Scorkl Underwater Breathing Device Gives You Up to 10 Minutes Underwater without Heavy Diving Equipment

Scorkl is a game changer in underwater breathing device. Designed by scuba diving enthusiast, this device is like a dream come true where you can breathe underwater without having to carry heavy diving equipment for up to 10 minutes. It is lightweigh...
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Modern Woolsey Shuffleboard Table with Steel Frame

After designing Ping Pong table, Sean Woolsey has been dreaming of creating a luxurious and modern Shuffleboard Table. It is safe to say that he is a lover of puck sliding game, and this time, he wants to introduce Woolsey Shuffleboard Table. This...
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NERD 3CSup Translucent Paddling Board Uses Recycled Materials to Make It Affordable for Everyone

NERD 3CSup offers eco-friendly approach to a paddle board design without sacrificing its performance. It’s ultra light and translucent board, designed specially for Stand Up paddling. The design team believes that these boards production would beco...
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Porsche Design Teamed Up with Adidas to Develop BOUNCE S4 Lux running shoe

The cooperation between Porsche Design Sport and Adidas has resulted this amazing running shoe named BOUNCE S4 Lux. It features lightweight and minimalist design, expertly crafted to provide runners with ultimate comfort. Thanks to its innovative sus...
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HWG Pool Table Features Calacatta Marble and Leather Pockets

Daniel Finkelstein has designed a gorgeous marble pool table for William Gray boutique hotel, HWG Pool Table. This is a signature custom designed specially for this hotel, which is located in Montreal’s Old Port. Manufactured in Canada, the design ...
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Maxfind Electronic Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control to Control the Speed

Cruising down the street in style effortlessly with Maxfind Electronic Skateboard. It looks like any regular skateboard but beneath the board, there are two powerful 360W motors to motorize this longboard to reach to your destination faster and easie...
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Helixot XO 6.2 Backpack – Waterproof and Fully Submersible Backpack

Helixot XO 6.2 Backpack is not only waterproof, it is also fully submersible, keeping your items safe and dry whatever you’re doing. You can take your phone, camera, wallet while doing watersport and can be sure that they won’t get wet. Enjoy out...
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M1 Electric Skateboard That Looks Like Traditional Non-Powered Skateboard

As the world’s first electric skateboard with swappable battery packs, M1 Electric Skateboard makes you free from worry about charging times or finding electrical outlets. Not only this company transforms the way skateboard works, it also transform...
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Paris Navigating Gym : A Fitness Vessel Powered by Human Energy

Paris Navigating Gym is a fitness vessel powered by kinetic energy from passengers’ workouts. It’s pretty ambitious project since it’s going to be challenging to encourage passengers to workout while crossing Seine River. This concept fitnes...
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Hiveboard Surfboard by Manuel Chichorro

Hiveboard is a transparent surfboard developed with Koroyd. Using plastic extruded material that combines high compression resistance with lightweight and flexibility. Surfing would be much cooler and fun with this board, it is designed to be easily ...
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Matrix PowerWatch – Smartwatch That Is Powered by Your Body Heat

No need to recharge, simply use your body heat to power MATRIX PowerWatch. It is world’s first smartwatch that is powered by your body heat, never have to worry if your watch runs out battery. It measures your activity level, calories burned, and s...
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KickTrix Soccer Training System by LA Design

Training children to be better at soccer can be difficult when you don’t have the space. Ball control skills can’t be done indoors, KickTrix was born to solve that problem. It’s a soccer training system, offering enjoyable and safe game experie...
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iRig : An Inflatable, Ultra light Windsurf Rig

North Kiteboarding teamed up with NorthSails to create an innovative windsurf rig. The result is iRig, a lightweight and compact inflatable windsurf rig, it combines the best of both worlds, inflatable kite technology and the safety of a windsurfing ...
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Elle : A Swimming Prosthetic & Swimwear to Optimize Amputee’s Ability to Swim

The intention of Elle design is to help amputee to swim much better. Most of the time, we take for granted our ability to swim. Della Tosin, a product designer, was inspired to find a solution to help those with physical disabilities. It’s her main...
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Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes Are Based on BMW Gina’s Fabric Material

Remember the famous BMW Gina Light concept car? It was introduced in 2008, this iconic concept features a seamless fabric outer shell, a flexible material stretched over a movable superstructure. Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes are based on legendary B...
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