Glass Street Sign by Aibek Almasov

Glass Street Sign is an innovative project designed specially to help pedestrians to cross the street. User can activate the sign when needed by pressing the metal sensor, then wait for about 10 seconds to give other drives time to slow down, we kinda hope the designer would use another light as a warning during this process. In the morning, this street sign gets its power from the solar panels installed at the top, the sensor detects night time and it displays glowing red light during the night...
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Sleek and Stylish Lunis Crescent Windshell Cycling Jacket Increases Cyclists Visibility at Night

Lunis Crescent Windshell cycling jacket features minimalist cycling jacket with subtle design in daylight but powerful reflectivity at night. The company itself was founded by Brett Clouser, an LA based designer after 3 of his friends were hit by cars while riding their bikes at night. That accident inspired him to create something that protects cyclists so that they can enjoy their night adventures without having to worry being hit by other vehicles. Sleek and stylish with strategic placement o...
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LED Turn Signal Gloves for Both Cyclists and Motorists

LED Turn Signal Gloves are great safety equipment for cyclists and motorists. We share the road with other vehicles, thus, informing them about our direction is one of crucial action to avoid accident. Cyclists usually use their arms to signal of an upcoming turn, however, this action sometimes can’t get the attention from other drivers. Using these gloves, the LED will inform others better about the direction you’re headed. How to turn the LED on? Checkout the 3rd image, you’ll see the...
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Life Jacket Plus Concept Features Two Handles within The Collar

If you think Life Jacket Plus is another typical life jacket, then you are not checking this concept clearly. Our traditional life jacket creates difficulties for lifeguards when rescuing someone, it tends to be slippery and hard to grab. This concept tries to answer the challenge and solve those issues by making rescue process safer and more efficient by adding 2 handles within the collar. In this way, a victim can easily grab the handle of their rescuers while keeping the head out of water whi...
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Awesome Predator Helmet Gets You Attention from Other Drivers

Predator helmet would look awesome on you while you’re driving your motorcycle. I’m pretty sure you would get a lot of attention from other drivers but no one would dare to cut your off when you’re cruising down the road. Don’t worry about safety as it’s been designed and developed based on an actual motorcycle helmet but with enhanced outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, a tri-laser scope, and hyper-realistic airbrushed finish. It would cost you $780 to own one. Designer : NLO-MOTO ...
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Fire Extinguisher for Home Redesigned by Jonathan Bigot

Home fire extinguisher gets redesigned to enable practical one-hand use, this is certainly a good news for one handed people. The overall design considers the adaptation to the house environment. Small and modern, yet this fire extinguisher is noticeable for emergency situations. Designer : Jonathan Bigot (more…)...
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Skadi ABS Avalanche Backpack for Ski Patrollers

Ski patrollers risk their lives in order to save ours, it’s important that they carry the best equipment available to protect themselves. Skadi ABS Avalanche Backpack has been designed especially to protect ski patrollers. It features huge 200L unibody twin-cell airbag to dramatically increase body volume to create extraordinary lift, in this way, it keeps the user from floating on top the avalanche snow mass. The backpack itself is tailored for ski patrollers such as an avalanche pockets and ...
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Dora Bicycle Helmet Offers Better Safety for Its User

Dora bicycle helmet is one of ingenious modern industrial designs that provides safety for the user. The main problem with city transport for cyclists is difficult to communicate with other vehicles, unequivocal signals are often used by cyclists which are unsafe. This concept helmet is ideal for cyclists in urban environment, it informs other vehicles with arrow shaped light signals, universal signals which can be seen up to 360-degree to get other’s attention where you’re going. There’s ...
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Expand Lifebuoy Concept for Faster and Easier Rescue

Expand Lifebuoy concept it’s an enhancement from our conventional lifebuoy. It features 4 extendable handles to make rescues easier and faster. Usually when a lifebuoy is thrown out to help someone who is in danger of drowning, it needs more efforts from the victim to grab the lifebuoy, especially when it lands at some distance away. There are times when the victim doesn’t have more strength or ability to swim over it. Expand Lifebuoy expands itself for larger rescue area. When someone ca...
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Universal Rescue Equipment Concept by Ekaterina Dekhtyarenko

Universal rescue equipment concept can be used to rescue victims in different types of extraordinary situations. During a shipwreck rescue, the rescue team can throw this equipment from a helicopter, once it touches water, it transforms into a rescue raft, just like a life jacket. Aside being used as a rescue craft, it can also be used as a shelter during sand or snow storms. User can push the frame at the expense of the basic handle above. The collapsible structure design is completed with elas...
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Aiguille : Short Track Speed Skater Headgear That Provides Optimum Comfort for Skaters

Short track speed skating is a high-speed sport – reaching up to speeds over 40 miles per hour. Many of the accidents occur during competitions. The athletes are exposed to serious head injuries when they hit their head against the ice or the soft pads in the ice rink. Due to numerous races throughout each year, the helmet is exposed to multiple impacts. Aiguille is a high performance headgear for short track speed skaters. The user is a professional athlete who participates in competitions...
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Airblow 2050 : Futuristic Umbrella Without Fabric, Would You Use It?

Airblow 2050 is your futuristic umbrella concept. This project has been designed as part of James Dyson Award based on the idea how unpractical our conventional umbrella is. As you already know, umbrella causes your floor wet, users collision, and turns inside out when strong wind blows. Keeping this in mind, the designer played with the idea what if there’s no fabric? What can we use to protect us from the rain? Airblow 2050 has been designed based on Dyson’s technology, it utilizes Dyso...
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Life Triangle : A Life Raft With Triangular Shape Which Can’t Be Capsized by Waves

This life raft in a shape of multi-directional triangular is called Life Triangle. A very bad weather condition can sink a ship where waves usually reach tens of meters in height. Conventional life raft can capsize and the people on it find themselves in great danger of drowning. This concept Life Triangle has been designed so that it can never be capsized due to its triangular structure, so people can be safe in it, also it can be unfolded to help groups of people. When a ship is sinking, yo...
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Molecule Helmet and Headset Concept by Stefan Radev

Molecule helmet and headset concept is a great protection especially for water sports. It’s been especially designed and developed for people who are learning extreme sports such as: kite surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, sky diving, and many more. There are two aspects that form the "Molecule Helmet and Headset"concept: The first one is the form of the shell, which reflects the vibrant water sports kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking and more. The second aspect is the functiona...
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O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher Concept for More Efficient Performance In Stopping Fire and Saving Yourself

This concept fire extinguisher combines CO2 with an oxygen mask, exchanging the compounds O2 and CO2 can be said as crucial condition that supports our lives. Now, these two compounds are combined in a product with one mission, to save our lives. In the event of fire, primary cause of death in victims is smoke inhalation. This project aims to help people to escape from fires using more efficient product since both fire extinguisher and oxygen mask are widely use in fire situations. Designers ...
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