Small Cargo-Delivering Robot for Local Delivery

Small Cargo-Delivering Robot has been designed to make our life easier, it’s an intelligent and autonomous machine that can be used to deliver your packages or perform services. These cargo robots could revolutionize local delivery, each of these friendly robots can travel the sidewalks, carrying your groceries, packages, or any other small items safely to the destination. Starship Technologies ...
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Social Shot Mobile Bar-Tending-Robot Makes Your Drink Based on Your Personality

It looks like in the future, we won’t be needing a bartender to make our drinks. The Social Shot is a concept mobile bar-tending-robot that makes your drink by computing personality profiled based on datasets acquired through Facebook. This information is then used to mix individualized drinks. That’s each of the ingredients represents one value in “Big 5”, a popular model in personality p...
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Toyota Kirobo Mini Robot Wants To Become Your Smart Companion

Toyota introduces Kirobo Mini Robot, perhaps this little guy can be an ambassador to introduce you to the fun of working with technology. This compact-sized communication partner features the same heart that won the robot astronaut Kirobo legions of fans, while the form is slightly different from that ultimate companion automobile, Kirobo Mini has been designed and developed to become your best pa...
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RoBoHoN Robot Smartphone for Everyone!

Sharp, a Japanese electronics company has launched its latest cute concept, RoBoHoN. It looks like robot but actually a smartphone. Yes, the unique form represents a phone in human shape where you can hold it up next to your ear just like any other phone, awkward … yeah, that’s for sure. This phone can play different roles for different people, for babies, it’s a robotic toy, for younger gen...
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Futuristic Tesla Drone Features A New Twin Blade Design

Introducing the Tesla Drone, a unique reinterpretation of drone ingenuity. Its design aesthetic was focused towards two things: redefining longevity and perception. The common issue with drones today is their lack of battery capacity, which in turn, limits their flight time to 20 minutes and their charging time to an hour. The Tesla drone incorporates an advanced 10,000 mAh Lithium-Ion (Tesla P...
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Ambulance Drone Concept Delivers Emergency Supplies to Any Location in Less Than a Minute

During emergency situation when someone needs medical attention, every second counts. Alec Momont, a Dutch industrial designer, has made an attempt to add drone technology to the ambulance force in major cities around the world. This futuristic project explores the possibilities to use high-speed drone network to deliver emergency supplies to any location in only minutes. The question is, could dr...
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Transwheel Futuristic Delivery Robot In Urban Environment

After Amazon unveiled their futuristic plan to use drones to deliver packages, Kobi Shikar also unveils his personal vision about delivery robot. Transwheel is a concept futuristic robot designed as part of Shikar’s final project at Shenkar College High School education and design. It’s a autonomous robotic wheel with self-balancing system and electric arms to carry the load, each robot is equ...
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Navit Rental Service of Drones for Large Entertainment Facilities

Drones are getting more popular by days, they are cool UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that we can use your entertainment purposes. Navit is a conceptual rental service of drones for entertainment facilities such as the zoo or an amusement park. The dispenser machine is filled with little drones, you can put a coin in the machine and turn the handle, it will dispense a rental drone that you can use ...
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Futuristic Police Heavy Drone Concept by Maciej Frolow

Drones are getting popular by days, these unmanned aerial vehicles can be controlled safely from the ground. They’ve been increasingly used in numbers of civil applications such as firefighting, security work, or policing. Maciej Frolow has a vision how this drone can help police officers to do their works efficiently. This futuristic Police Heavy Drone Unit is a conceptual surveillance drone f...
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Orbotix Ollie App Controlled Robot for Android and iOS Combines Physical and Digital World In A Cool Racing Game

Orbotix Ollie is the next generation of app-controlled robot from Sphero, a leaders in connected play. Connected game play has been taken to the next level by Ollie, it combines technology that you can find in Sphero 2.0 such as innovative controls and integrated gameplay with high performance driving and tricks. This little robot features high speeds (up to 14 MPH) to start the competition, the t...
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A.F.A. is A Powered Exoskeleton Suit for Firefighter

After reading a report about a fire in high rise building that killed almost 50 people in Shanghai, Jiazhen Chen decided to create this special project. A.F.A. is a powered exoskeleton suit for firefighters, a 28-story building shouldn’t be a challenge for our modern fire fighting, but unfortunately, there are still many factors that firefighters can’t save those people trapped in the building...
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UrbanCONE : Futuristic Radio Controlled Jellyfish That Cleans Air

With our high air pollution levels, we certainly need UrbanCone. It’s a futuristic concept, well actually it’s a concept jellyfish that purifies the air. This robotic jellyfish creates healthy microclimates outdoors as it purifies air around the entire city, including in our homes. These little devices lift up and fly in the air thanks to ultra light construction and photovoltaic solar panel w...
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Futuristic Technology: Pecera Robot Fish Cleans Your Clothes Without Detergent

Can you imagine that in the future, there are robotic fish that clean your clothes? Chan Yeop Jeong has an interesting vision for our future appliance, he has come up with Pecera, a water tank that accommodates robot fish called Dofi to wash your dirty clothes without detergent. It’s a sustainable way to wash your clothes, a concept inspired by “Doctor Fish” that nurtures human skin but this...
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Scorpion Concept Excavator for JCB Features Greater Degree of Freedom

Scorpion Concept Excavator is a design proposal for JCB, it’s a project submitted for “Project 120” design contest held by JCB. The brief was simple, each contestant had to design an innovative JCB Digger for the year of 2073. In 2073, we need a new breed of earth moving machinery. Inspired by scorpion, Arpan Jyoti Mahanta, an industrial designer, has come up with a remote-controlled conc...
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Yura : Futuristic Flying Personal Bartender Robot That Takes Voice Commands

Let us introduce you to Yura, a futuristic flying personal bartender. Yes, it’s only a concept guys, but it’s interesting to get to know the idea behind this flying robot. Designed by Herman Haydin, the main idea of Yura is to create a robot that makes cocktails, juices, even coffee or tea just for you. This flying droid takes voice commands or tasks from your smart phone, it is equipped with ...
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