Save Trigger : A Life-Saving Device to Throw A Water Rescue ThrowBag

Throwing a water rescue Throwbag to a drowned victim can be difficult if you don’t have the power and agility skill. Save Trigger tries to solve that issue by offers a life-saving device in a gun shape to allow any user to easily shoot out a life line to the person in need. Using Save Trigger, it would be easy and fast to throw any life saving device to a drowning victim in emergency situation, people are familiar with the shape and how to use it. Designers : Sujin Lee, Haeryung Lee and Moo...
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Safe.Space.Buoy : A Live Saving Equipment That Emits Orange Lights to Discourage Sharks From Approaching

We know that sharks love seal-like color, but also are interested in contrasts of colors. However, according to these designers, Sharks have tendency to be repelled by orange color thus making them to create Safe.Space.Buoy, a live saving equipment for survivors of boating accidents using orange light. Those survivors are left in the water where their self-defense capabilities are extremely gone, even when they wear life vest or buoy, they are still exposed to many dangers such as sharks and low...
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Zai Higo Folding Pocket Knife by Kacper Hamilton

Inspired by Higonokami, a traditional Japanese folding pocket knife, Kacper Hamilton has designed Zai Higo folding pocket knife. It follow the same ideology as Higonokami, that is keep the knife function pure to one specific purpose. There are 2 models of Higo, Zai Higo (8.52.0.E) is a folding pocket knife for everyday mountain life, while Zai Higo (46.42.0.N) is folding tool with 2 screw driver heads which are especially designed for adjusting ski bindings. Due to its smart design, you can e...
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Dux Helm : The World’s First Bike Helmet with Built-in Retractable Lens

Dux Helm presents you the world’s first bike helmet with built-in retractable lens. It’s been specifically designed for cycling, it’s lightweight with great ventilation, as you know, cycling can be pretty intense aerobic activity, thus increasing your body temperature. This company was found by 3 friends and cycling enthusiasts and they feature the one and only cycling helmet collection with built-in retractable lens, each product has been designed to be suitable in any whether hot and col...
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Fire Extinguisher Redesign to Fit Into A Modern Theater by Lilian Kong

Lilian Kong has redesigned Fire Extinguisher to address the issue with conventional fire extinguishers when they are placed in a modern theater. This new fire extinguisher design boasts dramatic shape and form to blend perfectly well with its environment but still maintain recognizable figure as fire extinguisher through its color, lever and safety pin. Safety pin acts as visible barrier to prevent any accidental pressing of the trigger, so basically the objective of this pin is pretty obviou...
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Guardpix Portable Device Language Habits for Children

In order to develop better speaking habits in children, Donguk Seo has come up with unique concept, Guardpix Portable Device Language Habits for Children. This device is very handy to help parents to teach children who have just started talking and make friends usually at the age of 2 to 3-year old. It helps your children to distinguish bad words from good words; it teaches children to speak only desirable language habits. Every time children hear someone says bad words, Guardpix will automatica...
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Self Rescue Bracelet : Simply Pull The Bracelet to Turn It Into A Floating Device

Self Rescue Bracelet is a great floating device for swimmers, especially when you usually swim alone. During emergency situation or if user is having difficulties in water e.g. leg cramps, he or she can activate this floating device simply by pulling. This action will make compressed air in the bracelet to expand rapidly to help its user floats while waiting for rescue team to arrive. The pulling action breaks the barrier between compressed air chamber and its surrounding chamber, thus the air w...
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Omni-Guard Airbag Suit : A Protection Suit for High-Altitude Workers

High-altitude workers risk their lives during work. Omni-Guard, an airbag suit will raise their odds of surviving a fall because this suit inflates rapidly if the wearer falls, cushioning their landing. All over the world, high-altitude workers are prone to falling accidents. Omni-Guard concept has been designed to raise their odds of survival. Should a worker slip from the edge of some scaffolding (for example) and fall, the Omni-Guard suit will detect that the falling acceleration rate is e...
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Fire Rescue Air Cushion For Better High-Rise Building Rescue System In The Event of Fire

High-rise building rescue system has always been a tough shell to crack in the field of fire rescue. There are many cases of mass casualties because we can’t provide timely or adequate high-rise building rescue. Dormitories, residential buildings, downtown, malls, office buildings, these are all places which can easily catch fire because of the high population density and mobility, as well as the lack of fire awareness. Thus, once there is a fire, people are more easily to get trapped and caus...
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Mountain Rescue Splint Pack To Evacuate Victims from Mountainous Areas

Rescue team should have Mountain Rescue Splint Pack when they have to evacuate a victim from mountainous areas. It is a set of integrated rescue equipment that features lighter weight, maximum portability and better efficiency compared to our conventional rescue equipment. As you know, to perform rescues in mountainous terrain, rescue teams need to climb or walk on difficult terrain. Heavy or bulky equipment can be in the way instead of helping the process, in fact, the rescue team might injure ...
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A.C.R First Aid Equipment With Easy Installation and Simple Operation

Our existing first aid equipment is for trained people who know how to use it, but A.C.R, a newly designed first aid equipment can be used by most people to achieve the purpose of saving lives in an emergency situation. In an emergency situation, it is difficult to report and rescue quickly at the same time. During the CPR rescue, people who exert the first aid are also unsure of the strength of compression, depth and frequency. The mouth resuscitation will also carry a risk of infection. Mos...
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Under The Sea Floatation Device with Periscope for Children

Children will definitely enjoy swimming in the sea with “Under The Sea” floatation device with periscope. It is exclusively designed for children who would want to go swimming but feel a bit scared to do it. The main feature of "Under The Sea" is the periscope that allows children to observe fish and other sea creatures underwater without having to dive into the sea. As we all know, children are naturally curious about everything and they can be really hard to follow as they move around all ...
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AmoebaBAND : Band Aid Concept With Adjustable Shape for Different Areas of Your Hand

AmoebaBAND was inspired by amoeba, a shapeless unicellular organism which is able to adjust its shape to its environment. Based on this concept, these industrial designers have come up with improved band-aid concept design, so that the same band-aid can be used in different areas after tearing into shape. Hands are our body parts where band-aid is most frequently used. Innovative AmoeBAND uses a simple tear action to create a suitable shape for the affected area. According to German EMFT* lat...
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C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet : Future Vision of Fire Fighting Equipment by Omer Haciomeroglu

C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet helps firefighters to see clearly in smoke-filled buildings to do rescue missions. Using their traditional firefighting equipment, they have to keep hand contact with walls or crawl on the ground while carrying heavy air support and hand held equipment, this can slow down the rescue process. This helmet provides a wire frame vision of the interior geometry, in this way, firefighters can identify their surroundings easily and searching for victims can be done more ac...
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Red Hazard : Truck Alert System for Pedestrians and Other Vehicles Safety

There are times when walk signal is off and it can be very dangerous especially when you walk at a cross road, not knowing if there’s a vehicle turning nearby or not. Red Hazard is an alert system for both pedestrians and drivers, it informs them if a truck is turning nearby as well as indicates the zone rear of which the truck will swing. When a truck makes a left or right turn, there’s a small zone within turning radius of the cab where the rear part of truck will swing. This area is pr...
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