Bug Backpack by Koox Design

Bug Backpack from Koox Design is made of 3mm thick plastic shell to protect you and your sports tools. When you are pushing your limits, climbing rocks that you never thought you could, speeding up on your motorcycle, just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about luggage. All your stuff will be safe in the Bug. Its aerodynamic shape and lightweight design let you save your energy to do things you love. Designer : Koox Design (more…)...
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TrakRok ATV Trike by Alexei Mikhailov Is Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The TrakRok is a terrain vehicle which provides a new alternate plan intended for off-road mobility in all seasons. It comes under the category of trike. It consists of enables to have two wheels and is driven independently by electric motors. It has an independent track system which is driven directly. This third propulsion derivative over-shadows snow mobile functions as an all season application. High powered electric motors are used. This propels the rubber track plates and allows highest gr...
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ElliptiGO 3C Bike : It’s Like Running On Air!

Riding the new ElliptiGO 3C bike is like running on air. It acts as drivable gym equipment, which gives you excellently toned calves and thighs. ElliptiGO 3C is unlike other traditional way of cycling, which lets you bike and jog at one. The innovative three-speed elliptical bike is the ideal fitness solution for people who are much concerned about fitness and works wonders for cross-training athletes. The ElliptiGO 3C delivers a superior and low-impact workout for casual exercisers and cross-tr...
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One-Person Hybrid Vehicle For Recreational Use by Facundo Elias

This futuristic vehicle is an excellent one-hybrid vehicle developed mainly to carry 2 different technologies including one for combustion and other one for an electric. In terms of the vehicle's internal combustion engine, it features 160 cc 4-stroke, overhead valve, and a horsepower of 5.5hp at 3600rpm with centrifugal grip of Chinese origin and a 4 liter gas tank. With the electric motor operating at 48 volts with a torque of 30Nm and an efficiency of 69%, it requires nearly 6 hours of connec...
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Flux : Portable Snow Melting and Walter Filtration

Hugo Busbridge is an industrial designer whose primary goal is to bring inspiration and design skills to drive originality in design forwards, motivating students to think about products ahead of the physical outcome. With a zeal to pursuer his carrier as a teacher of design, Hugo Busbridge has designed a number of creative products. His latest is the Flux snow melting device. This brilliant snow melting device features a blue rubber drinking spout as well as yellow grip sections. The end pack s...
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Yakima SuperJoe Pro Truck Rack by James Owen Design

Yakima's new SuperJoe Pro is a handy truck rack. It boasts Yakima's integrated StableCradles that keep your bikes safe and Yakima's highly improved QuickTrigger Hub System for effortless installation and removal. Inclusion of thick bomber steel tube construction as well as anti-sway cradles provides extra security and solidity when the six-strap system holds it in place. The SuperJoe Pro can hold approximately three bikes on a broad range of vehicles including both minivans and hatchbacks, with ...
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Yakima KingJoe Pro by James Owen Design

Check out the new KingJoe Pro, Yakima's renowned Trunk rack. The Yakima King Joe Pro is this year’s top-of-the-line rack. With updated characteristics for 2011, the innovative King is sturdier than ever so you could rest at ease making sure that you cargo stays protected and secure. High-clearance design with ultra soft padding ensure you car never comes in contact with the attached bikes. The King Joe Pro fits minivans, cars, SUVs, hatchbacks and many more with Yakima's Quick Trigger hub syst...
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Survival Hiking Device To Lower The Risk of Injury When Hiker Falls Down

Hiking is becoming a famous out door activity for many people these days. As with any outdoor activity, individuals need to be aware of the potential dangers they might encounter during the process. During hiking, there are high chances of people falling off from the cliff. In such case, this survival hiking kit is very handy to ensure safety. The survival hiking device has been designed in such a way to lower injury levels when the hiker falls down while hiking. The air bag when worn by the hik...
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Headbanger Headphones For Outdoor Extreme Sports and Street Dancers

For those who love listening to music while working, it can be pretty difficult to have the ear bud in place oftentimes. To clear off the trouble, Benjamin Lotte, an industrial designer has come up with an excellent piece of headphone, the Headbanger. These unique headphones work great for athletes, keeping the head phones firmly held to the user’s head and do not fall off with each jump. Athletes usually don't sit in a place, but wander about to warm up for their sports. This handy headband w...
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Luxurious Audi Carbon Ski by Audi-Concept Design Munich

When it comes to skiing, a good pair of skis, weighting fewer grams and made of high quality materials is very crucial. Of the number of skis available today, the novel Audi Carbon Ski takes skiers to the next level. Created by the Audi-Concept Design Munich, these skies are designed in such a way to weigh less and look badass. Layered with aluminum and titanium, the skin of Audi Carbon ski is roofed in a carbon case, bringing total weight to less than 960 grams when compared to other models. Co...
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Osim Curve Health And Fitness Concept Makes Exercising Efficient Yet Playful Event

Osim Curve is an innovative health and fitness product concept that can be an ideal solution for those who want to become fit, but are unwilling to bear the hassle of tough exercises. This product can be introduced to a health-conscious yet reluctant-to-exercise person as a fun toy, as an exciting sea surfing board with the mission to catch as much fishes (the projected numbers) as they can within a preset timing. The mini light projectors have been fitted on the below surface of the board and t...
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Stress Buster Transforms Your Kicking, Punching, and Squeezing Into Energy

Hard day at work can cause you eager to beat something/someone after you get back home. That’s why, in my opinion “Stress Buster” lamp series is an innovative design. This product is based on the law of conservation energy: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another”. It tries to convert your stress into usable energy. “Stress Buster” consists of punching bag, kicking column, and squeeze ball where each of them has been design...
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TaylorMade R11 Golf Driver Marks The Next Revolution in Golf Club Adjustability

TaylorMade has introduce the most innovative golf driver R11 that marks the next revolution in Golf Club Adjustability. R11 was created by incorporating TaylorMade’s 3 essential technologies: Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP), Flight Control Technology (FCT), and Movable Weight Technology (MWT). Every golfer has individual and unique style, R11 provides the ability for golfers to adjust their driver for greater precision and fit individual needs. R11 driver has been designed with white crown and ...
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Capture Your Extreme Outdoor Sports With 360View Outdoor Camera

Relive the thrill that you get from those extreme sports by capturing the moment from unusual angles. 360° View outdoor camera system can help you with that. It consists of 3 small waterproof video cameras with adapters, a display module and an external trigger. This means you can get 3 different perspectives of particular maneuver or location. The video camera can be placed in a specific location or mount it on the user via the adapter. This way, even when there's no one around, you still get ...
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Feel The Sensation Of Riding 3-Wheeled Shark Longboar Skateboard

Skateboarders, what do you think of Shark Longboar skateboard design? It's been designed to provide you a high speed and the biggest drifting ability on a downhill ride. This certainly not your ordinary 4-wheeled skateboard, the 3 wheels sensation offers you a quiet unique experience of riding a long board. Deck: 44.7" L x 9.20" W x 42" WB 8 Ply Concave Maple / Flush Mount-Drop Through Mount Trucks: Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks Wheels: 69mm 9-Ball Slalom Wheels (75a or 80a) Bearings: Greaseba...
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