Flourish Activity Monitor Encourages Elderly People to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Flourish Activity Monitor is a cool gadget designed specially to encourage elderly people to stay active. We get weaker as we age, however, it’s really important to stay active by doing daily exercise to increase our balance, strength and independence. This tool helps monitor the progress during everyday activities such as walking, exercising, or biking and many more. Flourish is based on positive reinforcement, the elderly have an instinctive urge to nurture after years of parenting. This to...
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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail for Downhill Enthusiasts

Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail provides the ultimate comfort for mountain bikers. The thrill downhill on a mountain bike is priceless, however, getting your bike up there is quite challenging and exhausting. Using Mountainskyver Trail from Ortovox, a German gear company, it would be easier to carry the bike as it’s a folding downhill bike that you can carry in a custom backpack. When you get to the top, you can quickly assemble and ride it back down. From : Ortovox (more…)...
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Auto Parachute : An Innovative And Efficient Rescuer From Fire In High-Rise Buildings

Before writing anything about this superb auto parachute concept, I would like to say that, “Keep this parachute out of children’s reach”. The reason is, thought this is an active and efficient life saver in case of fire or other disasters in high-rise buildings, kids may find it an adventurous playing idea jumping out of the rooftop, considering the high level of safety the parachute is offering even for those who have never even seen a parachute before. LOL. Just kidding. Designers : ...
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Hub : Portable Device That Provides Variable High Resistance to The Lower Leg Muscles

The Hub is a device that will fill the gap in the market for portable equipment that uses innovative technology to provide variable high resistance to the lower leg muscles, specifically the calves and tibialis anterior. The company claims that this is the first muscle shaping equipment in the market that can be used anywhere since it’s portable and lightweight. You can shape your legs to look and feel firmer, very good to improve sports performance. You can also choose to gain muscle size and...
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ParaMoto Trike by Zvezdan Nedeljkovic

ParaMoto Trike has been designed based on 3 biggest passions of the designer: flying, motorcycling, and design. This lightweight electric vehicle can easily be transformed to an ordinary scooter to a powered paragliding Trike. Easy to drive, easy to fly. The designer says it’s an economic and safe way to travel and have fun. Safe? Hm…I prefer traveling by car, thank you. Designer : Zvezdan Nedeljkovic (more…)...
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ReCoil Workout System Is A Combination of A Dumbbell and A Resistance Band

The ReCoil Workout System is an innovative design that combines current fitness products into better a fitness tool without additional cost. It combines a dumbbell and a resistance band to offer various weight and length adjustment with mobility. The resistance band is coiled up inside each color coated pod. Each color represents the level of its resistance. User can screw each pod onto the specifically designed dumbbell. This way, user can customize his own dumbbell by choosing desired pods to ...
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“Freedom for Disabled Divers” Project Offers The Freedom of Mobility Underwater

The physically challenged people do have their own desires and aspirations as others, be it walking, climbing, and swimming and so on. Scuba diving is one of many ways for us to experience the world in which we live in. To help these people have their freedom of underwater mobility, a new "Freedom for disabled divers" concept has been proposed. This project confronts an innovative system that controls buoyancy plus trim under water. The cool aspect about this project is that the physically ha...
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Raptor : A Sexy Skateboard Design Inspired by AlfaRomeo

Raptor concept board was born as the result of collaboration between the designer and the Italian car manufacturer AlfaRomeo. The initial instruction was to design a sport accessory that reflects the strong characteristics of a modern lifestyle of “Alfista”. After a thorough research on various extreme sports, Andrea Mangano chose to design a board dedicated for speed-down races. Raptor has been designed with 3 layers structure to increase its strength and balance. The mechanical front and r...
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Bug-E Multipurpose Electric Vehicle Features Innovative Steering Wheel Design

This submission reminds me of Bobby Cobb from Cougar Town who drives around using a golf cart. I think it’s pretty cool. Bug-E is more of an eco friendly electric vehicle than a golf cart, but this vehicle has been designed as multipurpose transport solution. Bug-E offers a modular boot system allowing its user to transform the vehicle dynamics in just seconds, from golf buggy to utility vehicle. It’s been designed with an innovative steering solution where the drivers can swap driving respo...
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Inspired By Wasp, Daboor Jet Ski Design by Hussien Al Jammazi

DABOOR jet ski body design was inspired by the wasp. The main idea is to create a Jet Ski vehicle that is not only light and fast, but also unique. The designer says that this vehicle runs on Suzuki Hayabusa Twin turbocharged V8 2800cc engine for 1000HP. Personally we think Daboor is more like personal watercraft instead of jet ski. Designer : Dr Hussien Al Jammazi (more…)...
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London 2012 Olympic Torch Design by Barber Osgerby

LOCOG – The well known London Organizing Committee of Olympic and Paralympic Games has displayed archetypes of the world-fame London 2012 Olympic Torch, which will be carried by 8,000 torchbearers. The torch has been designed in a special way in a triangular form with a burner system inside, assuring the heat is dissipated quickly without affected the torchbearer. The circles running along the body of the torch offers an outstanding level of transparency. The torch's triangular form has been p...
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Zero5 Ski Helmet Combines Futuristic and Retro Style Into A Modern and Innovative Helmet

This ski helmet combines the futuristic and retro with a wire mesh shell and integrated lens system. The result is a modern and innovative Zero5 ski helmet that solves some old issues of existing ski helmet such as: feeling of heat and sweating, inconvenient ski goggles use. The wire mess of this helmet was designed with the intention to allow the steam to go out without leaving any water. The integrated anti-fog lens system eliminates the need to use sunglasses or ski goggles. Zero5 helmet boas...
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Bug Backpack by Koox Design

Bug Backpack from Koox Design is made of 3mm thick plastic shell to protect you and your sports tools. When you are pushing your limits, climbing rocks that you never thought you could, speeding up on your motorcycle, just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about luggage. All your stuff will be safe in the Bug. Its aerodynamic shape and lightweight design let you save your energy to do things you love. Designer : Koox Design (more…)...
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TrakRok ATV Trike by Alexei Mikhailov Is Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The TrakRok is a terrain vehicle which provides a new alternate plan intended for off-road mobility in all seasons. It comes under the category of trike. It consists of enables to have two wheels and is driven independently by electric motors. It has an independent track system which is driven directly. This third propulsion derivative over-shadows snow mobile functions as an all season application. High powered electric motors are used. This propels the rubber track plates and allows highest gr...
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ElliptiGO 3C Bike : It’s Like Running On Air!

Riding the new ElliptiGO 3C bike is like running on air. It acts as drivable gym equipment, which gives you excellently toned calves and thighs. ElliptiGO 3C is unlike other traditional way of cycling, which lets you bike and jog at one. The innovative three-speed elliptical bike is the ideal fitness solution for people who are much concerned about fitness and works wonders for cross-training athletes. The ElliptiGO 3C delivers a superior and low-impact workout for casual exercisers and cross-tr...
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