Smart Treadmill Voyager by Ilseop Yoon

Are you bored with your conventional treadmill? Perhaps this industrial designer can feel you, he has come up with Smart Treadmill Voyager concept, an interactive way to enjoy your walking or running exercise from home. Equipped with high-tech device, you can use the screen to increase your adrenaline or make you feel more relaxed. You can even compete with your other friends using the sports mode, or enjoy game mode if you are into games. This treadmill encourages you to have a healthy lifestyl...
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GIUSEPPE : The Next-Generation F1 Machine Concept For 2025

We just got design submission from Jaemin Park, GIUSEPPE concept racing car is the next-generation F1 machine for 2025. You can read the designer explanation about this concept car here: This is the next-generation F1 machine design for the 2025 Mercedes AMG Petronas team. F1 racing is a sport in which the driver runs the car very fast up to 300 km/hour, I thought that machine’s stable posture is important during driving. Two independent flexible bodies are applied to this machine, instead of...
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Carbon Fiber Stealth-X Sled Runs Smoothlly On Both Hard Snow and Soft-Powdered Snow

Stealth-X sled is a high performance alpine sled designed and developed by Snolo Sleds. What makes it special? Well, the company claims that you can use this carbon fiber sled on both hard compact snow and soft-powdered snow, unlike those wooden sleds that you can only use to run down a subtle slope laden. It’s not a children’s toy, it’s been built to provide serious adult fun, just like skiing and snowboarding. The seat position allows you to enjoy the same excitement as if you’re si...
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Lobster-X Wearable Camera for Extreme Sports Users

We’ve seen Zeal iOn HD camera goggle or 4P camera system which can be used to record any of your extreme sports actions and this time, we’ve found Lobster-X wearable camera concept. It’s a wearable camera for extreme sports users completed with a rolling band to enable user to wear it basically on any part of their body, from head, arm, to ankle. Extreme sports users and fans are increasing by days, they want to take pictures either to brag or for documentations. It would really difficult ...
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U’Bike : Modern Exercise Bike Design That Tracks Your Workout Progress

Developed in 2010 to a design course at the University of Aveiro, U'Bike appears as a product that was designed and created by strong influence of mass mingling, smartphones, trysumerism (customers become more and more daring to try new things). The entire method of assembly is simplified, using standard solutions, so maintenance is facilitated and may easily replace the components within the specifications of use of the product. The layout of the handlebar was developed by considering the point...
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Gran Turismo E-motion Concept Racing Car Gets Your Heart Racing and Adrenaline Pumping

If you are a gamer, the chance is you are already familiar with Gran Turismo game. This car concept, Gran Turismo E-motion racing car is a project that brings virtual realistic concept based on the amusement of driving and racing in the game. The main objective of this concept was to design a dynamic vehicle for more heart pumping racing, this concept car is able to transform its mass distribution during the race following when you are in a turn, straight line or breaking phase. The main feat...
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Aiguille : Short Track Speed Skater Headgear That Provides Optimum Comfort for Skaters

Short track speed skating is a high-speed sport – reaching up to speeds over 40 miles per hour. Many of the accidents occur during competitions. The athletes are exposed to serious head injuries when they hit their head against the ice or the soft pads in the ice rink. Due to numerous races throughout each year, the helmet is exposed to multiple impacts. Aiguille is a high performance headgear for short track speed skaters. The user is a professional athlete who participates in competitions...
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Bike2c24 for Streamlined Cycling

Bike2c24 has been designed and developed for streamlined cycling. It is one of discipline of cycling where a cyclist can enjoy the ride without restriction concerning the shape of the bike. There won’t be any help from the outside, the cyclist has to rely on his/her own muscle power to ride the bike. It’s definitely faster than riding conventional bike, this is due to air resistance. Bike2c24 aerodynamic body design features the ability to cut through the air and leave as little as possible ...
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Aquaflex Concept : Innovative Underwater Hydration Pack by Jenny Watling

The Aquaflex concept was born from the idea of: "How can you drink when you are already in the water, but the water is undrinkable?". In many water based activities it is important to keep the back free for effective movement and also to create as little drag as possible. Many current hydration packs are centered on the spine and restrict full motion of the back and shoulders. However Aquaflex is designed to allow for greater, freer movement in the back and shoulders whilst in the water. The Pol...
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BMW M2 2-Man Bobsled Combines World-Class Design and Hi-Tech Engineering

BMW has announced that U.S. Med’s Bobsled Team will participate at FIBT World Cup using BMW M2 2-Man Bobsled. It’s been designed and developed in collaboration with USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation (USBSF), BMW managed to apply world-class design with high-tech engineering to redesign two-man sled with hope of helping team USA to get its first Olympic gold medal. The head coach of U.S. men’s bobsled has said that the testing result looked promising, however, the true speed is determin...
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Revival Vest Brings Black Out Divers to The Surface In An Upright Safety Position Ready for Resuscitation

Revival Vest concept was inspired by the death of a family friend of the designer due to shallow-water blackout during free-diving. It’s a very dangerous condition even most experienced divers might not be able to survive. The concept vest is based on a self-inflated jacket which triggered by changes in bodily signs during drowning. The designer has identified great potential of Footfall and Heartbeats smart fabric technology to prevent something like this from happening again. The fabric moni...
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Vortex F1 Concept Car by Troy Trinh

The Vortex F1 is a high performance specialty vehicle built on a space frame chassis. It was first debuted in Las Vegas at the 2010 SEMA show, powered by a 2.0L Turbocharged engine, this vehicle is able to reach 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. The body was designed to convey the sexiness of power and performance with shapes, lines, and details that support the critical function of heat intake and extraction. Examples of this are the sculptural surfaces that lead the cool air into the large si...
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Base Impact Jersey Protects You While Skiing or Snowboarding Without Sacrificing Your Performance

Injury rate for snow sports is pretty high, thus making Base Impact Jersey concept a great solution as personal protective equipment (PPE) specific to snow sports. This project aims to reduce any serious injury while skiing or snowboarding while maintaining great comfort and mobility. Based on extensive researches and interviews with skiers, snowboarders and industry related professionals, this concept has been designed with many features to answer the need of more refined PPE specific to snow s...
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Flyboard Watersports Apparatus Concept by Jurmol Yao

Just in case you’ve never heard about Flyboard, it’s a watersports apparatus that pumps water to boost you into the air. This one is a Flyboard concept from Jurmol Yao, it is equipped with Electronic Management Kit that allows operation of the PWC throttle, kill switch and starter. In this way, user can experience better flight precision while its intuitive use offers user extraordinary sensations. You can fly and challenge gravity or move underwater like a dolphin. Designer : Jurmol Yao ...
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North Face Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack Increases Your Survival Rate in An Avalanche

In order to increase your survival rate when you’re caught in an avalanche, North Face has released North Face Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack. The company claims that its ABS airbag system provides 95% success rate in real-world use, it’s a great protection for winter pursuits in the back country as it prevents burial in an avalanche. You can activate the airbag by pulling the handle which is located on your left shoulder strap for quick and easy access because every second counts. Once...
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