Odyssey Flip Face Putter : Two Putters in One Golf Club

Odyssey Flip Face Putter will change the way you play golf. The new flip face putters from Odyssey have been designed to be adjustable unlike anything else you’ve even encountered in golf. Now, golfers can have two putters in one club, in this model, one side of the face features Metal-X Insert for more controlled and consistent roll while the other side features White Ice Insert for softer golf balls and increasing friction to promote forward roll. You can quickly customize your putter to get...
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Tridration Water Bottle : Triathletes Can Drink Anytime Without Slowing Down

Triathletes usually place their water bottle as aerodynamic as possible in order to reduce the need to reach it that could interrupt pedaling and slow the racer down. Tridration water bottle has been especially designed to solve this issue, it is mounted on the aero bars of a bike for use during a triathlon or time trial. A pop up straw stays out of the way until the rider is ready to use it. There are two separate chambers in the body that allow the rider to have a sports drink and/or water, wh...
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One Watch to Rule Them All

This watch is the only thing that you need in your hand (or wrist). The designer says that this is the watch of the future should look like, touch screen watch with some basic capabilities of a computer. You can literally touch any surface of this watch, it offers different functions and modes. The watch band has been designed to display a lot of things, from weather information, stock exchange, GPS, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Music and so much more. This watch can also detect your wrist ...
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Subwing : Feel The Sensation of Flying With This Water Sport Product

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Subwing might not actually bring that dream come true, but you can feel the flying sensation with this water sport product. Designed by Simon Siversten during his sail trip in the Mediterranean in 2010, this young man developed SubWing which was originally made of a single piece of driftwood. What makes SubWing special? Basically, it is two connected wings that can be rotated independently of each other. You need to get a boat tows SubWing while you hanging on...
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3to1 Sports Equipment by Michael Imbert

3to1 sports equipment was designed when this industrial designer wanted to offer a solution for all sports enthusiasts regardless their location or financial situation. Most people who have practiced sports are usually addicted to one or more sports activities because they like it or simply because they can afford that particular sports equipment. For others, they are the lucky ones who can afford gym memberships. 3to1 sports equipment combines exercise bike, the elliptic bike and the rower, ...
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SNAP Foldable Skateboard Will Not Break!

SNAP Foldable Skateboard, the company claimed that this is the world’s first professionally made folding skateboard. These 3 decks are constructed from durable high grade aluminum, joined by high strength steel, therefore it is definitely stronger compared to traditional wooden deck. The foldable design makes this skateboard easy to carry everywhere, when folded, it becomes a compact 14.3” x 7.87” x 5” unit (thank you to its patented hinges mechanism), simply keep it in your backpack on-...
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Impact Sports Harness by Jaryn Miller

Impact Sports Harness allows the user to accomplish all their training needs with just one harness. Athletes can quickly and securely attach their sports bags, parachutes, sleds, and everything in between! The harness has two attachment points on the back offering users more variety in their workout. A simple metal bar provides a universal link allowing the user to connect all of their products no matter the brand via their Velcro belts, carabineers, etc. Rather than just designing another produ...
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Nike+ FuelBand Fitness Track for Athletes at All Levels of Fitness

Now, it’s possible to measure your progress toward your goals with Nike+ FuelBand Fitness Track. It doesn’t matter if you are at beginner or advance level, athletes at all levels of fitness would be able to take advantage of this cool gadget to compare their progress with other people. This innovative device tracks movement on daily basis, it’s been designed to motivate and inspire its users to be more active by combining physical and digital worlds. Just like Nike’s motto, each of their...
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We Never Give Up! Sledge by Szymon Hanczar

What if one day, there’s no more snow outside due to global warming, would we still be able to feel the thrill of sledding? As a matter of fact, yes, thank you to this genius Polish industrial designer that has designed a modern sled with wheels. "We never give up!" sled won’t let you, sled addicts, suffer from greenhouse effect, it is an attractive and minimalist sled which possible to use on all types of flat surfaces. You’ll be able to experience the thrill of sledding even when there...
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Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot Promotes Healthy Lifestyle and Healthier Weight

Presented at ICSR 2011 design award, Gymbot Personal Trainer Robot drew attention from many practitioners. Massimo Battaglia has come up with interesting scenario for the year of 2020 where obesity in developed countries would still be a big issue. Adults and young people do not maintain good balance between their body and food, they don’t actually care about their well being regardless they are aware of the problem. They don’t have the willpower to at least try to regain control of their li...
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Flourish Activity Monitor Encourages Elderly People to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Flourish Activity Monitor is a cool gadget designed specially to encourage elderly people to stay active. We get weaker as we age, however, it’s really important to stay active by doing daily exercise to increase our balance, strength and independence. This tool helps monitor the progress during everyday activities such as walking, exercising, or biking and many more. Flourish is based on positive reinforcement, the elderly have an instinctive urge to nurture after years of parenting. This to...
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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail for Downhill Enthusiasts

Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail provides the ultimate comfort for mountain bikers. The thrill downhill on a mountain bike is priceless, however, getting your bike up there is quite challenging and exhausting. Using Mountainskyver Trail from Ortovox, a German gear company, it would be easier to carry the bike as it’s a folding downhill bike that you can carry in a custom backpack. When you get to the top, you can quickly assemble and ride it back down. From : Ortovox (more…)...
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Auto Parachute : An Innovative And Efficient Rescuer From Fire In High-Rise Buildings

Before writing anything about this superb auto parachute concept, I would like to say that, “Keep this parachute out of children’s reach”. The reason is, thought this is an active and efficient life saver in case of fire or other disasters in high-rise buildings, kids may find it an adventurous playing idea jumping out of the rooftop, considering the high level of safety the parachute is offering even for those who have never even seen a parachute before. LOL. Just kidding. Designers : ...
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Hub : Portable Device That Provides Variable High Resistance to The Lower Leg Muscles

The Hub is a device that will fill the gap in the market for portable equipment that uses innovative technology to provide variable high resistance to the lower leg muscles, specifically the calves and tibialis anterior. The company claims that this is the first muscle shaping equipment in the market that can be used anywhere since it’s portable and lightweight. You can shape your legs to look and feel firmer, very good to improve sports performance. You can also choose to gain muscle size and...
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ParaMoto Trike by Zvezdan Nedeljkovic

ParaMoto Trike has been designed based on 3 biggest passions of the designer: flying, motorcycling, and design. This lightweight electric vehicle can easily be transformed to an ordinary scooter to a powered paragliding Trike. Easy to drive, easy to fly. The designer says it’s an economic and safe way to travel and have fun. Safe? Hm…I prefer traveling by car, thank you. Designer : Zvezdan Nedeljkovic (more…)...
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