Unique and Funny Marionette Concept Clock from Mintpass

The Marionette Clock is a unique concept clock, where the entire wall acts as a clock and the hand is attached with strings that are clasped up to a conveyor on the top. The innovative design of this clock has made it like a puppet play, performed by the Mint boys, who are moving the clock’s hand by controlling the strings, while riding on a roller between their legs that are powered by electric motor. Marionette boys control the vertical wires attached to the clock’s hand by winding and ...
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Futuristic Creature Guard That Protects Endangered Animals

The creature guard concept is a self initiated project by car designer Nils Poschwatta, which is a futuristic vehicle that protects endangered animals as well as any kind of living being that needs emergency help. The designer has envisioned this innovative vehicle consisting of a bionic sting-ray, with the ability to fly really fast at a lower altitude, and a pilot with specially designed outfit. This ray is detachable and is interconnected to the propulsion unit through its bio-morph grip. Thi...
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VineGuard : Futuristic Concept Robot for Agriculture

VineGuard is a concept agriculture robot for near future designed to be used as an innovative working animal. The inspiration of this project came from the fully functional insects that needed to be eliminated. This concept insect killer machine works autonomously, leaving the user to relax from fretting about their work to be done. In special cases, this vehicle will provide the information to the owner automatically. It includes heavy duty batteries that provide hours of working by using a sin...
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Futuristic Robotaxi by Petr Kubik

The concept of Robot taxis include two seats and three wheels and have designed to ensure smooth public transportation system forever. This slick and compact robot taxis are very much look like a crane driver’s cab with only one uplifting door for passenger entry. These taxis will be available over the city and all of them will be always synchronized and aware of each other’s position. Passengers can jump in any of them at any place or pick the phone and order one, and reach their desired de...
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Forest Fire Clear Cut Robot Concept by Jordan Guelde

Technology has presented us various megastructures to make our lives better and Forest Fire Clear Cut Robot is one of such massive creation that is designed to make clear-cut paths in an on fire forest to prevent the blazes from spreading by cutting large quantity of trees at a time. It's true that with the combination of around 600 individual parts, the first look of this robot will create fear inside you but this useful robot will serve mankind as a savior of immense fire damage. This futurist...
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Aulis Harvester by Niko Kugler and Georg Heitzmann

Aulis is a latest and innovative attempt to protect the floor of the forest. The main goal of developing this machine is to treat the sustainable forest floor as well as the forest itself. Additionally, it can optimize the work process of the users. This concept is based on an analysis of a service provider who is using a forest tractor or a harvesting machine to perform this job. After researching different conditions, the designers were able to outlay the features that must need to include in ...
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Cargonaut : Humanoid Flight Robot That Carry Your Luggage

The Cargonaut concept is designed for a revolution in urban transit that will relief people off their loads during traveling. With the day by day technological development in miniaturization, in future, the portable devices will become easy to carry. But since the city travelers are mostly loaded with heavy luggage, shopping bags and groceries, that are not compressible, an alternative may require to serve this purpose. Cargonaut is a humanoid flight robot that will deliver your luggage exactly ...
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Quadbot Robot Design by Norio Fujikawa

The industrial designer Norio Fujikawa has brought to you the concept of a super robot that can perform even in the extreme climate conditions, called Quadbot. With a self contained power source, this robot will be able to survive for several days in the harsh natural conditions. This useful robot will be helpful for various purposes ranging from rescuing passengers of a crashed aircraft to collect data for environmental scientific projects. Pretty awesome robot design, huh? Norio says : "Thi...
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Cute Joebot Can Dance For You !

The next generation WowWee robots series from WowWee Robotics, takes robotics to the next generation. Set to be unveiled in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week, the two playful companions are something that you more than asked for. The first one is Joebot, which is a regular fully loaded interactive friendly neighborhood robot which also has sense of humor up its sleeve. It also responds to key phrases using the sound sensors, so much so that one can make it dance...
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Eddy : Suction Excavator by Maciej Puzon

They say good things come in small packages, for example the latest offering named as Eddy, which is nothing but suction excavator, which has a main body with a suction pump coming out from the rear. The device has a working range of 1000 mm semi circular radius and it comes out as a good handy tool as it can be used via remote control with the user at a different location. It also has the option wherein the main body can be connected to bigger storage vehicles thus increasing its capacity. Well...
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Roofus, Snow Mowing Robot with Remote Controls

Its winters and it's that time when all the pathways are clogged with snow, and one needs to clear the same to make way. The new snow mowing robot called Roofus seems to be a welcome change as this small monster can do work equivalent to 25 workers. Apart from this it also comes with other extensions which can be used for other activities like land mowing, plow ending, road cleaning etc. So with so many options available it is surely a good all purpose tool which also comes with remote controls ...
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Algaster Harvesting Robot for Future Agriculture

Here comes an amazing alga harvesting system designed to bring advancement in future Agriculture. Algaster is a harvesting machine with the capacity to harvest 100kg of alga and it stores the loan in ten containers attached on the upper side. The unit is less powerful but is created with more intelligent ideas. The shape of the unit is similar to an insect with four legs. Algae are used for energy production due to the high level of oil content. Algaster helps in the process of water cleaning in...
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Every Saloon Needs CICLOPE Robot

CICLOPE hair stylist robot features 3 different functions : marketing level emotional touch point, entertainment customer cuddling, and work efficiency. CICLOPE hair stylist robot can be used as a tray to show the product used during hair stylists performances capturing customers attention making easy sells and distribution. The second function is the CICLOPE function as a coffee maker, offering customers of the saloon to relax and have a cup of coffee. And the third function is the yellow foots...
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Valtra RoboTrac Tractor for Future Farms

Tractor is what you call it just by looking at the picture, it is not at all fair because it also serves as a robot. This fully automated and programmable robot is designed to supplement a farm team. It can smoothly carry out all necessary activities for your farmhouse including tilling, disking, plowing, planting, spraying, weeding and many other activities which a normal farm team cannot do. Do not go with its small size because it can work continuously without wrecking your field or farm. Now...
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Care-O-Bot Can Take Good Care of You

With rising spending power and better lifestyle, the need for providing care services is on the rise. To cater to these care needs Fraunhofer IPA has developed the mobile robot assistant to take care of humans. It is designed to take care of day to day needs for everyone. The first Care-o-bot was developed in 1998 with its ability to move around safely in the human environment. The subsequent developments have given it the ability to manipulate regular household tasks. Thus the future seems set ...
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