PEEP : Rotating Door Peephole to View All Area Around Your Door

Currently, conventional door peephole doesn’t cover 360-degrees view which allows a thief to hide in a blind spot. PEEP rotating door peephole offers a view of all area around your door, no one can hide from you. You can rotate this concept peephole to get a better view of the surrounding area. It consists of fish-eye lens along with a mirror that wraps the lens for wider and broader view. Nice idea heh? Designers : Song Woo-Jung, Lee Da-Wi, Kim Su-Yeon, Choi Yong-Hee, Yeo Hwa-Jung, Lee Da-...
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Rely Folding Sleeping Mat Is Smart and Compact Disaster Survival Kit Essentials

Rely Folding sleeping mat is an efficient product that anyone can use instantly especially for survivors after disasters. After disaster struck, rescue and medical team usually gathers survivors and distribute any required resources they might need. Unfortunately, the distribution process can encounter different kind of issues depending on the resources availability. Rely provides survivors with essential things that they need, from bar food to the feeling of warmth, safe and comfort. As its ...
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Revival Vest Brings Black Out Divers to The Surface In An Upright Safety Position Ready for Resuscitation

Revival Vest concept was inspired by the death of a family friend of the designer due to shallow-water blackout during free-diving. It’s a very dangerous condition even most experienced divers might not be able to survive. The concept vest is based on a self-inflated jacket which triggered by changes in bodily signs during drowning. The designer has identified great potential of Footfall and Heartbeats smart fabric technology to prevent something like this from happening again. The fabric moni...
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Flood Float Torch Informs You About Underfoot Hazards

Flood is one of natural disasters that cause death, thousands homeless people, or food crisis. Flood Float Torch is concept hazard indicator especially designed for flooded areas, it indicates there’s dangerous conditions underfoot. There have been many natural disasters all over the world and many of them are flood-related especially in Asia. When roads are submerged in water, people or vehicle can easily step into a drain or trip on some other obstacles. This concept is a combination of a tr...
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FoldingBoat : Quick and Easy Access Foldable Lifeboat

If only we can keep FoldingBoat in our house when we live in high-risk of flood area, that would be a great life saver. This concept is a foldable lifeboat which can be foled into easy-to-carry pack, making it easy to store and transport. A perfect lifeboat especially for emergency relief in flooded areas since it requires only low maintenance. Aside from that, this concept boat is also ideal for campers or commuters who look for quick and easy access boat. Designers : Prof. Ying Fangtian, Wu...
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Base Impact Jersey Protects You While Skiing or Snowboarding Without Sacrificing Your Performance

Injury rate for snow sports is pretty high, thus making Base Impact Jersey concept a great solution as personal protective equipment (PPE) specific to snow sports. This project aims to reduce any serious injury while skiing or snowboarding while maintaining great comfort and mobility. Based on extensive researches and interviews with skiers, snowboarders and industry related professionals, this concept has been designed with many features to answer the need of more refined PPE specific to snow s...
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Rescue Seat Concept by Chou Yi-Chun and Chen Kuo-Shu

Rescue Seat concept is redesigned water-rescue equipment that holds the victim into sitting position while waiting for the rescue team. With the traditional ring buoy, victim has to hold-on tight to the ring without any support and the rescue might need more than 24 hours to reach the victim. In this situation, usually victim gets tired of waiting and might not be able to hold the lifebuoy anymore. Rescue Seat supports the victim’s weight through a rubber band which acts as a seat, it provi...
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Police Communication and Computing System by Daniel To

A good communication is the key for effective police works. This concept Police Communication and Computing System has been designed to meet the needs of police officers in the line of duty. It’s “all-in-one” system that covers both on-person and in-vehicle communication such as GPS, mobile data terminals, and cell phones. Those equipment allows policemen to receive messages and information from control centers and central databases. After extensive researches, this multifunctional system ...
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Tinkerball Life Rescue Device for Individual Escape From a High-Rise Building in An Emergency

We all remember 9/11, it was a horrific tragedy for both country and civilians. Attacks, natural disasters or tragic accidents can happen any time, all we can do is to stay prepared all the time. Tinkerball Life Rescue Device concept is an individual escape equipment inspired by 9/11 victims, it can be used to escape from a high-rise building in an emergency. Although people usually try to escape using an automatic descending life line, however, it’s mostly impossible for many people could esc...
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Convertible : User-Friendly Staircase by Chan Wen Jie

Convertible is a conceptual user-friendly staircase which can be transformed into a ramp. It’s an ingenious idea to help elderly people or anyone who has walking difficulties to climb the stairs easily and conveniently, also for those who need to carry heavy items, they can use a cart or trolley without a problem. This staircase concept aims to minimize accidental falls and injuries. Convertible user-friendly staircase incorporates a simple linkage mechanism which only requires minimal effo...
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Seat Post Trick Lock by Cao Ming

A new bike security system, this is what Seat Post Trick Lock offer you. The main goal of this design is to find a way to put some relevant functional objects and combine them together to get better convenience. This concept combines bicycle with bike lock. The lock’s cord is located within the seat post while the dials are located near the top of the seat post. User can detach the post from the main frame in order to access flexible cord, thus making seat post becomes the part of the lock. ...
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Wish Folding Stretcher Only Needs One Person to Carry

After a disaster strikes, the most important mission is to rescue victims. However, when the disaster happens in difficult terrain or challenging weather conditions, it can be really difficult for rescue team to carry the victims to a safe place. Wish Folding Stretcher has been designed to enable a rescuer to easily carry and push out of a disaster area, yes, this stretcher can be carried and pushed by only one person instead of two. Our conventional stretcher has to be carried by two person, bu...
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Save Trigger : A Life-Saving Device to Throw A Water Rescue ThrowBag

Throwing a water rescue Throwbag to a drowned victim can be difficult if you don’t have the power and agility skill. Save Trigger tries to solve that issue by offers a life-saving device in a gun shape to allow any user to easily shoot out a life line to the person in need. Using Save Trigger, it would be easy and fast to throw any life saving device to a drowning victim in emergency situation, people are familiar with the shape and how to use it. Designers : Sujin Lee, Haeryung Lee and Moo...
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Safe.Space.Buoy : A Live Saving Equipment That Emits Orange Lights to Discourage Sharks From Approaching

We know that sharks love seal-like color, but also are interested in contrasts of colors. However, according to these designers, Sharks have tendency to be repelled by orange color thus making them to create Safe.Space.Buoy, a live saving equipment for survivors of boating accidents using orange light. Those survivors are left in the water where their self-defense capabilities are extremely gone, even when they wear life vest or buoy, they are still exposed to many dangers such as sharks and low...
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Zai Higo Folding Pocket Knife by Kacper Hamilton

Inspired by Higonokami, a traditional Japanese folding pocket knife, Kacper Hamilton has designed Zai Higo folding pocket knife. It follow the same ideology as Higonokami, that is keep the knife function pure to one specific purpose. There are 2 models of Higo, Zai Higo (8.52.0.E) is a folding pocket knife for everyday mountain life, while Zai Higo (46.42.0.N) is folding tool with 2 screw driver heads which are especially designed for adjusting ski bindings. Due to its smart design, you can e...
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