Sipurion Water Purifier by Henning Strobel

Sipurion water purifier was developed as concept study based on Siemens Technology by Henning Strobel for his diploma at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Faculty of Design. In cooperation with Siemens AG, this industrial designer has come up with the idea to design modular water purifier system that can be utilized anywhere in the world. Today, we are facing the problem of insufficient supply of potable water, furthermore, during natural disaster there’s a need for temporary supply of...
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FloodHopper : A Self Inflating Life Raft for Flash Flood Disaster Areas by James Barford

The Floodhopper has been designed for flash flood disasters areas. Its main features that make it different from other rescue boats, is that it can be inflated from inside the home or the occupied building. This life raft is capable of feeding through narrow stairways and doorways, enabling the victims to escape in safety without entering the cold flood waters. It can be inflated using a small compressed air canister, and automatically inflates like today's lifejackets. The user then uses the su...
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SeAngel Helium Rescuing System To Rescue Passengers on A Sinking Ship

SeAngel Helium Rescuing System has been designed to rescue the crew accommodation on a sinking ship. The capsule is activated by pressing a button on the cap. When the cap rises, a built-in lamp illuminates the place of seats in the capsule. At this point, the system fills the dome with helium. User can sit down in a capsule, fasten the seat belt. Inside the capsule there is the lever (key) to release the capsule mounting, after user activate capsule, the system automatically activates the on-bo...
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Cool Head Helmet Design Was Inspired by Coleoptera Xerophile Beetle

Cool Head Helmet has been designed to be used by soldiers when their mission takes them in hot deserts of the Middle East. Just like its name suggests, this helmet keeps its user’s head cool. The basic idea behind this helmet design was taken from the system of Coleoptera Xerophile, a beetle that lives in the desert where its shell can absorb humidity from the air and transform it into water to help fight the extreme heat temperature and to drink. The same mechanism is applied to this Cool ...
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Life Passageway Protects Small Animals When Crossing Over an Expressway

Every year, there are a lot animals killed by vehicles on the road simply because they want to cross the street. “Life Passageway” has been designed as a tunnel for these animals to crossover safely. It’s a little triangular tunnel laid under expressways dedicated for small animals who want to cross the road safely without having to worry about being hit by vehicles. These accidents can destroy ecological environment and interrupt the migration process of local animals. The design of ...
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Inumflis Car with Pulse by Calin Giubega

The automobile is a closed environment and throughout the history, constant efforts were made to increase comfort and speed. Outside our natural context, inside the automobile we have to rely mostly on our vision sense and with the increasing speeds, we reached and even exceeded its limits. Thus in some cases we are not able to correctly perceive and relate distance and speeds of other objects, having possible dramatic consequences. Safety behind the steering wheel depends on our behavior, ha...
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Fire Hydrant Concept : Creative Reinterpretation of Fire Hydrant by Tangent Design Group

What do you think of this new Fire Hydrant concept design? It features stylish and modern form of our conventional fire hydrant. The main goal of this quick experimental project was to apply a contemporary and functional design aesthetic to create an iconic form that would be instantly recognizable. Due to its tamper proof top that requires a deep socket to operate the valve, we would be able to avoid thousands of gallons of water stolen from fire hydrants. All nozzles and fittings are housed in...
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PFD (Personal Flotation Device) by Sanu K R

This concept PFD (Personal Flotation Device) came from Sanu K R to offer you better and safer buoyancy aid that you can carry in your bag while traveling. This concept has been designed to keep half of your body above the water, it helps you in a proper position to enable proper breathing. If you fell into the water, just pull the chain to break the lock, in seconds, this device will be inflated. Designer : Sanu K R (more…)...
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Modern, Stylish and Foldable Helmet Every Cyclist Has Been Dreaming Of

Folding Helmet Overade was born out of the collaboration between an engineer Philippe Arrourart and Patrick Jouffret from 360, a design agency based in France. The problem with wearing bicycle helmets is that the helmet becomes cumbersome after use, I don’t want to leave it on the bike because someone might steal it, yet I hate to carry it with me. This innovative folding helmet design is like the answer to my prayers (all cyclists’ prayers) for good looking, stylish and easy to carry helmet...
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Brembo B-Tech Helmet Features Hassle-Free Automatic Fit Belt Fastening

Brembo B-Tech helmet was one of ADI Design Index 2011 nominees where each year, they’ll select best Italian product design. This product is the first world’s full-face helmet with Automatic Fit Belt fastening and a Jet Helmet view. It’s been designed by Vinaccia Integral Design to enhance driver’s safety and comfort, mainly for urban use since the city is where more than 70% of accidents involving motorcycles happen in Europe. The innovative automatic fit belt fastening system was bor...
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Buoyancy-Road by Joh Minhoo

There are times when sudden raining or snowing can make central lane markings on the road become invisible, thus causing traffic congestion or worst, traffic accidents. Buoyancy-Road design tries to solve this issue by automatically rising lane separator when water or snow obscures a road’s lane markings. This buoyant lane separator emerges due to its buoyant quality, therefore, when water or snow covers the road over the height of the traffic lane, it will raise this device automatically. In ...
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Nasa Space Helmet by Herald Ureña

Nasa Space Helmet design was born out of the perspective how men look weak and vulnerable when they are encapsulated. Herald Ureña has come up with space helmet design where comfort and ergonomics are considered while new aesthetics derive from animating the object to resemble the human more. The inner cap that astronauts usually have is taken away and the speaking devices and headphones are placed on the helmet. There is a tinted second layer of glass that can come down to block of sunlight. ...
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Tha Business : A Deck of Self Defense Kit by CREATIVEsession

In order to provide protection for people in dangerous situation, this small industrial design company has designed “Tha Business”, a self defense kit. This concept has been designed to target people who commute at unusual hours of the day where they are often caught in sticky situations. Designer : CREATIVEsession (more…)...
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Kuat Bottle Lock Disguises Itself as Water Bottle

A bike thief would have grin on his face when he approaches your bike thinking that he just got himself a free unlocked bike and a free water bottle. Imagine his face when he finds out that your bike is actually locked. Kuat bottle lock is actually a bike lock that camouflages itself as a stylish water bottle. Inside this bottle, you’ll find 5’ internally coiled 8mm cable that locks back into itself. Kuat bottle lock also features a compartment underneath for storage of your keys and other s...
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Safe Spark : Protective Sparkler Holder for Children by Kathleen Carron

Based on National Fire Protection Association, each year, sparklers cause more than 1,100 injuries where half of fireworks injuries sustained by children under 5 years of age. With this in mind, Kathleen Carron, an industrial designer, has come up with Safe Spark, a protective sparkler holder for children. As you already know, a hand held firework burns at a temperature of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit only few inches away from children’s hand. Using this cone shaped holder, children can hold spark...
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