all round exercise machine which has been designed keeping in mind the exercises for all parts of the body. Priced at 149 euros, it's surely not that e...
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Stylish and Cool “Flex G” Goggles by Ricardo Baiao

Baiao has designed unbreakable goggles feature a great shape and flexibility. These are made from highly durable and virtually unbreakable material providing a modern style to the user. These are available in several colors to go with your personality. The safety frame of these goggles is flexible as you can adjust it according to your face size. Fames are available in urethane rubber, carbone fiber and foam. If you want to look fashionable among your friend's circle then you add these elegant g...
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eBoard : Gestural Balance Board for Fitness

This eBoard is definitely going to help you out in your fitness activities. It is a gestural balance board made on the basis of centered approach. This board is a haptic device for gestural control and focused on balance and coordination training for users. eBoard is a box shaped device with cover smart camera, LCD display and many other advanced technologies to keep you fit and healthy. It is definitely going to cost little more than usual boards but due to its amazing features and technologies...
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Stylish Jaw Dropping Axess Skateboard

Skateboard is a very special possession and anyone who loves to skate would go to any extreme to customize the skateboard with stickers, colors and different style of wheels. Days are gone when one used to stick to limited designs for skateboards but nowadays, you get amazing designs for your skateboard. "Axess" is a jaw dropping skateboard presentation with different styles and designs of skateboards. You would have never come across such innovative ideas to present skateboards with style and p...
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3.72 Travel Case for Surfboards

River Surfing has a special kind of madness and those who are crazy about it would love this concept. This is a travel case for surfboards. You can keep three surf boards without fins and two with fins at a time in this case. It will be very helpful for those who everyday enjoy their surfing passion. It has sporty appearance and sophisticated design. Not only this, it comes with transport wheels, handles, a set of locks for those who want to keep be on car roof racks and a complimentary bad wher...
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SoulArc Skateboard : A Revolutionary Design in Skateboard

In a mood to maneuver the streets, then the new SoulArc Board is sure something that will help you doing the same. Though at the first glance it looks like a normal skateboard, but it has a rigid top while the below-deck composite spring provides the action and the feeling one gets is that of surfing. Designed by Mitch Mulder, along with Salvaore Vilardi, the whole design is dependent on the performance spring, which has undergone various adjustments like size, shape and material selection etc. ...
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Are You Ready to Feel The Extreme Race with Curve Skateboard ?

CURVE Extreme Sport is a new skateboard concept that creates a racing sport on skateboard. The skateboard design has a pair of Motor GP-inspired tires that taper on both ends to allow the rider to make sharp turns during a high speed down-hill race. Thanks to the drafted angle of the tires, the rider can ride skateboard with minimal friction, maximum speed and great agility in a race. Curve skateboard is focus on the mobility of the skateboard which moves as a line instead of a flat surface. ...
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